A/N: I wrote this story before my other story "A Past Re-Told," So it is completely finished, so if people want more, i will have updates readily available. Please enjoy.

Chapter 1: A One Night Stand

Joey opened her eyes as the sun ran through the window and hit her eyes, making her groan in pain. She then slowly opened her eyes as to avoid the sun's rays hitting her cornea's so violently. But it wasn't exactly the sun that had her head pounding, her eyes stinging. In only took her about thirty seconds to realize she was, indeed, hung over. Great, how much had she had to drink last night? She closed and opened her eyes several times, still not moving. She then was able to opened her eyes without the sun making her wince. So she stared at the wall in front of her for several minutes, willing herself to remember the night before, but the pounding headache was all she could think about.

Her eyes slowly travelled to the hand that lay in front of her on the pillow. She noticed the diamond ring on her ring finger and smiled slightly. She was engaged to Dawson Leery, he childhood friend, and for the past ten years has been something so much more. Well, ten years for her. She had fallen in love with him her sophomore year of high school and half way through it, he finally realized his love for her and they got together. Only to break up two months later, become friends, then get back together for two months once more, break-up and then become friends once more until, four years later at the end of her sophomore year in college did she get back together with Dawson permanently and only a year ago did he ask to her to marry him. She had, of course, accepted. They hadn't yet married, but they would in two months time. She was counting down the days.

But as she started to turn to her side, having been laying on her stomach, she noticed she was naked. When had she got naked? She looked under the white sheet that clung to her body loosely and confirmed that yes, she was indeed naked. She yawned, feeling exhausted. Great, add tired to her list along with having a massive hangover. She finally managed to get on her back and her elbow hit something solid. She looked to her left slowly. There was a body next to her. And as her eyes traveled up, she noticed that the man next to her did not have the blonde hair of her fiance. The hair that was staring her in the face was light brown. She knew that hair. But she wouldn't date believe it.

Oh no...

As she started to push herself up to get a good look at the man's face, the man groaned in his sleep and buried his face into the pillow, effectively blocking his face from her view.

But she didn't need to see his face. She was slowly starting to remember as flashed came to her quickly.

"So, where's Dawson?" Pacey laughed as he plopped down on the plush white couch.

"At work, as usual," Joey sighed as she plopped down next to him. "I swear, i've seen you more this week than i have him!"

"Seriously?" Pacey chuckled as he opened the bottle he was holding and poured the drink into the the first shot glass, handing it to Joey and then pouring his own.

"Seriously! Gah!" She winced as she threw her head back, drowning the shot.

"I know, awful, huh?" Pacey said as he too drank his shot and winced.

"Terrible," She sighed. "More," She held out her shot glass.

Pacey laughed and poured more for her, then for himself.

"You know, he's only an assistant director. All he does is take notes, put in his opinions and take over directing when the director is out sick or something, which is rare. I mean, Dawson should have realized long ago that he just wasn't going to be successful in the movie business. And of course, he dragged me out here to Hollywood. They haven't even approved one of his scripts!" Joey let out an big sigh and groaned. "Idiot, he is."

"You say that about your own fiance?" Pacey laughed as tipped back his shot.

"Sure. I mean, this is the third time he's stood me up so he could work long, hard hours at the TV show...you know, sometimes i think he's cheating on me," She sighed as she held out her shot glass.

"Dawson? Cheat?" Pacey laughed as he poured her another shot.

"What? It could happen," Joey laughed as she tipped back her shot. "God, this tequila is awful."

"Whatever numbs the pain, right Potter?" Pacey said as he tipped back his own shot.

"I have no pain!" Joey said louder than she should have. "I am a happy, engaged, in love woman," She grinned as she held out her shot once more. "No pain here, nope nope," She shook her head.

"Sure," Pacey said in a disbelieving tone as she poured himself another shot.

"You know he called to say he wouldn't be coming back tonight? Pff!" She shook her head and tipped back her head and feeling the hot alcohol go down her throat. "Like any measly show would need him over night. You know, i bet he's cheating. Asshole," She was definitely drunk now.

"Yeah, Asshole," Pacey nodded as he tipped back his own shot.

"You know, i know i don't tell you enough, Pacey," Joey mumbled as she put her shot glass on the coffee table with a loud bang, "But you're a really terrific friend," She giggled as she pulled him into a hug.

"Okay, yeah, enough Potter," Pacey pulled out of the hug. "I know i'm just a shoe-in for our blond friend tonight. I'm just here so you don't feel lonely."

"I am not lonely! And i'd like to think that over the years we've become friends. Like best friends," She giggled.

"Sure sure," Pacey waved a hand.[/i]

Joey put her hands over her eyes and rubbed them as another flash came to her.

[i]"Hey, Pace?" Joey whispered into his ear. She was extremely drunk and so was Pacey..

"Hmm?" He said, turning his head toward her.

"Thanks for being here when Dawson isn't. It really means a lot to me."

"No problem. I don't have any girlfriend to get home to," He chuckled as he leaned down on the couch, his lower half mostly still off the couch. Joey giggled.

"I barely have any room!" She complained.

"Then get on top of me, Potter," Pacey chuckled, feeling tired, his eyes drooping.

"Ugh! That sounded so wrong," She scowled, but got on top of him anyway, more straddling him as he pulled his legs onto the couch entirely.

"Mhmm..." Pacey murmured, not seemed to care that Joey was sitting on top of him.

"Hey, Witter, don't fall asleep on me now!" She tapped her hand against his cheek lightly, not slapping him, but giving him a little tap.

"Whaddya want?" Pacey sighed sleepily.

"Hmm..." She seemed to think seriously about it and Pacey opened his eyes to look at her. At that same moment, he just seemed to notice that she straddling him, practically sitting on his groin. He shifted, feeling his cheeks warm. Why was Joey sitting on him like she was? "For my fiance to quit his job and find a better one so he's here, with me."

"And thus, you won't have to call me and have me hang out with you," Pacey put his hands behind his head.

"Believe it or not, i don't mind hanging out with you, Pace..." She trailed off and in her drunken state, she reached forward and cupped his cheek.

"Jo..." Pacey trailed off uncertainly as she looked down at him.

"You aren't a replacement, Pace. I want you here, hanging out with me."

"But if Dawson didn't have the job he had, he'd be here with you instead, am i right?"

"Sure, but that doesn't mean i hate you, Pacey," She ran her hand down his shirt clad chest, having removed it from his cheek.

"I know. We came to the decision seven years ago that we didn't hate each other and that we were, indeed, friends..."

"See!" Joey giggled, shifting on him.

Pacey groaned involuntarily, her movement against his groin bringing pleasure to his veins.

"What? did i hurt you?" Joey said, her eyes growing wide.

Pacey chuckled. "You definitely didn't hurt me, Jo..."

In her drunken state, it took her a minute to catch on. "Oh!" She giggled. "You liked that," She giggled again and shifted once more, but with more force and more purpose.

"Jo!" Pacey practically screeched. "What are you doing?"

"I dunno," She shrugged. They were quiet for a while, Pacey squirming ever once and a while. Finally, Joey leaned forward. "You ever been alone, Pace?"

"What do you think i am right now?" He murmured.

"Well, i've been feeling alone for a while now..." She sighed. Dawson was always working. Always. She barely ever saw him. When had it started to happen, she tried to think...

"Whaddya mean? You have Dawson."

"Doesn't feel like it..." She sighed and shifted again, purposefully. This time she felt a slight bulge from Pacey's pants against her crotch. And it made her body tingle. And not in a bad way. She studied Pacey carefully.

"What are you doing to me, Potter?" Pacey groaned.

"I dunno..." She trailed off. "I think...i think i like it..." She murmured. This surprised her. Yeah, she and Pacey had gotten closer and closer with each passing year to the point where they hung out almost all the time, but up until that moment, she hadn't thought of Pacey sexually.

"And as you can feel, i like it too," Pacey chuckled.

"Pacey..." She whispered.

His chuckle stopped shot and it ended sounding strangled. "Yeah?" He swallowed.

"Mind if i try something?" She whispered.

"Sure, go ahead," Pacey whispered, looking put at her. Her beautiful brown hair fell into her face as she leaned forward, he captivating chocolate brow eyes held his. He couldn't look away even if he tried. He face, her beautiful face was coming closed and closer to his. Her body was pressing into his. And while part of him screamed at him, no, no, don't let her, pull her away! the other part, the part that was controlling his body and actions wouldn't let him.

And for the first time ever, Joey Potter's lips connected with Pacey Witter's. It was like an electric firestorm of passion as their lips touched softly. The sparks were evident, even if you couldn't see or here them. Pacey slowly reached one hand up to weave through her hair and bring her closer to him. Their lips meshed together as the kiss became more lust-filled, more desperate.

In one swift movement, Pacey sat up, bringing Joey with him and all the while they kissed in a heated passion. Tongues tangled together, lips continued to glide across the other and their moans started to fill the room. They were both too far gone by now and in a normal situation, Joey wouldn't have leaned in and kissed him and even if she had, Pacey would have stopped her before she could. But their brains were muddled by alcohol and all they could see, taste, feel was each other. Out of their minds was Dawson Leery. Somewhere in the back of their minds, they knew what they were doing was wrong. Not only was Joey Dawson's fiance, but Pacey was Dawson's best friend and here they were, in the middle of Joey and Dawson's living room making out and bordering on more than that.

And, if Pacey was sober, he would have done what he was about to do. Pacey pulled back from Joey, their breathing both heavy and Pacey quickly pulled up her tank top. And Joey not only smiled, she held up her arms to make it easier for Pacey to take her shirt off. And in one fluid movement, her shirt was off. And their lips met each other in an instant. Pacey reached behind Joey to take her bra off. In his muddled state, it took longer than it should have, but he eventually heard the snap of her bra and he reached both hands to slide the bra off her shoulders, down her arms and off of her. He threw it without thinking and it landed somewhere out of site. Pacey's hands cupped her breasts, starting to massage them. Joey moaned, the whole time still keeping their lips fused together.

Normally, Pacey would have admired her breasts, but he was urgent as he pulled back and looked at her. Joey panted as she looked down at him, her breasts pressed against his chest. They weren't thinking. At all. "Should be take this into the bedroom?" Joey breathed.

"Yes," Pacey said immediately and Joey hopped off Pacey to stand up and Pacey stood up next to her and they kissed, backing away from the couch and heading around it toward the hallway. Joey, impatient, ripped Pacey's hawaiian shirt open, and faintly heart buttons flying. She pushed the shirt off his shoulders and it fell in a heap on the floor. Joey's hands held Pacey's head in her hands and both of Pacey's hands weaved through her hair, holding her head. As they backed into the hall, both of them moaning and gasping for air as their lips made smacking noises against each others, Pacey brought his hands down to unbutton Joey's jeans and then undo her zipper. Her pulled down her jeans along with her panties, all the while backing down the hall way. In her state, she almost tripped over her clothes and Pacey wrapped his arms around her to steady her before they continued their track down the hall.

Joey was completely naked as she pulled her body flush against Pacey's and he brought his lips down to her neck. Joey gasped in air to her lungs and then moaned once more as Pacey's wonderful lips did wonders to just her neck. Joey reached down to start undoing Pacey's shorts, when Pacey's back hit something solid and they stopped momentarily, their fuzzy brains not quite registering what had happened.

Then Joey saw that it was a door. "Good, door, i'll open it," She breathed as she reached and opened the door and as they backed into the room, they were thankful that it was, indeed her bedroom and not a bathroom or something. Joey had managed to undo Pacey's shorts and she pulled his shorts down, along with his boxers and as he stepped out of them, Joey pushed his chest and if the bed had not been there, they would have fell hard onto the ground.

They lay in a heap of limbs on the bed, both completely naked now, kissing frantically.

Pacey rolled them over so that he was on top and as he pulled back, he eyes asked what he would have asked out loud back in the bedroom and would still have asked now, but in his drunken state, only his eyes asked the question. 'Are you sure?'

In answer to the question in his eyes. Joey put her legs around his waist, her heels digging into his lower back and pushing him forward so that his penis, which had been hovering at her entrance a moment before, entered her.

They both gasped in pleasure as Pacey entered her and she surrounded him. They weren't sure they'd ever felt anything like it.

Pacey pulled out and entered her again, somehow feeling complete as he did so. It was weird, as they had sex, it felt more like they were making love. But they were drunk, it meant nothing. That's what they told themselves, even as they did it and would for the time to come.

Pacey kissed a trail from her jaw down to her neck as he thrust into her again and again. Joey met each other his thrusts, her hips moving up and down in accordance with his. It was like they were becoming one. The pure passion that consumed them as they lay on the bed, moaning in pleasure, was almost too much to bear. Sweat lined their brows, their legs entangled together and Pacey thrust into over and over again, no though coming to their minds except each other and the feel of one another.

Joey felt herself come at least three times, each time accompanied by a gasp and her clenching tight as she came, her juices surrounding Pacey's penis. Pacey soon felt himself go over the edge and with one final thrust, he let go and spilled into her. And with that, he collapsed onto her, still lightly kissing her on the lips and the neck before, when he finally got his breath back, he rolled off of her.

"Oh my god..." Joey breathed, having remembered their night fully. The body next to her gave another groan and slowly, the body moved onto it's side and onto it's back and Joey, still, for some wild reason, hoped her memory wasn't real, and now seeing Pacey, gasped loudly. "Oh fuck! Oh shit!"

Her yell awoke him and his eyes opened and they stared at each other for one, long moment.