I sat down at my desk and sighed. Being an angel on earth was no easy feat. Being an archangel, I was used to human interaction. But that wasn't the problem.

I missed Heaven. I missed the daily communication with our Father. The way that everything in Heaven is so clean and perfect.

It was the most amazingly indescribable place, Heaven. Imagine a place that was bright white, and yet every color of the rainbow. Imagine a place free of sin, free of worry and anger and all these Earthly annoyances.

More than just missing Heaven, I was terribly worried about Bethany. She was infatuated with this boy, a human. Ivy and I kept warning her, telling her that human/angel interaction wasn't something she needed to go after. And what did she do?

She told him she was an Angel. Showed him her wings and everything. It's not that I don't like the boy, Xavier, or that I think he'd do something to hurt Bethany intentionally… But he is, of course, human. They make mistakes.

But theirs get forgiven. As an angel, I'm not sure if we get those same rights. We weren't created to love, we were created to protect and serve the beloved.

Speaking of humans, the ones around here are plagued. Not with locusts or drought, but something worse. Something not intended by God.

Satan. Demons. The forces of darkness. They were thick here, but why? It was a bit intimidating, though I'd never tell Ivy or Bethany this.

In truth, I was scared. I could never tell what was around the corner, and that's a scary feeling. I have not just myself or my family to worry about, but the entire town of Venus Cove. Please, pray for me. Pray for yourselves.

Pray that the forces of darkness don't come seeking you out next.