This is dedicated to Evelyn, a friend and a sister.

Disclaimer: These names belong to JK Rowling. These thoughts and words belong to myself and everyone who has ever known Ev. Please be respectful.

'she will never be forgotten'

``in memory of evelyn

i hope heaven is all you ever dreamed of

"she's gone"

she's gone

he's gon

e's go

's g


she's gone

the words




around the e/m/p/t/y room that's f\u\l\l of people

((life's full of contradictions))

lucy's not in the sky with her diamonds anymore

(now, they're falling from her eyes)

a.n.d molly's standing s/t/o/c/k|s\t\i\l\l

((in s.h.o.c.k))

she can't believe her best friend is d.e.a.d




dominique's hair is ((lack))lustre and her eyes are [blank]blue

victoire's crying, out there in the open

[her glass wall she built around her heart has s.h.a.t.t.e.r.e.d and not even her teddy bear can fix it now]

louis is hysterical. shouts and cries ring from his body

"it must be a mistake!"

'it's not, son. i'm sorry'

he breaks down at the thought of his best friend, the loveliest Hufflepuff in the (goddamn) world,

never s m i l i n g again

james is walking along a tightrope, and he's going to f.a.l.l.

((good thing his best friend, cassie wood, is there to catch him - she won'tlet this star fade away))

albus severus isn't coping. the family mediator has tears in his [greengreengreen] eyes as he learns of his cousin's fate

[he's glad scorpius and bella are there, and cassie - everyone needs an anchor]

lily is dry-eyed, and she's out of control, screaming obscenities at the paparazzi who d.a.r.e to try interview their pain

"f*#k you, b*tches"

[how dare they?]

hugo's staring at the man who told them all, and his big brown eyes are welling up with the tears of all the lost souls in the world

((and it's breaking your heart))

and rose has finally ((finally, godricdamnit!)) given into scorpius and she's holding onto him like life itself, clutching him for support as tears w.r.a.c.k her petite frame

((even believers are affected by life's cruel twists of fate))

and fred's n:u:m:b. he's barely breathing.

his sister is gone.

((he was the one who had to tell the world))

she's gone.

((his girlfriend is there, but he barely notices the comforting hands))

roxanne alicia weasley.

((and angels could fall and he wouldn't even blink))

is gone.

((nothing matters- the light that guided him has been extinguished))

he's not a brother anymore.

((he's the boy with half a heart))

the only other person in his family with dark skin and blue eyes is on another spiritual plane, now

((and he's always thought it was stupid how everyone believed in hell because hell was on earth))













but wait?

demons dance

as angels fall

but above us all

is a light

that will never cease

to shine so bright

she's still here

((maybe her body's going to be six feet under next week, but that's not her))

in word and spirit

[she will never be forgotten]



it's time for an ending

but this ain't no f.a.i.r.y:t:a:l:e

this is r.E.a.L.i.T.y, darling


lucy stands up

((she's the bravest little d r e a m e r that's ever been born))

"she was a sweetheart. kind. gentle. she was there for me when ally died, and i wish i could've returned the favor.

shine like a star"

there's tears from all that




but it's not enough

d r e a m e r s can delve into dreams of magical kingdoms and worlds of beauty but they can't make r.e.a.l.i.t.y go away

[they all realize this a little too late]


molly's next, and her tribute is to a romance that never managed to blossom

((life's too short))

"a girl who glided on the wings of a:n:g:e:l:s





for a boy who's heart yearned for ;dragons;

two doves that were just learning to fly together

a love that can never blossom

her thread in the tapestry of life, cut short by fate's cruel scissors

the light of the sun is diminished

but forever will i carry a candle of her in my heart"

[a fine tribute, bound with words only a writer could grasp and unleash]

::no-one is there to stop the tears falling from lysander's eyes::

[he planned to kiss her the night he was going to say 'i love you']


louis steps up and everyone steadies themselves

/because this boy lost one of his best friends - his trio is a duo now\\

but it's words of soft silk and a.c.c.e.p.t.a.n.c.e that depart his mOuTh

"daydreamers imagine would've beens and could've beens with wistful hopes

but i will not

i will not waste away thoughts of you on what might've happened

i shall remember you, and honour you, in all i do

i choose to allow the wistful thoughts to fade away, and for memories of you to comfort me on a lonely day

i will always remember you. never forget"


louis never backs down

head held high

walks off to his seat

next to rose and teddy

breathe…just breathe…


"you were always a shining star"

the words s;h;o;c;k all

eyes s(w)i(v)e(l) towards the speaker of the words that ring ;;truthfully;; through the silence


emboldened ::by the stares or herself, no-one can tell:: she continues

"you were the one who shined

a weasley in a different skin

eyes of blue, as big as the moon

heart like the gold that adorned your tie

loved by all, returned in fervour

no-one will ever shine as bright as you did

as you still do

you're that star up there, my beautiful friend

you're the star that'll guide us all

and you'll always be my friend"

she stands all of a :s;u:d;d:e;n: and makes her way to the casket

in it, she drops something

roxie's hufflepuff tie, with the (gold) of her heart and the black (that her blue eyes appeared)

"once a hufflepuff, always a hufflepuff"

the grieving girl with hair like spun gold returns to her perch between teddy and james


angelina steps forward, c"h"o"c"o"l"a"t"e skin stained with t{ear}tr{ack}s

"sleep, my darling"

hoarse whisper

"dream of better lives"

for all of us

"and stay beautiful"

because we will see you again


next is george, shaking and weeping

bill and charlie escort him up to the casket, before he waves them a w a y

his eyes already yearn with such l-o-s-s

||ever since fred i had d,i,e,d||

and now this is b_rea-kin_g him

"my daughter" he sobs, over and over

"i'm so, so sorry... i love you"

no-one will /move/

'come see, everyone!

it's a man, weeping for his dead daughter

isn't that a sight?'

((the great GEORGE weasley has fallen down to the same level as the rest of us, eh?))

'get out. this is for remembering a girl and mourning her. you. are. not. welcome'

((f*#k you, paparazzi, and good night))

the spell is \\broken\\


"in the name of helga hufflepuff, cedric diggory and nymphadora tonks, i accolade you as a legend of hufflepuff"

dominique states this tearfully, her own hufflepuff tie wrapped around her wrist

she drops into the casket a golden badger,,, hanging off a black silken thread

{{*certified by professor mcgonagall and everything*}}


albus stands and turns away from the congregation abruptly

``he can't handle this„

the girl with the lost soul runs after him


and coaxes him back

((you're happy, because even if you're gone, there are people to take care of your loved ones))

he steps forward to your casket, and drops in a violet -your favorite- before turning back to his seat

[[but you can hear him weep]]

bella glances around, and you could swear she can feel you, but all she does is n.o.d and say

'thank you for being enough to make these people cherish all of you'

(it's quite possibly the oddest thing anyone's ever said to you, but it makes you smile, because you've touched the hearts of all these people)


next is lily with her designer shades hiding the massive dark circles under her luminous brown eyes and the middle finger that she's just itching to flick at something

"salazar, rox..."

"i'm going to miss you. and don't go thinking now that you're an angel that you can be telling me what to do, you hear?"

::your heart breaks because you know that she's crying beneath those sunglasses, and you hate that she's hurting::


james gets up, and pulls cassie along with him, as they prepare to farewell one of their best mates.

"you're always going to be the girl with the laugh like bubbles and candy floss to me"

cassie says, eyes welling up with tears

"you're going to be alright, xannie"

she promises, staring at the heavens with more earnestness than you've ever seen

"you're going to do just fine"

james closes his eyes, and grasps cassie's hand

/and damn, are you glad that they've got each other to keep them from breaking down\\

"you will always be my sister"

he says :finally:

"that's what you always were. a sister"

and tears are falling from their eyes, and no-one can condemn them

;;because they're all proud of the gryffindors who let themselves cry;;


hugo stands, to offer a smile

"bye, roxie

i hope heaven is all you ever dreamed of"


the adults file by, to pay their respects

"you were a beautiful angel last halloween"

"you will be sorely missed"

"it should've been me, you're so young..."

"only fifteen, but darling, you lived a life to be proud of"

"i'll name a dragon after you. it's not much, but i'm going to do it."

"it's not how long you live that matters; it's how you live you life. And, trust me, you lived yours in a way many only dream of"

"i love you, baby girl. i'd go through that damned diary and chamber fiasco again if it'd bring you back.
i'd fight the battle of hogwarts again if you'd come back, even if it's just long enough for me to tell you i love you.
sleep, sweetheart. sleep with sweet dreams.
and you'll meet the bravest people in the world up there- remus and nymphadora tonks-lupin, mad eye moody, your uncle fred, sirius black and a special little guy you'd have adored.
his name was dobby. and i'm sure dumbledore can't wait to meet you.
see you on the flipside, love."

"go on, now. rest. i've seen enough death to last me a lifetime, but i've seen new beginnings.
if anyone ever deserved the chance to meet the marauders, it's you.
tell my dad and mum hello for me, would you?"

"see ya, rox. i swear i'll never forget you.
i'm sure if you ask my mum, she'll turn her hair the same colour as some of those crazy wigs you loved so much."

they all sit down once teddy finishes speaking


fred stands, because dammit!

this is his sister and he'll be damned before he let's her go without saying goodbye

"you're my sister

you're all that i am, and all that i never was

i know you better than i could ever know myself"


eyes all over the room fixed on the boy with the heartbreak in his eyes

-kickstarts again-

"you think dumbledore is amazing

his sister too

you'd do anything to protect hugo

you'd do anything for any of us

your favorite colour is green

and like teddy said, you loved those crazy multicolored wigs that mum always says you don't need"

-a fond smile, here and there-

memories creep into their minds

-fred's determined to never forget-

"you adore rainbows with all your heart

you are never allowed to be outside in the rain

you love winter because it reminds you of all the presents your friends give you

your hair used to be red

you are up to page 291 in that novel you're writing

your eyes are the darkest blue i've ever seen, almost black

and you love more than anyone i've ever met"



as people realize that he's speaking in present tense

((you adore rainbows, not you adored them))

freddie's just trying to say you're never going to be gone

or in the past tense

because you still exist

you're still here

right there in his heart

right there in all their hearts


rose stands:
:everyone's still dumbfounded by fred's speech:
:scorpius nods for her to say what she must:
:she takes courage from this:
:her mouth opens:
:her eyes are wet:
:and the words spill out

"you are first and foremost my family

a sweetheart who sparkled like sunlight on a rainbow

an angel on earth in the guise of a sister"

the words of the girl who believed in everyone rang out to the crowd

"and i swear in front of everyone here today

you will not be forgotten

your name will go down in history

and not for being the daughter of war heroes


for being you

for being gorgeous, and touching all our hearts in your short life

you will live forever, in our memories and thoughts, in hearts and photographs

we'll write books and name dragons after you, and we'll pay you tribute every day

because you don't deserve to be forgotten

you, who touched our hearts

you, who comforted us through our own personal tragedies when you knew you were dying

you, who were always there

tonight, i pledge myself allegiance to live my life like you did, and not just exist in it

i pledge myself allegiance to remember you and honor you in all i do

we will be remembered"

and her azure eyes pierce through the gloomy day

and you could swear she's looking right at you, even though you're just a spirit

because she's rose, okay, and she's always been able to believe in things more clearly than anyone else


a voice


like an angel's


sings out to the world


"so close your eyes

and wish the pain away

because now you know

you'll be a star, one day"


/glistening tears

bright blue eyes\\


"you're already a star

rest in peace, babe

i'll see you up there, chillin with the war heroes and the angels

but until then, i'll never forget"

everyone joins rose to pay their respects

'au revoir • stay beautiful'

For Ev

She moved on 24/07/2011

She was fifteen years old, and one of the loveliest people I've ever had the fortune to meet, even if I didn't know her for as long as other people have known her.

She is my sister, and she shall never be forgotten.

Ev, you're a shining star. I believe that you can hear me, up there. I honestly do think you belong there, where the angels dance and with the stuff dreams are made of.

Sirius Black and Ariana Dumbledore would be honored to share their afterlife with you, Ev.

Go on. Shine like a star. Make it pretty for us, because we will see you again.

Stay beautiful, love, and don't worry. You'll never be forgotten.

We will be remembered.

I wish she could have seen this. I think she can, in my heart of hearts. And it's nowhere near good enough for her, but when I found out what had happened, this was what my fingers wrote, so I suppose it's the truest thing I could ever dedicate to her.

So this is for Evelyn, the girl who touched the heart of myself and my NGF family.

Please review- this was written from the heart, and the scariest thing I've ever published, because it means so much.

And I want people to read this, so they can discover who this girl was, so she's never forgotten.

And this is also for her brother.

God bless you both, and rest in peace, Ev.

I love you.

~ Jane