Hey there! Me again. I've always wanted to write a cop drama, so here goes. I hope you like it but stick a review in to let me know what you think.

It's based on the English and Welsh justice system *kinda*, because thats the only one I know, very well anyway.

To readers of For Ilithon, don't panic! I haven't forgotten or binned it, I just can't work out some kinks in the plot but I'm working on it.


"Welcome, ladies, gentlemen, thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule's to attend this board meeting today. We have many important issues to discuss and I hope that we can…"

Suddenly a high pitch siren interrupted.

"Suoh-sama!" a petite woman with long black hair ran into the room, "there's a fire, quickly, you must all leave."

"Ah, thank you Akita" In an oddly organised manner, given the circumstances, all twenty people on the board stood up and filed silently through the large glass double doors and into the corridor. Tamaki and Akita led the group briskly towards the main stairwell.

As they approached the stairwell doors, everyone could clearly see the flames licking the walls on other side. Some other the younger board members began to panic, screaming, crying, running back down the corridor.

"Everyone! Stay calm, please, there is an alternative stairwell the other end of the building, we'll make our way there now." Tamaki reassured the group before leading the way back down the corridor to the other exit route.

The group arrived a few minutes later to find a similar situation to the one they had left, fire climbing up the walls and slipping under the doors, charring everything the flames licked.

"There's another way out right?" asked one of the younger members of the board, a clean shaven man with dark brown hair.

"I'm afraid not Sir," Akita replied, eyes cast downwards as she and Tamaki herded the board back towards the conference room, "As this is such an old building, there was only enough space to put in two stair cases. The architect promised it would be fine…" she trailed off, almost breaking into tears. Eventually the board members filed into the large room, some in tears and others taking it surprisingly well, although that could just be because the situation hasn't sunk in yet.

The conference room was at the front of the Suoh building, allowing a good view across the city, and right now, the large wall was being used to watch the many emergency services filter in an out of the building.

"Suoh-sama?" Akita asked from the door gesturing through it, "may I speak with you?" Silently, Tamaki nodded and followed. Akita had already gone out and as Tamaki reached the corridor, he looked around to see where she had gone. She was nowhere to be seen so Tamaki started walking right slowly. Suddenly, he was pulled into a storage cupboard, letting out a muffled yelp as he was dragged in and the door closed.

"Suoh-sama, please go through this door here" Akita guided Tamaki carefully through the darkness until he came up against a wall. "And please, take these," Taking Tamaki's hands she placed in them an envelope and a torch. "Please, Tamaki-sama, for your own sake follow the letter exactly, I hope that someday we will meet again" Akita begged as tears rolled down her face and her body shook with heavy sobs, "Please forgive me, Tamaki" And with that she closed the heavy door and headed out of the cupboard.

So, what do you think? The next chapter is almost finished so if I get a good response I'll post it, yay! Anywho, if you've spotted any mistakes or don't understand anything let me know and I'll try and sort it :) Also, I'm going to cut down on the author's notes because, well, no one reads them xD