Chapter 3

Selena looked lovingly into Billy's eyes as he finished off his meal.

He wiped his mouth then smiled at her.

"Would you like desert?"

She said as she put the dishes in the sink. Billy put his arms around her waist, kissed her neck.

She smiled, turned towards him.

"I have made a chocolate cream cake can I tempt you," she said teasingly breaking from his embrace. Suddenly the phone went off.

Billy moved towards the phone .Selena blocked the way.

"It's probably nothing darling now come," she said craving attention.

"Selena it's almost half ten and you rarely get phone calls during the day so it must be urgent!"

He grabbed the phone.


He was on the phone a brief two minutes then quickly put the reciever down.

"Someone was in a accident I need to go," his voice was urgent as he grabbed his jacket and car keys.

He put his jacket on then ran outside to his car and drove away.

Selena was seething. "Not even a god dam excuse or a broken promise I think I GOD DAM DESERVE THAT," she said to herself as she chucked the cake in the bin.

She then grabbed a wine glass then reached to the bottle of wine. EMPTY. In frustration she threw the glass against the wall. She leaned against the wall, slowly slid down and put her head in her hands and wept. She was alone she felt like she was being moved a side and discarded like a half drank bottle of wine. The doctor cares more about his god dam surgery than me she thought.

"Selena...," a unfamiliar male voice echoed in her head

"Poor Selena who is all the house like a good girl" the voice said tauntingly as it faded. She slowly got up and started clearing the glass then went for a stroll.

She walked down her quiet empty neighbour hood. She loved strolling late at night it was so peaceful. The only noise you could here was the noise of her black stiletto heels touching against the pavement as she walked aimlessly following the path.

Full moon. There was something about the full moon that gave Selena a sense of tranquillity

She stared at the moon for awhile and then went back home.

She locked the front door. She went into the living room, turn the light off and curled up on sofa.

All I wanted was attention that was all. But as she was reminded everyday when she looked in the mirror. I am not getting any younger she thought.

"Look at you the faithful girlfriend you seem to be settling down darlin," Lucas said as he swiftly sat beside her.

He slowly came behind her. Whispered in her ear. "You want to desire excitement, fear ,danger and passion to consume you." his voice sent goose bumps down her spine.

He pushed her forcefully against the wall and slapped her face. He caressed her swollen face as she gazed into his dark eyes.

"Wow must be a very ship tight relationship," his faced looked amused. He whispered in her ear.

"Prove it," he said .

He caressed her arm, leaned forward, kissed her then swiftly pulled away.

Selena's was craving for more. So she followed his movement and leaned towards his face.

Lucas pushed her away. She jolted.

"Not that ship tight it seems," he said smirking knowing his suspicions were true.

Selena tried to let the disappointment be covered with anger.

"What would Billy say if he knew you kissed another man. But not just any man. Me." he said mockingly. He gave her a calculating look. She showed no guilt or worry on her soft face.

"You don't care. I can see it in your eyes," the sound of amusement in his voice was growing.

Selena stayed silent. Lucas was right she didn't care if Billy came back or not. He was right about everything, that frightened her.

Lucas came a couple of steps towards her.

"You know I am right," he was just a few inches away from her face.

"Yes you are," she said weakly in a daze, looking around the room aimlessly then back at Lucas.

She just stared at him for a while then leapt on him fiercely. She started kissing his neck, slowly moved up till she met his mouth. Lucas pulled away and walked outside. Selena looked at him through her front window dreamily. He gestured towards his car and she was there.

"I am going to take you somewhere," he smirked as he could see the hunger in her eyes.

"Better go somewhere nice darlin or I won't be able to say how I am sorry about everything."

The hunger that Lucas first saw that day when she moved to Trinity. The old Selena had finally returned.

The woman who only cares about herself and will do almost anything regardless of who got in the way, he admired that but most of all it made her more compliant to his way of thinking.

They drove off in to the darkness.

Billy examined Ben vigorously. "You seem to be fine apart from a few cuts and remember anything about the accident?"

"Not exactly just Lucas dragging me from the flames," he said trying to recollect.

That was odd. Normally anyone who was surrounded by fire would show slight pigmentation of the skin or maybe even minor burns. Ben showed neither.

"I could feel the flames gnawing into my skin," Ben said

"What do you remember before the accident?"

Billy looked at his notes.

"I just remember buying a coffee from the store. Then parked my car along a quiet road and waited...," Ben didn't finish what he was saying.

"Waited for what?"

Billy looked concerned as Ben gave him a blank look.

"I don't remember...," Ben was bewildered.

"You might need a head scan just in case you have any concussion or bruising of the brain."

Ben was just about to say something. Billy interrupted. "You need rest to recover properly I will see you tomorrow," he said seriously.

"Thank you Doctor Peele."

Why did I get disrupted because of that, it wasn't anything close to life and death situation although I dare say abnormal. He walked over to the reception desk. The receptionist was a young Asian woman, she was sorting through files.

"Excuse me."

The receptionist looked up and smiled warmly.

"Who was the person that told you to phone me," he said calmly.

She looked confused for a brief second then a flash of light appeared in her brown eyes.

"The sheriff said that Ben would prefer being treated by you and only you"

Billy's face turned hard. The receptionist simply smiled and carried on filling.

Lucas. I should of known.

He finished seeing A and E patients at 2. was on his way home.

He kept thinking why Lucas would say Ben preferred me Ben hardly knows me.

This was all Lucas's fault, Billy knew deep down that Lucas Buck was core to the problem and that he had some dark twisted plan to manipulate people.

He parked just a few yards away from Selena's house. He got out of his car and went inside.

Non of the lights were on. Maybe she's asleep he thought. So he quietly crept into the living room and turned the light on. Billy sat on the sofa and closed his eyes. Enjoying the peace.

"Selena honey come here," he shouted playfully as he sprawled on the sofa wanting attention.

No response. Just the sound of the rain starting to pelt forcefully against the window.

"Look Selena I am sorry...," he said feeling guilty.

Silence. He looked everywhere. She was not here.

"where are you Selena," he muttered to himself. Everything in the house was undisturbed and she didn't leave a note or anything.

Why would she be out at this time of night?

He was worried.