Lucy in Wonderland

Summary – Alice and the Mad Hatter unintentionally conceived a child, and Alice didn't find out until after she returned home. Alice named her Lucy. Now that Lucy is six, Alice believes it's time to let Lucy and The Hatter meet. But, things in Wonderland don't stay happy for long. The Red Queen is plotting revenge against Alice, and sometimes, a child's curiosity can be extremely deadly.

Authors Note – This is based off of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. This is also the new, shiny and grammatically correct version of the story!

Disclaimer – I don't own any versions of Alice in Wonderland, nor do I own the Characters, animals, plants, tea time, or the suite of hearts in a deck of cards. :P I do, however, own a poster of the Mad Hatter. That's right. Be jealous.

Chapter 1: Absobrillig Day

Gathered around the March Hare's tea table, the majority of the animals in Underland waited with impatience.

"It's official, He ain't coming." Tweedledee declared.

"Contrariwise. If he said he'd come, then he will." Tweedledum declared.

The White Rabbit consulted his pocket watch, and then stuffed it in his coat crankily. "Late, late, late. He's late. I'm late. Punctuality is something everyone should practice."

"He'll come, Absolem always comes." Dum said confidently.

"Nah, he probably got squished." Dee argued. He pounded his fist into his other hand, mimicking a squishing motion.

"There are things I am late for doing." The White Rabbit sighed while resting his chin against his paw. His other paw tapped against the tea table with annoyance.

"Absolem? Squished? Contrariwise, he's probably lost." Dum reasoned.

"I am not convinced." The Dormouse said, only adding to the argument.

Dee scoffed. "Absolem is Absolute, he is never wrong."

The Tweedles began to scuffle, attempting but no succeeding to slap each other with their chubby arms. "Stop yelling! Stop yelling!" The March Hare called out, banging his fists on the table, knocking over dishes and cups of tea. The DoDo bird squawked angrily when a full tea cup landed upside down in his lap.

Everyone was silenced at once so they could avoid being hit with a tea cup. When the March Hare realized he had everyone's attention, he began to twitch and yank on his long ears. "No fighting at the tea table, it is NOT. TO. BE. DONE!"

The Hare blinked, then picked up an empty tea pot, offering it the the DoDo bird. "Tea?"

"Shhh! Shhh! I hear him!" The White Rabbit shushed the table and leaned towards the entrance to the clearing. As he listened, his ears twitched and his nose wiggled in a very rabbit like way.

"What?" Dee inquired.

"Yes, what? I don't hear an—" Dum was interrupted by The White Rabbit.


After several seconds of strained silence in which everyone shared confused looks at the rabbit's odd behavior, a large, elegant, blue butterfly gracefully floated into the clearing and landed upon a tea pot.

"I told you he'd come!" Dee said smugly.

"Contrariwise, you said wouldn't come." Dum argued.

"No way! Nohow!" Dee shouted.

"Dum, Dee, Deedle, Dumpling, Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" March Hare shouted flicking a buttered biscuit in their direction.

Everybody turned their attention to Absolem.

"Did you find her? Alice?" The White Rabbit asked.

Absolem huffed. "She travels miles and miles; it is hard for me to follow." Everybody leaned backwards in disappointment – they were doomed. Absolem sighed in exasperation. "I said the journey was difficult, not that I didn't complete it!"

"Well, sorry! You're so cryptic!" Dee crossed his arms with a huff.

"Nohow, Absolem is correct and we are confused. That's all." Dum poked his twin.

Absolem continued, ignoring the Tweedles newfound argument. "Yes, I found her." And that is all he says.

"Well? Is she returning or not?" Dormouse demanded.

Cryptically, Absolem began speaking. "Only time will tell if she responds to the signs." Absolem flew away, his strong wings pushing himself upwards.

"Well, that's just fabulous! We don't have time to wait around and see if time will tell!" The White Rabbit hopped off while continuing to lecture the odd group of friends. "There is much to be done before the Unleashing! Time is off the essence!"

Nervously, the March Hare dipped his pocket watch in his tea. "Tea time?"

Alice sat at the tiny desk overlooking the backyard. She rubbed her forehead – she has a splitting headache.

"Father would have said it was from thinking too hard. Or rather, just trying to make sense of this jumbled up mess." Alice knew one thing was true. She was, once again, dreaming a horrible, nonsense dream.

She was falling. Falling, falling, falling, and desperately trying to cling on to things that didn't make sense to be in the tunnel she was falling down. A chess board, a banana, an umbrella, and, strangest of all, what seemed to be a futuristic device she had never seen before in her life.

Alice blinked angrily, ridding herself of the confusing dream.

She remembers having this very dream twice before now: when she was younger, and days before Hamish tried to propose. Something like this would only happen to her.

"Mother? Did you imagine six impossible things? Breakfast is soon."

Lucy danced across the floor, her movements graceful. Lucy was the spitting image of Alice. Everything was the same, except the hair; Lucy's hair is a fiery orange color that Alice doesn't remember where, or rather who, it came from.

"Why don't you help me?" Alice offered. Lucy climbed into Alice's lap, sighing.

"Well, for one, animals who can talk. That's impossible, but it could happen." Lucy offered.

"Two. Rabbits could wear clothes." Alice frowned slightly remembering the rabbit that occasionally popped into her dreams as well.

"Mummy, that's silly!" Lucy laughed. "Animals cannot wear people clothes!"

"Maybe he wears rabbit clothes, then!"Alice laughed, happier now that her headache was edging away. She smoothed Lucy's hair back. "How about three, Lucy?"

"Something you could eat to make you… grow! I want to be seven feet tall!" Lucy decided. "This boy at the playground said I'm unusually short." She scowled at the memory.

Alice wasn't smiling anymore. There was an uneasy feeling in her stomach. Her head was blank but racing at the same time. Something sounded too familiar about this list they were making… something about it almost seemed… real.

"And Dragon's could exist and there's a whole underground world that's magical. And…." Lucy looked outside, seeing her mother's garden. "And tulips could talk!" Lucy finished the list of six impossible things. "Now let's go eat… Mum? Mummy?"

Alice didn't hear Lucy. She was too busy remembering everything: animals that could talk, shrinking, growing, then shrinking again. She remembered falling down a hole. And… she remembered fiery orange hair, poking out from underneath and eccentric top hat. Hatter.

"Mummy? Mother? Can we eat breakfast now?" Lucy shook Alice out of her daydream.

Alice's headache disappeared. She had made a decision. Tomorrow, they would pack their things and return to London. She would sneak onto the Ascott Estate and walk through the gardens. She would find that White Rabbit, wearing a waist coat, and she would fall down the hole she had been dreaming about for days.

Or, in simpler terms, she would return to Underland.

There you have it, the new and improved Lucy in Wonderland.