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Chapter 5 School Days

1st day of Junior year

I fiddled with the hem of my shirt as I sat in the passenger seat of Emmett's jeep. Esme and Carlisle had come back last night, so I had gone over for dinner. They told us that the house would be ready by the end of the month and wanted us all to pick out a paint color for our rooms. I picked soft lavender that was so pretty and soothing to look at. Alice went with pink, Emmett went with blue and Edward went with this gold color. It was weird but very sexy to look at. He barely spoke to me. However he did ask how Tony was doing… which freaked Emmett out. I had to explain about my NCIS obsession and my crush on Tony. Everyone laughed and I glared at Edward. His phone started ringing around seven and he jetted out of the house. I figured he had a 'booty call' planned with Lauren.

Alice completely shocked me by offering to take me on a 'back to school' shopping in Seattle this coming weekend since we had so little time to do any of that before the school year started. I agreed to go but was a little scared when she started bouncing in her chair talking about makeovers and Gucci. Carlisle and Esme smiled fondly at us and I blushed. Emmett just mumbled something about no-short-skirts or hoochie tops unless they were on Rose. That, of course, led to me hitting him upside the head to defend Rose's honor. She later thanked me for that by hitting him upside the head again and giving me a big hug.

The blue cap sleeved top I was wearing was new, a gift from Rose and it was very soft and feminine in eyelet with a little tied bow I made out of its draw strings. I paired it with light khaki capri's and my favorite pair of flip flops in a neutral beige. My dark hair pulled in a ponytail and my new backpack filled with new notebooks and binders from the annual supply list, I felt cute and academic. Yep I'm a nerd, I can't help it. I love the feel of a new notebook and a fresh pen or pencil that no one else has ever used.

Emmett lightly tugged my ponytail as he helped me out of the jeep and we looked to find Alice and Edward had arrived in their cars. No carpooling for the rich kids, I thought snidely then felt bad because of my promise to try. Alice was waiting for us at her parking spot, a few feet closer to the school. Rose walked over to Emmett and wrapped herself around him. It was traditional, she was letting all the freshmen and any new kids know he was hers by making out with him in the parking lot of the school. It happens a few times during the year and always on the first day. I rolled my eyes at Alice and she laughed her ass-off until Jasper came running at me.

Picking me up and swinging me around he cuddled me tight. "Bella baby, you look beautiful. Beautiful Bella." I laughed knowing this was just Jasper waxing poetical nonsense at me as usual. It was one of his and Emmett's things to keep the horn dogs away from humping my legs as they put it. If it looked like Jasper Hale had a claim no one would go near me. Our baseball team captain was laid back, however his temper when pushed could make his sister look calm. Still giggling because I knew what he was doing, I hugged him in return.

"Jasper, you look just dapper and dashing." I giggled again. I couldn't find words to use so I never tried. Little Alice however looked stuck between murder and heart ache. Then I briefly caught a glimpse of Edward, he looked at Alice and hugged her shoulders gently whispering something in her ear. She quickly cheered up and I knew he had to have told her there was no way any guy could want me more than her. Hello! Plain girl—me—vs. beautiful pixie—her—yeah, I'd lose every time.

"Alice, Edward." Emmett nodded and I smiled.

We headed to our homerooms, ready for the day to be over. Schedules had been mailed out and I knew which classes I had with Em, Rose and Jasper. I had homeroom, French, lunch and gym with Rose. Trig, lunch and history with Em and Jasper—English with Jasper as well. At least, I wouldn't be alone in all my classes. As Rose and I walked into homeroom I was happy to see Angela, till I noticed she was talking to Alice Cullen. I forgot I had no idea which classes they would have with me. It's going to be a long fucking day.


First period French flew by; and it was Rose, Angela, Alice and I again. Alice and Rose seemed to really click when it came to fashion, so Alice invited both of them on our shopping trip. Angela had to decline though she was babysitting all weekend. Rose, however, jumped all over it and they spent the majority of our class passing notes about the upcoming trip. I did find out from Alice—she and Edward were in our lunch—that she had gym with me as well. So at least no more Alice surprise pop ups today.

Second period, I joined Jasper and Emmett in Trig. They sat me between them and glared at Tyler and Eric who had both asked me out several times. The bad part about sitting between the two lugs? If they pass notes they go threw me and umm… if one of them gets pissed and goes to punch the other sometimes they forget I'm beside them and I get the punch. Not cool.

Third period was English with Jasper, Angela, Mike and Tyler. Jasper put me next to the wall, took the seat beside me and set Angela behind me with Mike on her other side to guard us. Ever since Mike had rescued me and had the sense to call them about it, he had gone up in their esteem. Instead of ignoring him or growling at him, Mike was now greeted and allowed to sit near me—but not too close. I had to laugh at this. Out of Mike, Tyler and Eric I would have never thought Mike would be the one to actually get Em and Jazz to bend. Mike had asked me out at least 50 times last year alone, even when he had a girlfriend, he would ask me out. I shook my head. And had the strangest worry about what Edward was up to.

Fourth period I found out history with Em, Jasper included Edward. It was funny I sat down and Edward sat to my right, Jasper behind me and Em to my left. Mrs. Flagg looked at me and hid a laugh. I felt like a pop star with all my body guards. Tyler was a trip when he came in. His eyes flew to me then to my guards, then back to Edward and I swear he shook in the doorway like he saw a ghost. Quickly, I looked towards Edward where I saw two seconds of a glare before he dazzled my ass off with a smile. Holy shit, that boy could smile. I smiled back gently when I could once again control my facial expressions.

"Bella?" I turned to look at Jasper who was behind me.


"Breathe." He laughed and I rolled my eyes. Somehow that boy could read my emotions way too well. Always could.

"Bells?" I turned the other way towards Emmett.


"Lunch is after this, right?" He whined and I held a giggle in. Poor Emmett.

"Yes, Emmybear, we will feed you and the six people that live in you after this class." I rolled my eyes. He smiled a big goofy grin.

"Bella." My head flew to turn towards that velvet command.

"Yeah?" I barely whispered. He was grinning wickedly.

"Are you going to feed me too?" His perfect brow lifted up and his green eyes twinkled wickedly.

"Umm… I guess. I mean, you have lunch with us, right?" I had no idea where he was going with this.

"Yep." He nodded.

"Ok then, we'll feed you and the two people that live inside you too." I smiled. He smiled and went to say something else, but class was called to order. Damn that Mrs. Flagg.


I went to lunch flanked by my guards. I noticed how the girls looked at all of them, especially Edward. Then I would get the usual evil glares. This was going to be a long year.

Rose and Alice were already at the table we all occupied last year—minus Edward and Alice. I grabbed an apple, a can of diet coke and a plate of French fries. I didn't feel like eating much and knew this was all I could handle. I paid and made my way over to sit down. Glad to be able to beat my guards to the table. I sat beside Alice facing Rose. I left the other side of Alice open for Edward and was a little shocked when he sat next to me instead; and Jasper sat beside her, Emmett sat beside Rose and Edward completing our circle.

"How is your first day going?" I asked Alice.

"Fine. School is school." She giggled.

"True." I smiled.

"To be honest there are some really weird people here. That Jessica Stanley keeps giving me the evil eye and these three guys Mike, Tyler and Eric keep asking me out." She told me rolling her eyes.

"So you met Bella's fan club?" Rose laughed at me and I stuck my tongue out at her.

"What?" Edward spoke for the first time; and I swear it sounded almost like a growl.

"Mike, Tyler and Eric… They follow Bella around… since 1st grade. Don't worry, Alice, by the end of next week they'll leave you alone and go back to Bella stalking." Jasper told Edward and Alice. Emmett just darted his eyes around the lunch room finding their table and glaring.

"Them," Emmett told Edward who turned to glare as well. Oh great another guard.

"Don't worry, Bella, they won't bother you this year." He told me in my ear. He was glaring at them and I swear it freaked the crap out of me. He rubbed his hand on my knee and gave me an encouraging grin before turning to glare again. I looked at Rose and she rolled her eyes and mouthed 'boys'. The first bell rang and I jumped to run to bio. This was seriously getting to me.

I walked into sixth period biology and claimed a seat near the window at the table. Mr. Banner let us pick our own partners unless we got out of hand and I was hoping Angela would be mine. However, that thought went out the window when my latest guard came in, looked at the empty seat beside me, raised a questioning brow at me to which I nodded before he joined me. Then I regretted it as his groupies began to surround us. Lauren and Jessica in front of us, Tanya and Kate behind us. I had nothing against Kate she could be really nice, but I hated Tanya with a passion. Lauren winked at Edward and he smiled politely before ignoring her. Apparently her sell-by-date was up for him.

"Edward?" I heard Tanya call him and he turned to smile at her. Damn that smile.


"I heard you made the football team." She gave him a seductive smile that I tried to ignore seeing. I turned around to face front. "Congratulations."

"Thanks, Tanya."

"I'll see you at the games, since I'm head cheerleader." I rolled my eyes and put my head down on my arms.

"Yeah," he said then, "Bella, are you ok?" I looked into his eyes and they were so warm and green.

"I'm fine just tired. First day back and all," I assured him. He put his hand on my back and rubbed circular motions. The sparks left tingles down my spine and he kept going.

"It's ok, baby bear, we'll get you home soon, so you don't miss nap time." He had the nerve to wink. Not a sexy wink, but almost a paternal wink the way that Carlisle winked at me at the wedding. Of course, that's when I knew Edward Cullen saw me as a child. DAMN IT!


I walked to my last class of the day gym. Unfortunately, for me Edward was in my gym class along with slut one and slut two—a.k.a. Tanya and Lauren. He walked beside me, keeping anyone from getting too close and talked with them without breaking his stride. I felt the evil glares radiate from both of them. I ran into the girls' locker room and grabbed Rosalie into a hug and almost started crying.

"Bella?" She was sitting me down on the changing bench. Alice came in and I still hadn't said a word just sat there fighting tears.

"Rose, is Bella ok?" Alice asked calmly, sitting down beside me doing the same circular motion on my back, minus the sparks Edward had done.

"I'm fine," I whispered.

"Bells, do you need me to get Emmett or take you home?" Rose asked kneeling before me.

"No, I'm ok, just a really long sucky day," I told them, getting up to change into my school issued gym clothes. Alice and Rose looked at me then each other and nodded. I knew they would come back to it later. When I turned from changing I saw Tanya glaring at me from across the changing room before giving a smirk and turning to change. Stupid perfect bitch.

I sat with Alice and Rose on the bleachers, well in between them. Edward came out of the guys' locker room and sprinted over to join us. Damn, he even runs perfectly. He sat beside Alice, looked at me then her. They seemed to share some silent conversation and I felt Alice switch spots with him so he was beside me. I thought it was for my benefit until I saw Mike and Tyler come out making a beeline for me. Edward shocked me by pulling me into the crook of his arm and holding me tight. Tanya seethed when she took it in, looking up from the front row.

"Bella, don't worry they won't mess with you, ok?" He kissed the top of my head and I jumped a little, looking to his face. However, he wasn't looking at me. He was smirking at Tyler and Mike whose jaws had dropped open.

"Edward, stop. It's ok," I told him. It was better than ok being in his arms. I felt so warm, safe and at home. However, knowing he was just doing this to "protect me" the way Jazz and Em did, made me so sad. Well, that and the fact I was a child to him.

"Shhh, Bells, the coach is talking." He laughed into my hair. I rolled my eyes but stayed pressed into his side. I was so talking to Emmett about this; he needed to pull back his troops before my heart got broken in two.

Usually, we started with volleyball every year. But this time Coach Clapp started us off easy with indoor badminton. Yeah, easy my ass. Me with a weapon of mass destruction called a racket. Rose and I partnered up as did Edward and Alice. As we went to start the game, Edward served to Rose who hit it back perfectly, where Alice popped it up and over the net. Unfortunately, my face got in the way of the birdie and my racket that was coming for it. "OUCH!" Alice and Edward ran over to make sure I was ok. Rose just looked for blood, and when she saw none, knew it was ok.

"Bella, are you dizzy, light headed, in any pain?" Alice asked looking at the bright red mark on my forehead.

"I'm fine, Alice," I told the little pixie, bitch was growing on me acting all concerned. Edward on the other hand was holding fingers out and making me say my abc backwards. I think he was having too much fun because he had to cover his chuckles with a cough.

"Guys, really with Bella it's no blood, no foul. Poor thing's balance has been off her whole life. I blame Emmett for tossing her around so much." Rosalie told them. The coach who had come up to inspect the damage nodded in agreement.

"Ms. Swan, would you like to go sit down for a while?" He asked me gently and I nodded. Edward walked me over to the bleachers, checked my forehead again and ran back over to the game. Alice had joined up with Rose and they were double teaming Edward. Who ended up kicking their asses.

After the games were over and it was time to go back into the locker room, I saw Tanya pull Edward to the side. She giggled and touched him. He smiled and looked sexy. Winking and lowering his voice. I went into the locker room not able to take anymore. I felt sick. I really wanted to go home. Oh hell. I wanted to run Tanya over with Edward's Volvo.

As we left the gym, I heard Tanya remind Edward to pick her up at eight that night and I decided the Volvo wasn't enough, I wanted to run her over with Emmett's jeep. It would hurt more. He smiled and said how he could forget? I wanted to hurl on his two-hundred dollar sneakers. Or latch on to his sexy hair with my hands, wrap my legs around his waist and kiss the shit out of him. Seriously, I wonder if I need therapy?


Emmett, Edward and Jasper all had football practice. As usual I went to watch. Emmett was my ride home, so I really didn't have much choice. Jasper was all set in his running back position and I was stunned to see Edward in the quarterback spot. Emmett waved from the field, my big burly defensive end. I waved back and a huge grin split across his face.

My cousin loves me, what can I say?

I noticed the little football groupies lining up around the fence near the practice field. Unlike them, I was allowed to sit on the side line. Coach Clapp knew if I wasn't there he'd lose Emmett and Jasper from the team. So, he declared me the official bench warmer and gave me a fold out chair to use some distance from the field. He wasn't being mean doing that, it's just I was on the bench once and had an incident where the football hit me in the head. And there was the time when Jasper caught the ball from James—our usual quarterback—and he wasn't looking where he was going and he ran into me knocking me off the bench. A sprained wrist and a concussion later, I got a chair well away from the field.

I could feel Tanya and Lauren giving me the evil eye from behind the fence. You'd think I was the town slut boffing all the hot guys. Instead I was the adopted baby sister of every fucking hot guy. If people were smart they would try to be friendly with me not give me death rays. Then again all that platinum dye Lauren uses probably killed her brain cells. And Tanya's brain was too self-absorbed to even have a smart thought.

Every time Emmett or Jasper got a break they would check on me. It was sweet in a weird wildly over protective way. I did find out that Edward was an all-star quarterback at his old school and had beaten James out for first string during his try out. The fact he had a ton of speed in and out of the pocket with a precision perfect throwing arm made him the obvious choice. Coach Clapp wanted a state championship. Bad.

I saw James on the sidelines, he didn't look happy. This was his senior year, the last year for college scouts to try and pick him up. His family couldn't afford to pay his way through school, so I knew he really needed a scholarship. From the looks he was giving Edward, I would say he was blaming his misfortune on the object of my unrequited lust. It made me feel better though knowing I wasn't the only person earning death glares today, Edward had gotten a few too.

As the guys all headed to the locker room, Coach Clapp asked me how I thought the team looked this year. I guess he thought that by being Emmett's cousin and Charlie "The Arm" Swan's daughter made me some kind of an expert. Poor Charlie. Dad was a former state champion football quarterback, who gave it all up when he knocked up his high school girlfriend needing a job instead of college. Poor Charlie.

"Good, Edward's arm and range was amazing," I told him honestly.

"Cullen and your cousin will get us to state this year," he informed me proudly.

"Yeah, I guess we're lucky Aunt Esme got remarried so Edward moved here to get us to state." I laughed and he ruffled my hair. The Coach is old friends with Dad and Uncle Marcus so even though he worries I'm going to get killed during gym, he does actually treat me like family most of the time. He's just scared Charlie will kill him if I get killed. What he doesn't know is Emmett would probably beat Charlie to the punch.

"Kid's arm is on fire. First game is next week against Port Angeles. I can't wait to show them our secret weapon." I laughed.

"I'll make sure to train the camcorder on Coach Elliot for you."

"You do that, Swan, if the bastard cries and you get it on film, I will give you an 'A' in gym for the whole year and you can stay on the bleachers." He sounded serious.

"It would probably be safer that way." I heard a velvet voice and turned to look into the depths of green laughing eyes.

"Yep!" Coach agreed laughing and my face flushed red.

"Bells, let's roll. Mom's cooking fajitas tonight!" Emmett ran up and threw me into the fireman's lift running out the door. I heard Edward telling Coach Clapp that Rose's theory might just be right. Jeesh first day here and he's already believing in no blood, no foul when it comes to me. I glare at him as best I could—hanging from Emmett's shoulder as he started to the door behind us.

Stupid non-klutzy perfect jock.

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