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6 years later…

Every night, since the brutal murder of her best friend, nightmares and hell have haunted her. Nikki has seen the sun rise and set in many colors, but today, for once, hell hasn't tainted her view. For once, the loneliness eases and she can see peace. She sees the beauty in the darkening shades in the sky around her. She now has time and patience to wait for the moon and the stars.

Maybe she learned to move on. Maybe all she needed was time to heal from the raw exhaustion of completing her missions. But none of that matters. Her eyes, mind, and heart are at restful peace for the first time in her life and now she has a new sensation to savor. She can be proud of where her life has led her (from the 15 year old venger to the 21 year old wiseman) a thought that would have never crossed her mind six years ago.

She sighs and looks over the balcony. Dressed appropriately in a black silky dress and her hair falling in waves down her back, she feels beautiful. Despite the thick scar that rests on her arm from her fight, she feels amazing. The scar, whenever she sees it, gives her courage. The past was real and the scar simply proves that it wasn't just a dream. She can survive. She swirls her champagne, extending the classy feel, and takes a sip.

The violin music of the wedding party behind her is covered by distance. B.B's faint laughter of a happiness that she shares with her new husband mixes in with the sound harmoniously. And Nikki finally feels no jealousy. She is proud of her best friend and happy that she has found someone to spend the rest of her life with. Nikki smiles, not a black rage driven smile, but a smile of self-content. This night can go on for the rest of her life and she would be perfectly fine with it.

"Beautiful night tonight," A man's voice comments beside her.

Admiring the moon that has fully risen in the sky and keeping the smile on her lips she comments back, "Lovely," the one word for her isn't just for the night. Everything in her life looks lovely in this new view.

From her peripheral vision, she sees the man lean casually on the balcony admiring the god like beauty above them.

Nikki looks at him. He's black skinned, like her, and dressed in a black suit with his hair in corn rows. He looks at her probably feeling her gaze on his face. Their eyes lock.

Nikki looks back at the moon and asks casually, "Where have you been?"

She can feel his gaze still on her when he starts, "That's a long and tragic story really. But it all started on one particular night when I followed a very fascinating girl to a house where she slaughtered a boy when she was only eleven years old. And now I'm seeing this same girl but not only is she a murderer but she is also a thief."

"A thief?"

"Yes a thief."

"What exactly is it that she took?"

"Well on the day that I died, she stole my heart and has yet to give it back."

Nikki looks back at him, the smile faltering on her lips while tears threaten her eyes. A smile plays at the corners of his mouth like he's just told a funny story.

"Ignoring the cheesiness," She whispers, ""How'd you do it?"

"After I passed out, I heard your voice. It was calling me telling me that I wasn't allowed to leave. And I remember this strange white light. Every time I tried to go into it, I couldn't," His face twists in confusion but he continues, "So when I turned away from the light and followed your voice, I heard doctors and nurses crying and shouting 'He lives!' And when I finally opened my eyes, I was in the hospital. They said I was stabbed so many times that it was amazing that my heart was still beating." He pauses. "By the way, I think I totally gave the real Robin a run for his money."

The tears fall out of her eyes ruthlessly and stream down her face, but despite it, she manages to keep a stubborn look on her face when she says, "I wasn't much for stealing but you stole my heart too...Robin. "She adds playing along, "It looks like we're even."

"Nu uh not even close, Nik." And that smile, a smile she has only seen in her dreams, finally crosses his face. And even though he's older, his chocolate eyes and familiar smile make her breath stop.

"Awe c'mon Kyle." She succeeds in sounding sarcastically pissed.

"Nope. I had to find a sword and nearly die for you. I deserve something more than just your heart." He moves closer to her. So close she can smell his cologne, identical to the cologne that he used over six years ago.

"What more do you want?"

"I'll take all that you have to offer."

Nikki smiles. And with that Kyle kisses her feverishly. Sweet tears and a long wait of thinking they were never going to see each other again, seep through burning their lips with love.

Kyle pulls away after a few minutes and looks her in the eyes, "By the way, what happened to the Mexican sword stealing gangsters?"

Nikki side smiles "Don't worry. I took care of them," She looks through the open doors to the dance floor where the new groom and bride share a dance. B.B catches her glance and beams at Nikki while wiggling her eyebrows, "with a little help of course."

"Awe and I was really looking forward to finishing them off."

Nikki's heart jumps involuntarily to her throat at the thought of him in danger again. "Oh shut up and kiss me." She says and pushes his lips back on to hers. And together in whole and peace, Nikki heals her heart, completely replacing the black rage lace of an old life with a new white lace of love and affection. Yes the scars and memories remain, but like everything in life; it all eventually fades into a foggy nightmare. The stars aligned and gave her her fate. Now a white lace of strength and love will forever lead her life.

The End!