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Chapter 1: The Boy with the Black Blood

Sasori looked up as his sister entered the room. "What is it Maka?" asked the ten year old boy. Maka, his thirteen year old sister, said, "Well, Crona and I are heading to search for a Kishin Egg. Unfortunately…Dad's busy as a Death Scythe…or so he says…" Sasori nodded. He knew how much annoyance Maka held towards their father, Spirit. Having heard of the stories of how he had cheated on their mother. Though…Sasori had never seen it himself.

"So I'm coming with you guys?" he asked. Maka nodded. "You know the rules Saso. You follow everything Crona or I say. Ok?" she asked her red headed brother. Sasori nodded, just wanting to leave the house, making Maka smile. "All right. You ready?" she asked…


Soul, Maka's partner and weapon, looked around the part of Europe the group was now at. "Hey…isn't this…?" he started. Maka nodded, "This is the same place where we first met Crona." She said. Crona remained quiet as the group walked. Sasori wondered what happened for Crona not to mention it, but decided to leave it alone at the saddened look on the older boy's face.

Sasori really didn't know much about Crona. Though...Sasori had only recently started living with Maka and their father, Spirit, around a month ago. He loved his sister very much, and had moved in with them for the sole reason of being with her, though he did love his father too…even if he was never around. Soul was a cool guy too, though Sasori had been surprised that he lived with Maka in the first place.

Since he had just recently started going to the Death Weapon and Miester Academy, he didn't really know anything that had happened. Although, he did know that something happened involving a Kishin. He also knew that, sometime during those events, Crona had come to the academy. Crona was odd, at least to Sasori. The pink haired boy was a miester, just like Maka, but his weapon was also a part of him, apparently a part of his blood. Ragnarok was an odd creature as well…being so inhuman. Crona also had black blood. Sasori didn't know how that was possible, but it was. But Crona was also very kind, and Sasori got along well with both him AND Ragnarok.

A soul appeared nearby, causing Sasori and Maka to turn their heads.

"You felt that?" asked the younger sibling. Soul and Maka exchanged a glance before Soul turned into his weapon form. Catching the powerful scythe, Maka looked at Sasori, "Stay out of the way ok?" Sasori nodded and looked around.

Suddenly, a man with pure red eyes and a grotesquely muscular body walked out from an alley. His teeth were serrated, and his nose and ears pointed like a demon's. His clothes were battered with rips and stains all over.

To put it simply, he was a disgusting creature.

Sasori was used to seeing things like this. They were humans that took to eating the souls of other humans, thus making their own souls that of a Kishin Egg. Many times this made their bodies mutate into something similar to the man that stood before the two miesters. "Ready Crona?" asked Maka as the demon sword appeared in the other miester's hand. "Yeah. Let's get rid of this thing." Replied the pink haired boy.

Maka lunged at the man and the battle began. Sasori watched as Maka and Crona worked as a team against the surprisingly powerful man. It was strange; Kishin Egg Soul's weren't usually strong enough to be so much work for two Miesters…

Sasori looked away from the fight that his sister and Crona were now in as a flash of gold passed in the corner of his eye. Seeing a dark alley, the young red head glanced back at where Maka was using Soul to slash away at the Keshain Egg Soul once more before heading down it to investigate.

"Hello?" he called out, hoping to find the source. If it was a human, he'd have to make sure that they were all right. A shadow ran behind a dumpster and Sasori tensed slightly. What if it was another Keshain Egg? "Calm down Sasori." the red head muttered to himself, "You're just as good at sensing spirits as Maka is. If it were a Keshain Egg, you would've noticed already."

There was a giggle and Sasori looked ahead. "It's ok to come out you know. I'm not gonna hurt you."

It was silent a moment as the other soul in the alley thought it over, and then a small boy, looking maybe a year or two younger than Sasori, poked his head out from behind the dumpster. He had golden locks that fell just passed his chin with a portion covering his left eye. The eye that Sasori could see was an amazing sapphire blue that the red head had never seen before, and his skin was a pale cream color. He wore black jeans and a sleeveless hoodie (also black). He was also barefoot.

On his arms, Sasori could see what looked like tattoos that made up a snake, one on each arm. On his face was a cute, innocent smile.

"Hi there. I'm Akasuna no Sasori, from the DWMA." Sasori said in a soft voice, not wanting to scare the other child off. The other boy giggled and said, "I'm Deidara. It's nice to meet you Sasori. Do you know? My blood is black."

The statement confused Sasori a bit. Black blood? But…Maka said that only Crona had black blood because of Ragnarok…

"Black? How is that?" he asked. Deidara giggled and held out his arm. Something that looked like a small arrow appeared out of thin air catching Sasori off guard. "What the…" he muttered. The arrow slid across the small blonde's hand, cutting it in the process.

With his smile still in place, Deidara held out his arm and let his blood drip from the cut. Sasori's eyes widened as he took in the color. It was black. But HOW? "Deidara?" the blonde looked up at him innocently, "How did your blood become-"

Before Sasori could finish the question, Maka's panicked voice reached his ears, "Sasori! Where are you?" "I'm over here Maka!" he called back. He heard footsteps as Maka, Soul, and Crona made their way over to where he and Deidara were at. The small blonde hid behind Sasori, hiding his face in the redhead's shirt. "Why did you run off like that Sasori?" asked Maka. Sasori looked back at the boy behind him, "I saw something and came to check it out. I found him."

Ragnarok manifested from Crona's back, "Hey…that little blonde kid looks familiar…" he said. This caught Crona's attention. "Familiar?" he asked. "Yeah. I think I've seen that kid before…back when you were a little pipsqueak." Explained Ragnarok.

Deidara poked his head out from behind Sasori after the two stood quiet a bit. "Crona?" he asked. The pink haired boy's eyes widened. "You…know my name?" Deidara brightened, "CRONA-NII!" he exclaimed as he ran over to the older boy and clinging to him, "I was wondering what Mother did with you!"

Crona tensed a bit. "Nii?" he asked. Deidara looked up at him with a sad look, "Yeah. It's me, Deidara…" Crona shook his head, not understanding. This made Deidara look up at Ragnarok, "You remember me, don't you Ragnarok?" he asked.

All eyes turned to Ragnarok. Said weapon thought a moment, letting out a loud hum. Suddenly, he shot a fist into the air, "OH! THAT'S RIGHT! You're Deidara! Crona's kid brother! The one that Medusa experimented on to turn into a weapon!" He chuckled, "I like you. You're tough and did what you were told…unlike Crona. You never got in trouble with Medusa. In fact, I'd say, you were her favorite!" He ruffled the blonde's hair and said, "I thought you were with your dad!"

Deidara frowned, "Daddy disappeared…" he said.

As Ragnarok spoke with Deidara, Soul turned to Maka, "Maka, what do you think of it?" he asked. Maka looked at Deidara. The boy's smile had re-appeared on his face as he continued to talk to Ragnarok. "Ragnarok doesn't take to people easily…" said Maka, "So I think maybe it's true. That kid is probably Crona's brother. Medusa's second son." Soul nodded, "I guess so. What should we do?"

"Anyone wanna hear what I have to say?" asked Sasori. Maka and Soul turned to the younger boy, "What is it?" they asked. Sasori glanced at Deidara, "He doesn't seem to be any form of Kishin Egg…I can't see if he's a weapon either…but…what I DO see, is that he is part warlock." Maka nodded, "Makes sense…especially with those snakes on his arms." "I think what we should do is take him to Lord Death. He'll know what to do." Explained Soul.

"I don't think so." Said Sasori, "He's pretty shy. You saw how he hid behind me when you guys came over." "But…" Maka interrupted, "Why would he hide behind you?"

"I can tell you." Deidara said as he went to stand next to Sasori, "its cause Sasori's soul wavelength matches mine un!" Soul and Maka looked at him in shock. Crona sighed, "What should we do Maka?" he asked. Maka looked at Sasori, "Well, since you found him, why don't you explain what you think we should do?"

With a nod, Sasori said, "Let's take him home and get him something to eat first. After he feels more comfortable with us, then we take him to Lord Death." Deidara clung to Sasori once more, "Lord Death? Who's that?" he asked. Sasori just smiled and said, "He's a friend. You don't need to worry. Besides, Crona and I won't let anything happen to you, right Crona?" Crona nodded and the group headed to Maka's house…

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