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A daily life in the David house hold was once five pm came around the whole family was on edge just awaiting the arrival of Eli from work. Ziva, Tali and Ari would crouch behind the window sill in the girl's bedroom and peek out of the window just waiting to see what night they were going to be in for. Normally it was an early night for them when their dad would park the car completely wrong in the garden due to his drunken state. He would then stumble in and sit and watch TV till he got up to cause shit with the scared members of the family. Once he had calmed down after punching walls and doors leaving distinct fists holes to remind them of the angry state he was always in, Ziva, Tali and Ari were sent to bed so Eli was not awoken from his deep drunken sleep, it did not matter if it was light outside or not, they had to go.

As they sat waiting for him to pull into the street, Ziva prayed that it would be like one of those rare nights when her dad would park the car properly and get out with a bag full of treats for them. Those nights were the best! They would all sit in the living room like a normal family eating and watch TV, casually talking about their day during the advertisements, he would always make her laugh so hard with his stories and his jokes. Eli was a wonderful dad, when he wasn't choosing the drink over his family that is. Ziva loved him when he wasn't drunk, in fact, she loved him so much that when they had these nights were she would snuggle up to him on the sofa and he would run his hand trough her tight, wild curly hair while they watched a movie, she would forget about all the times when he would abuse her verbally and mentally, it was all gone out of her mind. Those were the times when Ziva and her siblings could actually take a breath of relief and sleep a full night's sleep without a worry. Those were the nights that Ziva never got tonight.

As he pulled into the street the children crossed the fingers and took a deep breath in just waiting for the wheels to come to a stop. As Eli reversed the car into the drive, he ended up parking the car half on the grass and half on the drive. Yes, he was drunk, again. Ziva, like always, ran down to the stairs and shouted to her mum who was biting her nails just awaiting the verdict.

"Mum, he has had a drink." Ziva said sadly as she watched her mother's fake smile turn into the opposite as she heard her daughters words.

"Okay, well we don't want to piss your farther off tonight so why don't you go get your PJs on and tell your brother and sister to do the same and get into bed. I will bring you a hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin for your supper." She said as she walked over the stairs and kissed the top of Ziva's head with a smile.

Ziva admired her mother's acting skills, she truly knew how to hide things well, especially from the family. From a young age Ziva got on with her mother's mum, she was always sleeping over. All though her nana knew what was going on to her daughter and grandchildren, she had giving up helping. She tried so hard to get them away from Eli but her daughter would keep running back when he apologized. It killed her when she lay in bed thinking of the things he was doing to them in that house and she couldn't do anything. Even if she did call the police, he would be arrested and then the next day Rivka would drop the charges and let him back. She hated it but she had giving up. The one thing she could do was to provide a safe place for the kids when they stayed over. It was a warm loving house and Ziva's room was always made up for her when she came to stay, they were the nights Ziva slept in pure bliss! Not worried about a thing, she would drift off with the fait light coming from her Care Bear night light. Before Ziva ever went to stay over she would be under strict instructions to say that everything was great and that her farther hadn't had a drink in a long time. Clearly a lie that was detected but never addressed when Ziva would answer her nana's question of, "Has your dad been up to the same tricks?".

Ziva was in bed when there was a shout coming from down stairs.

"Ziva! Come down here!" Eli called from the sofa, too lazy and drunk to get up of his ass to come up to her.

Ziva got out of bed and walked slowly to the stairs, once she was half way down she sat on the step and stuck her face through the spindles in the banister.

"Yes dad?" she called to him. She could see his arm resting on the sofa's arm rest, clutching a can of beer.

"Come. Sit down and watch some TV." He said.

Ziva was confused. He hated the kids when he was drunk, especially Ziva. Why did he want her in his presents now? Without saying a word Ziva slowly made her way down the stairs when she heard her mother talk.

"Eli, she has school tomorrow, let her go to bed." Her mother begged, she knew this would end up bad.

"No its fine she can stay up for a little. She is my daughter too so I have a say in what she does." He spat back with slightly but obvious slurred words.

Ziva entered the room and sat down next to the fire place and did not look her farther in the eye just looked straight at the TV. She dint really know what she was watching, she wasn't concentrating really. She was concentrating more on her farther who was just watching her with his angry eyes.

"You know Ziva, I haven't seen you go out much these days, do you have friends?" a slight amusement was in his voice.

"Yes, I just don't like hanging out much, Id rather be inside then drinking on the streets with my friends really." She said back, trying to use a nice tone.

"I bet you don't have any friends do you? You don't have to lie you know. I mean why would you have friends Ziva, look at you. Well I'm not going to lie when I tell you I can tell your clothes are getting smaller on you and your face is no longer cute any more. I doubt anyone would want to sit next to you." He laughed as he watched Ziva's face drop with shock.

"Eli, leave her alone, she is beautiful the way she is and she has plenty of friends." Rivka said softly to him trying not to anger him.

"Shut up bitch! Was I speaking to you? No! Anyway look at the state of her, she looks like a pig! Fucking ugly bitch she is! She definitely never came from me, that's for sure! So who else have you been fucking Rivka! Hey! Because that ugly fucker never came from me!" He stud up and paced the floor, clearly he was getting in an angry state.

"Eli, please it's late, just leave it." Rivka begged as Ziva just sat there trying to rid her mind from all those nasty words her farther said, like she always did.

"No! You are avoiding the question! Look Ziva, I think you might be someone else's, you are certainly not mine! I wouldn't even want you to be mine! Look at you, you make me sick! Go to bed, just looking at you is turning my stomach, you are just so fat and ugly to be mine!" Eli spat as he hovered over Ziva.

"Good! I don't want to be your fucking daughter any way! I hope I am not yours you alcoholic!" she shouted in his face.

There was silence in the room. Ziva's eyes widened as she realised what she just said, it came from know were, she dint mean to shout that. Eli was in shock at what he just heard but as soon as that had worn off his face began to turn red, literally.

"Fucking fat bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are!" Eli screamed as he grabbed a fist full of Ziva's hair at the top of her head and yanked her up onto her feet so he could get in her face.

"Ow dad! You are hurting me! Please! Get off!" Ziva tried to free herself from his grip but was only making the pain in her head worse.

"Eli! Get off her!" Rivka jumped off her seat, there was one thing she would not take from him and that was him laying a finger on her baby's.

As she reached him, he responded by grabbing her heir too but instead pushed her to the floor with a loud bang. She just lay there, in silence, her eyes were closed. Eli had knocked her on concuss with his push knocking her heavily into the wall, banging her head against it and crashed to the floor.

"Mum!" Ziva cried out as loud as she could but the words just couldn't seem to come out, there was no sound. She kept trying to call for her mother who was laying on the floor with a trickle of blood dripping down her forehead.

"Shhhhh Ziva, everything is okay. It's okay, I am here." A soft voice came from her mother's lips, except it wasn't her mother's voice, it was much deeper like a mans.

Suddenly she lifted her foot and planted a hard kick into her dad's crouch. This sent him to the floor with a massive bang and a cry, he let go of Ziva's hair so he could hold onto his throbbing privet area.

"You fucking cunt! I'm going to get you for that you fat twat!" Eli got up of the floor and ran towards Ziva who was now running towards the hall way that led up to the front door. In her head she was planning what she was going to do next, which neighbour she was going to wake up from their sleep to help her.

Ziva ran down the hall, as she did this she looked behind her to see her dad, red faced, running up behind her. Ziva turned back to keep focus on the target, the door. She kept running as fast as she could, she never remembered the hall way being this long, in fact it was getting longer and longer as she ran. The door was getting further and further away instead of closer.

"Get back her Ziva! You are not going to get away with this! You cannot out run me with all that horrible fat on your disgusting body! You will never be loved Ziva, face it. You have nothing to live for. You will never have a normal life because you are a worthless peace of shit." Eli's shouts became soft sinister whispers in Ziva's ears as she felt her feet stick to the floor, stopping her from reaching the now miles away door that was just a dot to her now. She closed her eyes as she felt the breath of her farther on the side of her face, she tried not to breathe in the horrible stench of stale alcohol.

"You have nothing to live for. You will never have a normal life because you are a worthless peace of shit. Remember that. Remember that. Remember that." She heard whispered in her ear. A hand connected to her head that sent her falling into the black nothing that was below her, only to hit the floor at the bottom.

"Noooo!" Ziva screamed as she shot up from her nightmare in a cold sweat.

"Ziva! Ziva! It's okay, I'm here!" Tony placed a soft hand on her shoulder that was gleaming with sweat. Her heir was stuck to her face, Tony lifted his hand to wipe it away.

"Don't touch me!" Ziva screeched as she shot out of the bed and into the corner of her bedroom. She had curled up into a small ball in the corner, holding her head close to her knees. She trembled as the thoughts of her dream came crashing back.

"Leave me alone please! Don't hurt me! I did not mean to do it! I am sorry! I am sorry!" she sobbed into her knees as she rocked back and forth, still cowering in the corner.

Tony was speechless, what was happening? He knew she was having a bad dream when she started tossing and turning in her sleep but he just thought it would be okay when she had stopped as he whispered the words in her ear, "Shhhhh Ziva, everything is okay. It's okay, I am here." Clearly it was worse than he thought.

"Shit Ziva." Tony whispered as he jumped off the bed and swiftly ran toward a Ziva he has never seen before, vulnerable, like a child.

He did not hesitate in touching her. He placed his hand on the side of her face only to be returned by a punch to his chest, followed by another, and another.

"Don't touch me! Don't! Please!" She kept shouting as she landed hard punchers to the man who was holding her head with two hands.

Tony did not move away, he stayed and took each punch she was throwing at him, each hit bringing out a cry in Ziva's throat.

"Ziva it's me. It's me Tony. Its Tony, Ziva." he kept whispering in her ear as he kept tight hold of her head. Her punchers getting softer as she started to get week, she began sobbing.

"Shhh it's only me. I am not going to hurt you Ziva. I could never hurt you." He kept whispering as he held her tight.

Ziva suddenly stopped her punchers and grabbed a fistful of Tony's T shirt and pulled him closer to her. Her face was pressed up against his chest as his hands still held on tightly to her head. He placed his nose to the top of her head and kissed it as he rocked her in his arms as she sobbed against him, still with a fist full of his shirt.

"I am sorry Tony! I am so sorry! I dint mean to hurt you! I am so..."

"Ziva stop! Its okay, you're going to be okay. You're safe with me. No one will touch you, okay?" he whispered in her hair as he place soft kisses to the top of her head.

Once she had stopped crying he slowly pulled her hands from his chest so she would free him from her grip. She looked at him with a terrified look on her face.

"Ple...please don't leave me Tony, I am...sc...scared" she shivered at the loss of warmth from Tony.

He walked over the chair that was in the opposite corner of the bedroom, on it was a blanket that was kept there for the cold nights. Tony lifted it off the chair and picked the small object that was hidden under it along with the blanket. Tony walked over to the plug hole that was on the wall at the side of the bed and gently plugged the small night light into the wall. The room was now filled with a soft light that came from the small item. Tony was the only one who knew about her fear, she had to tell him when she used to fall asleep at his place after a movie night. He would turn the TV off and Ziva would suddenly wake up in shock. It was too late to go home so she had to tell him about one of the things she was terrified of, the dark.

A small smile crept up on her face as she watched the room light up, he had remembered were she kept the small object that helped with one of her fears. Tony walked towards Ziva and opened up the blanket, he placed it around her shoulders, in the process he managed to pull her up in his arms wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She nestled her head into the crook of his neck, one of the places she loved to be the most, coming in second place to being in Tony's arms. He walked them over to her bed were he lay himself down leaving Ziva firmly on top of him. He reached below them and pulled the covers over the both of them.

Ziva feel asleep on top of him, her head lay on his chest, listening to the soft beat of his heart. She felt safe here, in Tony's arms. He also fell asleep with his arms wrapped tightly around her, not letting her go. He hopped so hard for her not to wake up the same why she did not long ago; it broke his heard seeing her like that, scared of him, scared full stop.

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