Title: Piracy

Pairings: HP/TMR, HP/SS, one-sided HP/DM, HG/RW, past one-sided HP/RW, and loads of others

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean, which I drew a lot of inspiration from. I also don't own some of the ideas that I drew from the Harry Potter storyline.

Note: I started this after watching Pirates of the Caribbean to many times.



The ship floated on the grey and grim waters almost silently. The fog hid almost all from sight. The young bright eyes strained to see through the unnatural fog. Long black hair was pulled back into an elegant braid and fell down the child's back. Bright green eyes stared unblinkingly and unyielding through the mist. Even the child could feel the abnormality of the haze.

The child stood at the bow of the great ship, looking out over the murky, black sea with knowing eyes. The child was returning from England to Port Royal just after a long and much needed vacation. Despite having to pretend to be someone that the child was not, it had been refreshing in more than one way.

"We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, we loot.

Drink up me 'earties yo ho!

We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot.

Drink me up 'earties yo ho.

Yo ho, yo ho a pirate's life for me.

We extort, we pilfer, we filch, and sack," the child sang.

The child's voice was beautiful and floated with an unearthly sound.

"Drink up—"

The child gasped as the child felt a hand on their shoulder. The child spun around, staring. The child stared at the man standing in front of the child. The man was quite handsome and he was glaring down at the child. His aristocratic face spoke volumes of his arrogant character.

"Quiet, girl. Cursed pirates sail these waters. You do not wish to attract them."

The child glared up at him. The child wished to alert the man that he was not a girl, despite his dress and hair and feminine stature in general.

The man smoothed his forest green vest over his crisp yet slightly damp white shirt. He smoothed down a loose blond hair into his ponytail.

"Mr. Malfoy. That will do."

Both people turned to look at the man who had spoken. His grey eyes sparked with dislike and Mr. Malfoy returned it with a look of malice though he didn't voice his displeasure. The child crossed his arms and looked down at his skirts. He smoothed them and then made a noise in the back of his throat. He was turning into a girl.

"This girl was singing of pirates. It is known to be bad luck to be singing of pirates especially in this unnatural fog. Mark my words, they will come if she continues with this frivolous and dangerous behavior," Mr. Malfoy said.

The child had to remind himself that he was a 'young lady' and he could not snort and stick his tongue out at the man for his arrogance.

"Consider them marked, Mr. Malfoy. On your way," Lieutenant Sirius Black said, clearly.

Mr. Malfoy nodded once and began to walk away. He stopped when he stood next to Sirius and he glanced back at the boy dressed as a girl.

"It's bad luck to have a woman on board as well. Even a miniature one," Mr. Malfoy muttered.

Now that Mr. Malfoy was turned around, the child stuck his tongue out at the man. He caught his godfather's eye and Sirius gave a slightly amused smile. The child turned away, a slight smile on his face.

"I think it'd be rather exciting to meet a pirate."

Everyone turned to look at the child and their expression betrayed their surprise and disapproval. The child caught his father's face but he didn't react to the warning and cautious look that Governor James Potter donned.

"Think again, Harry…et, Harriet. Vile and dissolute creatures, the lot of them. I intend to see to it that any man who sails under a pirate flag or wears a pirate brand gets what he deserves. A short drop and a sudden stop," Sirius said.

James gave a grim smile at that and he playfully mimed a hanging. His face suddenly looked grim once more as he stared out into the sea.

"Sirius, I share your fervor but I'm concerned about the effect this subject will have on my s…da…child," James finally said.

Harry scowled before he assumed a bright smile and leaned over the bow once more. He turned to his father and bounced over to his side. James smiled down at his son and he place a hand on his shoulder.

"Actually, I find it all very fascinating," he commented.

James and Sirius exchanged amused looks. The two men didn't even notice the sandy haired man that crept up behind them, his golden eyes sparkling in mischief.

"I'm sure that's what worries him so."

Harry grinned when he saw Remus Lupin. Remus leaned against the side of the ship and looked down at him. James and Sirius looked at their best friend and nodded in agreement.

"I…" Harry trailed off.

He looked over the side of the ship and leaned forward. James, Sirius, and Remus looked at the boy startled. Harry's bright emerald eyes widened when his eyes zeroed in on what at first looked like a mere piece of driftwood. His pale pianist fingers gripped the railing tightly.

"There's a boy! A boy in the water!" Harry shouted, his voice shrill enough to sound like an actual girl.

There upon a piece of wreckage was a redheaded boy, soaked to the bone. Sirius spun to look and his eyes looked frantic. James rushed forward to look as well. Sirius turned the gathered crew. They had come at Harry's shouts.

"Man over board! Man the ropes! Fetch a hook! Haul him aboard!" Sirius roared, the orders spurring most of the crew into action.

Mr. Malfoy looked overboard at the boy and Harry's eyes widened when he saw the man stare at the boy with such intensity that Harry had to look away. Harry turned from the man and watched as they pulled the boy aboard. Harry rushed forward to get a good look and even James was kneeling next to the boy, worried. James pressed his hand to the boy's neck and he nodded and gave a relieved smile.

"He's still breathing," Sirius said, explaining James' relieved smile.

Everyone let out a breath that they didn't know that they were holding. Harry examined the boy and he tilted his head. The boy looked about Harry's age and was much taller than him. His cheeks were covered in dark freckles and his skin was so pale that it looked translucent. The water that he had almost drowned in darkened his bright red hair.

"Mother of God…"

Everyone turned to look at Mr. Malfoy. Mr. Malfoy was staring out towards the sea instead of the boy. Harry rushed to the side of the ship, tripping over his damned skirts. He leaned over the railing and stared at the burning ship.

"What happened here?" James gasped.

Harry spun around and gaped at his father. He hadn't even noticed that he had come behind him. Harry had been caught up in watching the burning ship fall apart.

"It's most likely the powder magazine," Sirius breathed, shocked and bemused at the sight in front of him.

"Merchant vessels run heavily armed," Remus added.

Harry knew that he would know such things. He was the captain of the ship they were currently sailing on.

"A lot of good it did them. I know what has done this," Mr. Malfoy said, arrogantly.

Harry looked at him in distaste. He hated Mr. Malfoy's all knowing and condescending tone. Especially, when used against his father and godfathers. It made him so angry that the man would be so rude to people of higher stature, not that that mattered to Harry much. Harry was more concerned with the character of a person and Mr. Malfoy's character left much to be desired in Harry's eyes.

"And pray tell, what had done this? And don't say pi—" Sirius warned.

"Of course it was pirates. Don't be daft or ignorant to such obvious things, Black," Mr. Malfoy sneered.

"You will watch your tone," Sirius snarled.

The adults looked to Harry and Harry turned away, attempting to pretend that he wasn't listening to the conversation. He seemed to have succeeded for they turned away from him a moment later.

"Everyone is thinking it. Of course it was pirates," Mr. Malfoy snapped.

"You have no proof. We won't know until we see pirates. And I doubt that they would stay around to see the boat sink for fear that it would attract other ships," James said, pointedly.

Mr. Malfoy sneered and turned away. Remus shook his head and he shrugged off his vest, leaving himself in breeches, his shirt, socks, and his buckles shoes. He sighed and turned the awaiting crew.

"Heave to and take in sail! Launch the boats!" Remus commanded.

Everyone spun into action and responded to his orders. They pulled on the ropes, readying to explore the burning remains of the merchant ship. Sirius followed as well, assisting the group. Mr. Malfoy found himself getting ready to help as well.

"Draco!" Mr. Malfoy called.

The sixteen-year-old boy seemed to appear as if by magic. His son looked at him with a confused look. Mr. Malfoy leaned down as James turned to his own son.

"Keep an eye on them. Do not eavesdrop but do watch them," Mr. Malfoy murmured.

Draco nodded once. Draco watched, carefully, as the governor whispered to his own child. Draco looked to the half-drowned boy with an air of pompousness and distaste. He didn't seem worth his time.

"Harry, I want you to accompany the boy. Keep him safe," James whispered to his own son.

Harry nodded, not needing any further instruction. His father was overprotective bordering on crazy after what had happened nine years ago. Harry winced at the direction that his thoughts were going. It was best not to go in that painful direction.

He could still remember his mother's screams as she was pulled to her death.

Harry's hand went to his neck, where the silver chain and pendant was.

"Yes, Father," Harry said.

James rushed off with the other men and even went into the boat himself. Harry shook his head in disapproval. He was proud of his father's courage but he always rushed headfirst into things without even thinking it through. But, Harry was reassured quickly. His father was with Sirius and Remus.

They'd make sure he didn't drown himself.

Harry knelt next to the redheaded boy and stared. He leaned forward, slightly and suddenly, the boy gasped. Harry jumped and looked as the boy looked around, frantically. He was clawing at the wet clothes that were clinging to him and he was struggling to sit up.

"It's okay. It's okay," Harry reassured the boy.

The boy looked around, shaking. His eyes took in Harry's clothes and the boy cringed from him, shaking his head. He seemed to be searching his side for something but he obviously didn't find what he was looking for.

"I'm Harriet Potter. Who are you?" Harry asked, rather rudely at that.

But at the moment he didn't care. He was too curious to care.

"R-R-Ron Weasley," the boy stuttered.

"It'll be fine, Ron. I'm watching over you now," Harry said, softly.

Ron could barely nod before he passed out once more. Harry shook his head at the maternal words that he had spoken. He'd been told that this caring attitude had come from his mother. Harry somehow doubted this.

He'd also been told that his mother kept a pistol in one of her hatboxes.

Harry looked down at Ron again and his eyes caught a glint of gold. He leaned down and pulled the necklace from Ron's neck. His eyes widened when he saw exactly what it was that he was seeing.

"A lion…"

The golden lion flashed back at him and it was on its hind paw, rearing up. Its front paws were curved, as if trying to hold something that wasn't really there. Harry leaned down to look at it again and his eyes flashed when he saw something.

A small skull insignia was printed near the left hind leg.

"You're a pirate…" Harry whispered.

He ripped the necklace from Ron's neck as he examined it further.

"What are you looking at?"

Harry spun around, hiding the necklace behind her back. She glared up at the arrogant son of Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. His hair was pulled back into a ponytail and he was looking down at Harry, despite his nose being held up high, snottily.

"None of your business."

"Harriet, what have you found out?" a voice called.

Harry turned again towards Remus and he shoved the lion pendant up one of his sleeves. He rocked back and forth from his heels to the balls of his feet.

"His name is Ronald Weasley. That's all I found out," Harry said.

Remus and Sirius looked at each other before nodding.

"Take him below," Sirius commanded.

The crew followed his orders and Harry watched as they carried the mysterious pirate boy away. Harry glanced at Draco who was looking at him, smugly. Harry glared at him, annoyed.

"Li-ar," Draco sang.

"Leave me alone," Harry spat before storming away.

Harry made himself to the other side of the boat and he stared in shock as something appeared in the thick fog and mist. The side was abandoned as everyone was either moving Ron below or manning the boat so they could continue their journey back to Port Royal.

Harry stared at the flag before pulling out the lion pendant again. He stared at the great ship with blood red sails. Harry looked at the flag showing the universal sign for a pirate ship: a skull with two swords underneath forming an 'X'.

Harry could've sworn that he saw someone standing on one of the masses. The person was wearing all black as far as Harry could see. Harry blinked and looked at the flag hanging just below the pirate flag. A blood red flag with a golden lion rearing back, its paws wrapped around a lightning bolt.

Harry's hand flew to his neck again and he grabbed a hold of the lightning bolt again.

His eyes squeezed shut tightly, attempting to make the image in front of him disappear.

His eyes flashed open and he gasped, looking up at the golden accented ceiling. He sat up, rubbing his green eyes of crust and he ran a hand through his long ebony hair. He looked at the looking glass to the side of his bed and he sighed.

Just another day.

Pretending to be someone that he wasn't.


A/N: And here is the start of something that I hope will be as good as 'Inside My Mind'. A lot of the story is based on Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, so if you see things you recognize, don't be surprised at all. Seriously, don't be surprised.