A/N: Ta-Da! New story! For those of you who have read my other story, Dragons of Lost Hero, my references should hopefully make sense. If you haven't read my other story, I suggest you go read it first, or what is posted so far, because if you don't you might get really confused. So anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1

Let it be known that my seventeenth birthday had been the strangest day of my life. It started out as a seemingly normal day in November: the weather was chilly, and the gray skies overhead seemed to threaten to dump rain on anyone unlucky enough to be outside at any moment. To celebrate the day, my oldest friend, Ruth, and I had decided to walk to the frozen yogurt shop near our school. She had asked me why we were walking when it was clearly about to rain, to which I told her I was trying to save gas. We had just been walking along when all of a sudden a random bolt of lightning shot down right in front of us. We jumped back and I heard Ruth scream. We looked at each other thinking the same thing; if we hadn't been meandering along, we would have been fried. Turning my head to examine the spot where the lightning had hit, I gasped. Where there should have been a charred circle, a boy lay face down on the sidewalk. Grabbing my friend's hand, I dragged her over to the boy.

"Hello? Are you ok?" I asked, crouching down and shaking his shoulder. All of a sudden he moaned in pain and rolled over. As I looked at his face, I thought it looked familiar. He couldn't have been any older than me. The boy was pale and skinny, a little too skinny. His brown hair went down to his shoulders and curled slightly. He groaned again and opened his eyes. Oh God, they were so blue, ice blue actually. Who was he? I closed my eyes as I searched in my memory. My eyes flew open and I gasped as I realized where I had seen him before: not in my past, but in my mind, so many times, while writing. Suddenly he spoke.

"Where am I?" He asked. "And who are you?"

I opened my mouth to reply, when Ruth suddenly pulled me back.

"You can't tell him who you are!" She hissed in my ear. "You don't know who he is!"

"But I do," I replied. I turned to the boy and said, "My name is Ashley, and you are in a place called America, California to be exact."

"Ok, I have no idea where that is. I still have one question." He said.

"What is it?" Ruth asked, beating me to the question.

"Who am I?"

His question left me momentarily speechless. How could he not remember who he was?

"You're joking, right?" Ruth said, stealing my line once again.

I glared at Ruth before I answered. "Your name is Raistlin Majere, You live in a town called Solace in a place called Krynn, and you have a twin brother named Caramon. And seeing that you are no longer in Krynn but Earth, I suggest you come with my friend… " My sentence was swiftly cut off by my friend putting her hand over my mouth. I struggled for a few moments before I bit her hand.

"OWWW!" Ruth shouted. "Aw, now I'm going to get rabies."

"Oh shut up, I've been vaccinated. Anyway Raistlin, her name is Ruth, and you need come with us."

" What the hell is wrong with you? You gave out my personal information, and not to mention without my permission! To a complete stranger at that! Oh and don't even say that you know him 'cause I know you don't. Wait a sec…" she said as a thought dawned on her. "How did you know all of that stuff about him?"

"Because he's from my story. He's part of the Dragonlance world."

"NO WAY. That Raistlin? Hmm. Well, he actually kinda hot."

"RUTH!" I yelled at her, trying not to blush, because I had been thinking the same thing. "We need to take him to my house. Then we need to find a way to get him back home, because if we don't Krynn is completely screwed."

"Raistlin, as I said before, you need to come with us. We can help you get back home." I said. I turned to Ruth, "Looks like we aren't getting that yogurt today."

With that I grabbed his hand and led him back to my school and, more importantly, my car.

"B-but I want some yogurt," Ruth sputtered.

"Some other time Ruth," I said.

As we headed back the clouds finally decided to let loose the rain they had been holding and we had to make a run for it. Soon enough though, we reached my car. It was a beat up green Mercury Villager mini-van that was about as old I as I was, but it served my needs.

"I call shotgun!" Ruth shouted, running to the passenger side door. I opened the back door and helped Raistlin get buckled up. I then jumped into the driver's seat and we were headed home.

"I'm home!" I yelled, the three of us entering the house, all of us still damp and cold from the rain.

"Why are you home so early? I thought you and Ruthy were getting some yogurt," I heard my thirteen-year-old sister, Heather, yell from the kitchen.

"Well something came up, so we came here. And we have someone you need to meet."

Heather emerged from the kitchen in her pajamas. Her hair was a rumpled mess, because she had stayed home from school with a fever. Her World of Warcraft T-shirt that she worn to bed was slightly wet; she must have been doing the dishes.

"Who do you want me to meet? Is this your boyfriend?"

"WHAT? He's not my boyfriend!" I yelled at her. Lowering my voice I said, "This is Raistlin Majere, you know, from the Dragonlance series."

"HOLY CRAP! REALLY?" She yelled. She stared at him for a few seconds, just blinking. Then she walked over to him, reached up, and poked his cheek.

"Heather! You can't just walk up to people and poke them!" I yelled at her. Meanwhile Raistlin was just staring at her like she was nuts.

"How did he get here?" Heather asked, still staring at him.

"Well we were walking to the yogurt shop near school when a random bolt of lightning struck down in front of us and left Raistlin there. But he doesn't remember anything."

"You mean like in that movie Thor?" She asked.

"No! Not at all like that movie Thor!" I exclaimed. " For one I didn't hit him with my car."

"And two?" my sister asked.

"We weren't in the middle of a desert!" I said.

"But there WAS a freak storm and he did come from a different planet or universe or whatever."

"That's not the point." I said. "The point is that we need to get him back."

"Well that's going to be easier said than done…" Ruth deadpanned.


E/N: Hope you enjoyed. In case you didn't figure it out, I am the narrator. And a lot of those details are true. There actually is a yogurt shop within walking distance of my school, my birthday is in November, my oldest friend is indeed named Ruth, and I do have a little sister named Heather who plays World of Warcraft. However I am not seventeen yet and I don't have my driver's license yet. But my family does own a green mercury villager mini-van that is about as old as I am. And I consulted with Ruth and Heather, so their reactions are real. Heather actually came up with the poking and the Thor reference.