A Big Brother's Duty
For kagaminevii. Sorry, this is as far as I can go for RinxLen.

Len has always been a level-headed person; or at least he is more level-headed than his sister, who is more level-headed than most people, but pales in the light of his level-headedness.

Yes. That's a word.

While his sister, who shall remain nameless, is spinning around like a maniac in front of him, enthusing about her last date with some boy he absolutely has no personal interest in, he is starting to believe that his real sister may have been switched away from him at birth.

That sentence is long. Shut up. Read it.

Never mind the fact that they're identical twins. But that's life.

And his sister is still happily recounting to him her amorous adventure with her latest flavor of the...week, is it? "And we went to watch that movie, that one with the magic and the snake and the dead people and GNO MY GOD that one dude ended up BALD!" Spin. Spin. Giggle. Spin.

You know what? Forget about his earlier assessment of his sister's character. She is not level-headed at all. Len always hates it when his sister gets this way over a stupid boy that isn't, well, Len. She should only be this happy because of him, not because some other boy takes her to watch that stupid movie with the stupid magic and the stupid snake and the stupid dead people. But is he mentally kicking himself for telling her he will never go to see that ridiculous movie? Yes. This could have been him she is giggling about.

"Then we went to the arcade, and look! Look!"

Without warning, a hideous-looking thing is shoved in his face. In fact, one of the thing's crooked horns is currently busy picking dirt out of his right nostril.

"It's a cow! Isn't it cute?" his sister squeals, wiggling the cow against his face, further enabling it to pick his nose for him. "He got this for me! He's so skilled!"

"It's ugly," Len tells her, humorlessly shoving the cow and his sister's hand away. Doesn't he always get her the cute ones when they visit the arcade?

"I'm so glad you think so, too!" Obviously his sister isn't listening to him as she continues to dance around their living room like a child who has had too much sugar. He wonders if this new boy has slipped his sister some kind of upper. Following that train of thought, he wonders if he can get away with killing him. In the middle of the night. With a shovel. And a hacksaw. And a lot of paper towels. The mess can be unimaginable.

A crash startles him out of his nefarious plotting, and he looks up to find his stupid sister flat on her back, hugging the table lamp to her chest, giggling like a maniac. The disfigured abomination of a toy she calls a cow lays a few feet away from her. She rolls one way, then another, and he is assured that she hasn't broken anything. Except maybe her common sense.

"Are you an idiot?" he asks as he gets up from the couch to help her sit up. He takes away the table lamp, righting it back in its proper place on the side table, and yanks her to a sitting position. "You could have cracked your skull. People die from things like that."

"I refuse to be a statistic of death by stupidity," his sister promptly announces. Giggle. Giggle. "Death by stupidity."

"Keep it up and you will be a statistic," Len rolls his eyes. He wishes to be anywhere else but here with her mooning over someone that isn't, well, himself. "Why are you acting like a dingbat?"

"Because!" she giggles, throwing herself onto his lap and hugging the breath out of him. "Len, Len, Len!" she squeals right in his ear, and he fears for his hearing. But he doesn't shove her off, because he has a feeling he might want to remain seated for what he is about to be told.

Her breath is warm as it puffs against the shell of his ear, and he feels her heart beating against his. For a moment, just for a moment, he enjoys the contact. He loves his sister, after all. She is important to him; like a precious talking, moving pet rock. Only she doesn't feel like a rock, no. To him she is soft, and warm.

"He kissed me," she whispers into the shell of his ear, her lips innocently brushing along his ear's sensitive cartilage.

His world freezes.

He doesn't feel the hugs she freely gives him, nor does he hear the rest of her inane ramblings. No. His precious sister has been kissed. Those lips that he has been entrusted to protect have been soiled by some randy, impertinent boy. Punishment needs to be meted out in great, violent proportions.

"Len?" his sister asks.

He needs to kill that boy.

"Len? Why do you look constipated?"


I can't. Do. Incest. I have two brothers. I love them. They love me. I can't imagine incest scenarios knowing I have two good-looking brothers looking out for me even at this age. So enjoy that unnecessary fanservice I managed to insert there. Enjoy it.

Len's musings are more or less similar to my older brother's, cousins', and father's thoughts on me receiving my first kiss. Long ago. Being an only girl is, well...it's stressful. If you're an only girl, too, let me just tell you that it gets better as you grow older. Don't rebel; go along with their wishes for a good few years, then start cashing in on that obedience with little concessions. :P

These mini plots keep strutting into my brain. I guess I should be happy. Yay drabbles.

Disclaimer: Rin, Len [c] Crypton Future Media.