Lucy in Wonderland

Summary – Alice and the Mad Hatter unintentionally conceived a child, and Alice didn't find out until after she returned home. Alice named her Lucy. Now that Lucy is six, Alice believes it's time to let Lucy and The Hatter meet. But, things in Wonderland don't stay happy for long. The Red Queen is plotting revenge against Alice, and sometimes, a child's curiosity can be extremely deadly.

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Chapter 8: Tea After Midnight

Within moments of the destruction of Marmoreal, the clearing with the long tea table and mismatched dishes was crowded with the majority of the population of Underland. Lucy had been ushered into the house where for the first time in what seemed like forever; Lucy got some food and water. Then her mother ushered her up a set of winding and crooked stairs and laid her across a bed. The bed was in a tiny but immaculately cleaned room.

"Try and rest up, Lucy. It's been a rough day." Alice said to the wide eyed and terrified child. Alice kissed the little girl on the forehead and blew out the candle. She left the room and joined the growing group of people outside.

Lucy shut her eyes and tried to rid herself of the images… of all the horror. Minutes passed like hours. How could Lucy possibly get a wink of sleep when they were all shouting out there?

Tears suddenly sprung into Lucy's bright blue eyes. This was all her fault; the destruction, the stress, the arguments… When she first arrived in Wonderland, she expected it to be like a holiday from the world: no school work, no polite manner and etiquette. No Grandmother! But now it's all so confusing and as it turns out… even the happiest of places have evil lurking in their darkest corners.

Something crashed against the side of the little house. Lucy jumped up and peered out the window. It was difficult to see out the window for the outside of it was speckled with muck, dirt, and grim. The inside was free of all dirt, but that did no good if the outside was filthy.

Just like she had assumed, the argument was still in full force and, in the stress of it all, Mr. Thackery had started to throw tea cups. People were ducking and shouting futile protests.

Lucy felt more guilt wash over her- Mr. Thackery was a great friend and he didn't deserve this stress. So, doing what she felt was right, Lucy ran down the winding staircase and out the door to help out.

She ran out and hid behind her exhausted looking Mother. The shouting scared little Lucy and Alice looked down at her daughter with a sort of sadness she had never felt before. Her daughter did not deserve to be blamed for what had happened.

"Look who joined us! It's the little girl who destroyed our happiness!" Someone shouted – someone that Lucy could not see.

"Please, let's not point fingers!" The White Queen pleaded. She looked defeated, tired, and powerless. It put a new kind of fear into Lucy.

"It is not her fault!" Alice cried out.

"Don't blame the child." The Hatter growled out in a strangled Scottish accent.

Lucy looked up at her father… and shied away. His eyes were orange, fiery, and focused. He talked with venom in his words and everything sounded like a threat. An uproar began at the Hatter's words, everyone was shouting and fists pounded on the table. Lucy his behind her mother's blue dress, partly scared and partly embarrassed.

"Quiet" The White Queen said with a newfound authority.

The clearing was suddenly silent.

"Arguing about whose fault it is, or arguing about anything for that matter, won't get us anywhere. What we need to do is to grow stronger from our demises and rise to the call of duty." She stood up from her seat. "We must come together, strengthen each other and fight back! Once and for all, Iracebeth will come down."

The crowd remained silent for a moment, and then the cheering began. Everyone who was once mad at each other was hugging and there was crying tears of joy. Once the cheers settled, the people who are homeless now that Marmoreal is destroyed began to set up tents.

The White Queen dismissed everyone to their homes, or tents, and then followed Alice, Lucy, and the Hatter into the strange house. Alice, once again, ushered Lucy up the stairs. "You really need to rest, my dear. It's getting late." Lucy just nodded her head tiredly.

She climbed back up into the bed and snuggled into the blankets. Alice placed another kiss upon the child's head and whispered "Sweet dreams." into the darkness. Lucy's eyes shut.

Lucy awoke suddenly. Through her window shone a dim light. At first Lucy thought that the sun had risen and it was morning. She rubbed her eyes and peered out the window. Rather than seeing the sun, she noticed there was a lit candle on the mismatched tea table episode. She decided to investigate.

She tip-toed down the staircase and quietly opened the door. She noticed a figure was slumped in one of the chairs and wasn't moving. She rushed forward and noticed that it was her Father. "Dad?" She nudged him carefully. He jolted awake.

"Oh it's you." He yawned. "I can't sleep."

"You were just sleeping." Lucy pointed out.

"Just resting my eyes." A small smile was on his lips. "Sit, sit… I'll pour you some tea." Lucy climbed up into the chair next to her father as he poured her the tea. It was surprisingly warm, even though it had probably been sitting there forever. She sipped the tea.

"Why can't you sleep?" Lucy asked.

"Well, I'm very worried." The Hatter began. "Good things never happen when the Red Queen is around."

Lucy frowned at her father. "Didn't the Queen tell us to have an optimistic attitude?"

The Hatter grinned. "Yes, she did."

Lucy sipped her tea again, studying her Fathers face. "Chessur said the… Calendar thing… predicted my birth."

"Yes. It did. And it's called the Oraculum." The Hatter explained. "It's not exactly a calendar, but rather a history, presence and future."

"Oh. Did you see it?" Lucy asked him shyly.

"Yes. I knew you were born."

"Did you know that you were my Daddy?"

The Hatter hesitated to answer this question. "I… knew… sort of." He licked his lips. "I recognized you but I wasn't sure. I thought… 'Maybe Alice has forgotten me and she married' and I let it go. Until I talked to Absolem." He cleared his throat. "Then I knew."

Lucy pondered over his answer… "Why didn't you come after me then?"

The Hatter winced. "I can't leave this place."

"Of course you can, you have free will to do what you like." Lucy frowned.

"Look at me, Lucy. I am insane! My mind is gone." He frowned. "Aboveland holds nothing for me. That's why I stayed here."

"You used to live on Earth?" Lucy said in disbelief.

The Hatter did not answer. Earth was a foreign word to him. Finally he changed the subject. "I wanted to meet you."

"You did?" Lucy asked.

"Yes. Especially once I knew you were…. Mine…" He swallowed. "More tea?"

"No, thank you." Lucy whispered. "I wondered about my Father all the time." She admitted.

"I thought about you every day." He admitted also.

"I missed you, even though I didn't know you." She said glumly.

"We have a lot of catching up to do, hmm?" He said with a twinkle in his eye.

Lucy was quiet for a moment. She wanted to ask the next question, but she was nervous about his answer. "Did you love my mother?"

The Hatter frowned and the candle sputtered, about to go out. "Yes, very much." He finally said. "I still do." The Hatter felt nervous and confused because this conversation was much too serious for his liking. "Lucy, why is a raven like a writing desk?"

Lucy tapped her finger on her chin for a moment and said. "Both have quills? Feathers are quills and, in order to write, you need a quill."

The Hatter grinned joyously. "Oh, you have very nice muchness, very nice indeed!" and Lucy giggled at his silly answer. They sat in silence for a moment.

Lucy yawned and shivered. It was cool out and she was suddenly exhausted. But she didn't want to go to inside and leave her father out here. She thought for a second, "Can I sit on your lap, please?" She asked.

Hatter shied away from the child. She made him nervous and he had no clue what to do with her. But her big blue eyes kept staring at him and he did want to connect with her… He pushed his chair away and patted his knee nervously. She jumped up and scampered over to sit with him. She snuggled into his lap and rested her tired head on his chest. "Thank you…"

Lucy didn't know what to call him yet.

The Hatter, meanwhile was a bit freaked out and he was out of his comfort zone for sure. The child yawned and closed her eyes and stayed quiet. "Goodnight Lucy" He murmured.

"Goodnight daddy." She answered and she closed her eyes and drifted asleep. The Hatter leaned forward as carefully as he could and blew out the candle.

"Lucy… wake up." Lucy opened her eyes to bright sunshine and her mother smiling at her. Lucy yawned and stretched, her hand accidently hit something and the 'bed' she was sleeping on jolted awake. No, not a bed, but a person.

"My hat!" The person said.

"Oh!" Lucy suddenly remembered coming out here last night, talking with her father, and then curling up on his lap. She climbed off of his lap and squinted at him. "I'm sorry."

The Hatter picked up his hat, dusting it off and placing it back on his head. "It's alright Lucy." He yawned.

Alice picked up Lucy and brought into the house where the White Queen was sipping up teacup. "What were you doing outside, silly?" Alice asked, setting Lucy on a chair in the kitchen.

"I woke up and saw a light so I investigated and saw that it was Daddy." Lucy explained, reaching for a piece of toast.

Alice stopped what she was doing and turned to the child. "Daddy?"

"Yes. Daddy. My daddy." Lucy said.

Alice smiled, because all this time she had worried and fretted about the moment when Lucy and Hatter would have to face the sudden facts. She was worried about Lucy handling the sudden appearance of a Fatherly figure in her life. She was worried about Hatter handling the sudden Fatherly duties.

The Hatter sat beside Lucy carefully. "Your majesty." He said, acknowledging her presence. "Miss Alice, Miss Lucy."

"Good morning, Daddy." Lucy said.

The Hatter stiffened, nervous at the new name he had. Then he smiled joyously.

Because even in Underland when the Red Queen is around, some good things CAN happen.

A kinda short and sweet filler chapter for you.