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I wake from another nightmare, in which both of the boys I love were stolen away from me, sweaty and disgruntled. I decide to walk to Peeta's house for some comfort. He has this calming presence about him, like whenever you're around him all your worries seem to slip away.

I toss back the silky bedcovers and step into my boots, wrapping my jacket over my nightgown. I quietly make my way to the door, checking the clock on the way out it. 3:42, it reads. Great. No one will be awake out in the streets to ask me where I'm headed.

I walk down the porch steps and through the gardens, letting my feet carry me to the building they know belongs to the baker's son. When I arrive, I sneak around to the back and slip through the living room window, left ajar for me. Even in the dark, I know where to go. I reach Peeta's open room and raise my fist to knock softly. Before I can, my eyes make out another huddled shape on the bed. I strain to see the whole picture before clarifying what else is on the bed with him.

It's obviously two people. Two...males? I continue looking, a bit more hesitant. The shorter one is one laying down and the taller next to them, one arm over their head and their other hand brushing away bangs. I duck down, hidden by the furniture and shadows. I hear whispering and try desperately to decipher it.

"I love you, you know that, right?"

That's Gale's voice! I gasp silently and frantically wait for a reply.

"Of course I do. I hope you know that I love you too, with all of my heart."

I throw my hands over my mouth to suppress a squeak of shock and surprise. Gale...and...Peeta? I guess it makes sense. While they were waiting for me to decide between them, they bonded in unimaginable ways.

"Sleep now, Peeta," Gale says with a kiss for his forehead. "Dream well."

"Gale... What if I dream of Katniss?" Peeta asks in a careful voice.


"Only dream of me." the older male whispers. Peeta leans up and gives him a soft, lingering kiss on the lips and cuddles into Gale's chest, eventually falling into slumber. Gale wraps his arms over the sleeping boy protectively as I crawl out of the room and run to my home, run to my bed, where I will add to my ever-growing list of petrifying nightmares.

~Prelude to a Kiss~