Smugglers 3: The Beginning Is The End

Epilogue: The End Is Only The Beginning

It had been many years since Bulkhead and Bumblebee's untimely deaths. During that time Optimus, Prowl, and Ratchet, along with Jazz, had turned Bumblebee's excellent business into a blooming twenty ship business. They were no longer smugglers but instead were now honest businessmen…to a certain extent that is. Instead of smuggling illegal contraband they now transported legal items between planets and galaxies. Although Jazz had protested at first saying, "I'm a smuggler. I was practically raised a smuggler. Gonna be kinda difficult to change my career after all this time but I guess I'll give it a try.

Even though their business was doing quite well the bots who had started it still hadn't retired, however, they weren't seen quite as often now that they were getting older and preferred to travel less. Today was a very rare exception as they had decided, a few days earlier, to go visit the Bassan Galaxy…for fun and because Optimus had woken up one morning feeling strangely nostalgic.

The closer they got to their destination the quieter everyone became until eventually the entire ship was silent. Not even Jazz made a single sound or played his music. In fact it eerily reminded Optimus of the first time they had entered the Bassan Galaxy a long time ago. He could remember it now….

"A ship is approaching."

"Really? Maybe we can catch a smuggler today and go home."

"Yeah and my name's Megatron."

Optimus smiled at the memory; remembering that fateful day, the first time they had seen The Smuggler, meeting Bumblebee and Bulkhead…

His thoughts were interrupted by Prowl who said, "Prime, you might want to take a look at this."

Optimus looked up and was going to ask Prowl what was going on but the words died in his throat when he saw it.

"Man we're doomed," Jazz moaned.

"Gotta agree with him on that one," Ratchet grunted.

There, directly in front of them, was a black hole; an extremely large black hole.

"Any bright ideas?" Optimus asked hopefully.

"None," Prowl sighed heavily.

"Did anyone try reversing the engines?" the red-and-blue bot asked in a last desperate attempt.

"Won't work," Jazz called a few minutes later. "Its pull is too strong."

Mere seconds later The Smuggler was pulled in and everything went black.

When Optimus on-lined his optics again he quickly discovered that he was in a dark tunnel with Jazz and Prowl lying on one side of him while Ratchet lay on the other.

"Where the slag are we?" Ratchet asked as he sat up, joints no longer creaking in protest.

"You are in the Well of All Sparks," a deep voice intoned from further down the tunnel.

"That's just great," Prowl said sarcastically.

"Great?" a familiar voice said excitedly. "It's terrific!"

The next thing Optimus knew he was being tackled by a very familiar feeling mech.

"You made it," Bumblebee exclaimed happily. "You took so long getting here that I thought you were never going to come. Bulky said you would though and look, now you're here and…"

Bulkhead's voice interrupted his spiel. "Bumblebee," he said warningly.

"Sorry," Bee subsided then became cheerful once more. "Wanna see my place?" he asked. "They let me design it myself."

"I tried to warn 'em but they just wouldn't listen," Bulkhead shook his head and tried to look dismal but failed.

"We'd love to see your place, Bee, but we can't until you get offa Optimus," Jazz explained.

"Oh sorry," Bumblebee apologized, hurriedly climbing off of Optimus and waited impatiently until the much taller bot had risen to his pedes, then grabbed Optimus's servo and tugged at it. "Come on," he urged.

Optimus laughed and, surrendering to the inevitable, followed the yellow minibot down the corridor, Bulkhead, Ratchet, Prowl, and Jazz right behind. Dying wasn't so bad he reflected, in fact it felt like the start of a new adventure.


Dear Readers,

Well I have finally wrapped up the Smugglers trilogy. I am very grateful to all of you who have read and reviewed these stories, and who have also remained my faithful readers. Alas our time together has come to an end…but not for long. On Sunday I will be posting the first chapter of 'Mixed-Up'. After I am finished with that story then I will write more, possibly even a prequel to this one, explaining Bumblebee's origins up until he met Bulkhead.

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