He had tried everything. He had pulled, tugged, wriggled and even tried laying down on the bed, but there was no way it was going to happen. The little bronze coloured button refused to go in the hole. The whole time he had been struggling Jack had been watching, and it had made poor Ianto rather embarrassed.

" Its your fault, y'know." He growled, trying to fasten the stupid jeans one last time before giving up and peeling the off. Since he and Jack had started to be a real couple jack wouldn't let him go out on the field, so that left Ianto sat in the hub with Tosh, drinking coffee and eating take aways, cake and any other goodies they could get their tubby little mitts on, well, his tubby little mitts on anyway. Tosh didn't seem to gain a single ounce. Ianto was, by this time, standing in front of his full wall mirror poking his now rather large paunch.

"I don't know, I quiet like the extra weight on you." Jack declared strolling up behind him and resting a hand on his wobbly muffin top. He gently massaged Ianto's stomach and Ianto blushed bright red.

"What's up with the blush?" Jack questioned while innocently nuzzling into Ianto's neck. Ianto swiftly pulled away and sat down on the edge of the bed, hiding his face in his hands.

" I'm fat." Ianto growled, looking down at the two unattractive fat rolls he had gained while sitting down. Jack couldn't hold it in, he started laughing.

"Ianto, you're not fat, and quite honestly, I love the extra weight." Jack said affectionately, sitting next to him and wrapping his arm over his admittedly fat waist. Jack had partly lied, Ianto was fat, but the bit when he said he liked it was very true. Ianto snorted before one again poking his wobbly tummy.

" Non of my clothes fit." Ianto mumbled into jacks shoulder. Jack knew this fact as he had watched his trousers slowly get filled out by his arse rather than a boner and his shirts buttons slowly got more and more strained, showing more and more pale flesh in between.

"c'mon, looks like we are going S-H-O-P-I-N-G!" Jack exclaimed, jumping off the bed and throwing Ianto a white t-shirt and a pair of track suit bottoms.

" First you made me fat, now you're turning me into a chav...and you spelt shopping wrong." Ianto smirked, pretty much back to his usually sarcastic yet loveable self. So they set off.

It was three hours later that they got to the hub, laden with shopping bags and Ianto wearing a new suit that actually fitted.