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Eight is a good number.

It's the number of electrons that stabilizes an atom's outer shell, Inui recalls.

Even it's shape is nice and symmetrical, Eiji muses happily.

Tipped on its side, it becomes the symbol for infinity, Tezuka remembers coolly.

Seigaku has eight regulars, just like everyone else. It's a good system, seven to play the matches and one reserve in case of an accident. It's safe.

Then Echizen Ryoma comes.

Ryuuzaki Sumire knows this won't be easy. Tezuka and the rest of the regulars have worked hard to build what they feel to be the optimal team and the introduction of this new element could very easily upset the entire regulars' group, but she's confident in her team's ability to deal with any probelm that comes their way. Her only fear is what they may do to Ryoma, as the cause of the change.

She knows this, but she can't help but hope. She sees the path her beloved team is going down, and she prays that Nanjiroh's son can bring them back before it's too late.

She clings to this hope until she sees Echizen Ryoma for the first time.

His eyes are golden and piercing beneath the indifference, and caught in their gaze Sumire feels like prey cowering under a predator's paw.

Something in her screams, He's only twelve! but it seems it's already too late. Insanity neither knows nor cares for age, and it has already become an everlasting flame scorching the small boy's soul. He will not bring the regulars back from the world of chaos they have wandered into, but instead his mere presence will drive them further into the dark.

Sumire can see only one spot of light in this cloudy night. Even as she despairs for her team, some small part of her is relieved, secure in the knowledge that Echizen Ryoma will thrive at Seigaku.

Seigaku still only registers eight regulars at tournaments, but everyone knows they have nine.

Eight is a stable number, yet even with all of it's remembered virtues, Seigaku chose nine.

Nine is an odd number, for one will always be left out.

There is no better number for Seigaku than one of instability.

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