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Chapter 4: Madness

Deidara and Sasori stopped dead in their tracks as they stepped into the DWMA. Stein, Spirit, Marie, and Sid were standing before them. Deidara stepped forward. "I need to speak with Lord Death un." he said.

Though… Sasori knew that his appearance was making the adults uneasy. Deidara was still in his black hoodie and jeans. The red head saw his father warily look at Deidara's arms as Stein said, "What you need to do is come into the nurse's office so I can give you some more medications."


They all jumped at the outburst.

Sasori saw a bit of conflict flash through his weapon's eyes before he said, "Sasori-no-danna and I just encountered a Kishin un." All four adults' eyes widened. "A…Kishin?" asked Spirit. Stein shook his head, "Impossible. We would've noticed the Kishin's presence if it were around." He grabbed Deidara by the arm, "Come along Deidara. It seems that the black blood has affected you worse than I thought."

Deidara frowned, "Vector Plate." He said before he was shot over to where Sasori was.

"Deidara…don't make this harder than it has to be." Said Spirit as he took a step forward. Sasori frowned, "He's telling the truth! The Kishin Kyoki is in Death City!" Spirit looked at his son, while Sid said, "Guess that it's like what once happened with Maka and Soul…" Stein nodded, "The black blood affected Sasori too…"

Green eyes widened at the statement. Maka and Soul? Affected? What?


"Grab both of them. We need to check them." Stated Stein.

Deidara sighed. "Deidara I'm the doctor..."

They all looked at the blonde in confusion.

"Deidara he's your brother."

Stein took a step forward.

"Deidara that was close."

And another.

"Take your medicine."

Stein pulled the blonde a bit.

"I'm infected…by her genetics! Deidara you're my patient. Deidara be more patient! You have limitation, don't go overboard! We must be protective. You cannot be reckless. THAT'S WHAT IS EXPECTED WHEN YOU ARE INFECTED."

Sasori's eyes went wide as Deidara punched Stein in the face. Stein staggered back a bit as Spirit lunged at the blonde. "Vector Plate." Deidara sped around the older redhead, though as he did, Spirit let his blades out, cutting his arm in the process.

Deidara stopped for a second, but Sid lunged at him with his weapon in hand so he sped off again. After stopping on the ceiling, he noticed his blood dripping onto the floor.

"It's this blood condition. DAMN THIS BLOOD CONDITION! Mother can you hear me? THANKS FOR THE DISEASE! Now I am sequestered, part of the collection. That's what is expected when you are infected." Marie looked up at him. She was against this. She knew Deidara wasn't going to let the madness take control of him.

But the others thought it was too late. They believed that since Deidara had black blood, he wasn't capable of keeping his sanity…but what was driving Deidara to the madness…was what they were doing themselves.

"How much of its genetics? How much of it is fate? How much of it depends on the choices that we make?" The blonde looked at Stein with a questioning gaze, "He said I have her eyes, do I also inherit her shame? Is heredity the culprit, cause stop it or am I a slave?"

Spirit transformed into a scythe, Stein catching him and jumping up to hit the blonde. Deidara tried to pull back, but the scythe made contact with Deidara's arm, cutting him deeply. He skid to a stop and looked down at the black blood that was now flowing from his arm.

"Got you." Said Stein as he lunged at the teen again.

"Bloody Needles."

The blood suddenly hardened and attacked Stein, though it did not connect with the stitched man. Stein, startled, fell back onto the ground. "I can't stay locked inside of the academy un. I have to help my father fight the Kishin." Explained Deidara with a serious tone.

He looked down at Sasori, the redhead understanding the look in his eyes all too well. Are you coming with me? Sid lunged at Deidara and Sasori took a step forward. "Weapon number seven." He said.

Blue eyes widened as Deidara let himself fall from his spot on the ceiling. He transformed into his scythe form. Sid was caught off guard and slammed into the wall. Sasori spun Deidara a bit before facing Stein and Spirit.

"A Miester at your level can't defeat us Sasori. Hand Deidara over." Said Stein. "Ready Deidara?" "Yea." "Number 22" Deidara transformed into a shotgun.

"LET'S GO! SOUL RESONANCE!" The shotgun turned red. The barrel transformed into what looked like two open scorpion claws. A large blast of blue a Soul Resonance started gathering in the barrels. Stein lunged at them, trying to stop the attack before it could reach its peak.

Too late.


The blast hit Stein, who was running towards the two teens, full on. He gave a grunt of pain as the force of the hit threw him across the room.

"Danna, let's go while he's down un!" rang Deidara's voice in Sasori's ear. The redhead nodded and turned back to the entrance, dashing out…


Hidan blinked as he saw Sasori run past, a scythe in his hands. "OI! WHERE YOU GOING?" he called out. The redhead skidded to a stop and looked at his albino friend. Hidan was playing basketball with the others. And now they were all looking at Sasori in question. Deidara reverted back to his human form and sighed. "Guys…we're leaving Death City un." he said.

The other six teens all blinked, "What?" asked Kisame. "But then…they'll go after you Deidara!" exclaimed Hidan. "It's about the Kishin isn't it?" asked Konan.

And all the others fell quiet. Deidara nodded. "Lord Death won't let Deidara freely walk around because he thinks he's being affected by the Black Blood." Stated Sasori. Itachi nodded, "The get-up isn't helping either…" Deidara stuck his tongue out at the weasel. "I prefer being sleeveless and barefoot anyway Itachi! This was how I originally came into Death City un!"

The group couldn't help but laugh at that.

And then Kakuzu and Hidan glanced at each other. "We're gonna go with you then." Said the brunette. Deidara's sapphire eyes widened, "What? But you guys-" "Someone's gotta go with you guys blondie. We're friends. We don't let other friends go on their own!" interrupted Hidan.

Glancing at Sasori, Deidara knew what went through his mind. They didn't have much of a choice. The Duo would come anyway. "All right un…but don't fall behind. Once we exit the city…Lord Death won't be able to protect you any more un."

"We'll stay and see if we can find anything here." Said Pein. Sasori and Deidara nodded before they turned again. "Let's go un." Kakuzu and Hidan followed…

And the small group left Death City…

~Not too far off~

Kyoki smiled, "It seems that the little weapon is playing right into my hands. Don't you think…Crona?" Crona just grinned, no words slipping out of his mouth as he looked down at where Deidara was walking. "Ah well…that's the good thing about someone like him. He thinks he can escape the madness…but he is where I originated from."

The wind ruffled Kyoki's sapphire hair as he started to laugh. "If only he knew…maybe he wouldn't be so…against what I truly want to accomplish…" he laughed a little more, "And if he only knew…how much his mere presence…is having on his so called Miester…"


He continued to laugh and looked down at the four teens leaving the city. "Go on and do what you are fated to do, son of Lucian!"

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