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If the situation weren't so shocking Mildred probably would have started dancing and singing. She stared at her bosses shocked. Kaylee was practically vibrating with anticipation. She kept fidgetting and couldn't manage to stay still. The suit from social services raised a skeptical eyebrow and started writing notes.

"Oh my God." Mildred whispered as she fell into her chair. Harry smiled.

"What Mildred, you aren't even gonna ask?" He teased.

"I am not sure I want to know the answer." she whispered back prepared to hear that Laura had turned him down.

"Well I expected her to jump for joy when I said I'd accepted." Laura said looking up and over her shoulder at Harry as she lit up with joy.

"EEEEEEPPPPP!" Kaylee squealed as she ran over almost jumped on Laura and Harry trying to hug them fast enough and tight enough, which was impossible.

"Oh my God." Mildred whispered as she laughed a little.

"Are you okay Mildred?" Harry asked concerned.

"I will be boss." she said as she got up to hug them too.

"Good because there was something we wanted to ask you." Laura said grabbing Harry's hand.

"Would you like to move into the guest house on our property?" Harry finished.

At this point Mildred did actually faint.


"OH MY GOD!" Kaylee yelled as she walked around the house, "This is amazing." she said as she walked into the room that Harry and Laura were standing in, "Do I get to pick my room?" she asked happily.

"Course you do baby, pick away." Laura said waving her to the stairs. The teenager gave her a huge smile before taking the stairs two at a time.

"Do you think she's happy?" Harry asked as he stroked his hand up and down Laura's arm.

"I think she's ecstatic Mr. Steele." Laura whispered as she turned her head to give him a small kiss.

"Boss, this is too much at least let me-" Mildred was saying as she walked into the house but then saw the compromising position Harry and Laura were in and smiled, "Have you two picked your room yet?" she asked saucily.

"Rooms Mildred." Harry corrected, "And no we haven't. We wanted to let Kaylee pick her room first."

"What do you means rooms?" Mildred asked raising an eyebrow and putting her hands on her hips.

"We won't be sharing a bed Mildred, simply a house." Laura explained.

"You two will be on your death beds by the time you get your act straight." Mildred muttered as she turned around and walked away.

"How many rooms are in this house? This is ridiculous!" Kaylee yelled from upstairs.

"There are five bedrooms up their, pick whichever one you want." Harry called back with a smile on his face.

A few minutes later Kaylee came bounding down the stairs with a huge smile on her face. She grabbed Laura's hand saying, "You have got to see this view!"

The girls walked into a room that was already painted a beautiful aqua blue, Kaylee's favorite color. The only thing about the room that made it unique was the window seat. Kaylee dragged her older sister over to it and they both sat and looked out, "Oh Kaylee. That's so pretty!" Laura announced

"I want this room." Kaylee said simply, "No other room has this view of the beach or the window seat. I want to be able to sit here and draw, or read, or write, or just think. I've always wanted a window seat and the color is perfect." Suddenly Kaylee gasped, "Can I draw a mural on my wall? Please Laura I will design and draw the whole thing myself and use my allowance to pay for the paint!"

Laura smiled at how energetic her little sister could be, "Sure sweetie. It's your room, do whatever you want. And I'll pay for the paint." Laura said simply.

Kaylee's smile rivaled the brightness of the sun shining through the window as she hugged her sister, "Thank you so much Laura. For everything!"