Guess what they was a but! ;) It's in the form of a Epilogue and depending on reviews may lead to a sequel! :) Hope you like! :) x

The Doctor watched River leave. His smile dropping. River had forgotten Rule 1.

The Doctor gave it a few seconds then leapt up the stairs following River. "River, wait." He called. River stopped on the spot, wiped her eyes and spun round to face the Doctor.

The Doctor looked at River. She may have wiped her tears away, but her eyes were still slightly glazed over and her skin a slight tint of red. He had never seen River Song cry.

"What did I forget?" River said with a small smile. The Doctor lifted his hand and placed it on her cheek, wiping a stray tear away with his thumb.
"Rule one." The Doctor said and pulled River into a kiss.

Minutes later, after starving their lungs of oxygen they broke apart. "Oh River, I remember it all and all I wanted to say is I love you." The Doctor said, the words rolling so easily of his tongue. As if they came so naturally when speaking to this particular woman. River smiled like a Cheshire cat.
"I love you too sweetie." She breathed then pulled him in for another kiss.

The Doctor put his arm around River's waist and they walked back to the console room. River now fully dressed. "Ponds come on." The Doctor yelled up the stairs. But he was interrupted by a sneeze. And River hadn't sneezed.

Walking down the stairs, under the console, River and Doctor chuckled at the sight that was before them. 2 six year old children, one boy with short brown hair and a girl with long red hair were curled up together, their clothes oversized (well except for the girls skirt) and wimpering. "Oh Ponds, what have you done to yourselves?" The Doctor said.

So sequel? Or shall I leave it there? Reviews much appreciated! :) X