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The four friends stayed in the water until their fingers and toes looked like raisins. They hugged quickly before heading their separate ways, Jack and Ianto to Ianto's flat and the Doctor and Melody into the TARDIS.

'Hey Ianto, care to shower with me?' Jack asked, wiggling his eye brows suggestively. Ianto smirked and raised his own eyebrows at his boyfriend. He still found it hard to believe that the captain wanted him but had learnt to just not think about it.

'Come on then.' Ianto sighed, leading the taller man into the spotless white bathroom. Ianto leaned in and started the shower before quickly slipping off his bikini and turning to face the already naked Jack. Ianto rolled his eyes when he noticed that Jack was staring at his breasts instead of his face.

'My face is up here you know?' Ianto laughed, sticking his tongue out at the man. Jack laughed and looked up into Ianto's eyes. Ianto's eyes were much larger as a female, his face rounder and his lips much fuller. Jack leaned in slowly and kissed him gently, their lips moving together. Jacks tongue slowly pushed into Ianto's mouth and began a sensual dance with Ianto's. When they pulled away they were both breathless and had somehow moved without noticing so that Ianto was pushed against the wall, pinned there by Jacks much larger, stronger body.

They smiled at each other before stepping into the warm shower. They slowly washed, soaping up each others backs before climbing out and drying off. Jack took Ianto's hand and lead him into the bedroom. The two of them climbed in, Ianto's back pressed into Jack's chest. Ianto thought once again about how much he loved being smaller that Jack.

'I love you Ianto.' Jack murmured, his lips trailing along his feminine neck and shoulders.

'I love you too Jack.' Ianto whispered as he moved his head to give Jack more access. Jack gently ran his fingers through Ianto's long hair. They woke up the next morning a tangle of arms and legs and hair. Ianto's hair had managed to wrap around Jack's torso and stick to Jack's back, making Ianto push Jack out of the bed.

'Ianto, what are you doing?' Jack whined, his voice high pitched and his eyes only half open.

'You pulled my hair.' Ianto glared, slowly massaging his scalp.

"So you pushed me out of bed?' Jack asked incredulously, staring up at Ianto with puppy eyes.

'You pulled my hair.' Ianto growled, slowly getting out of bed and stretching. He padded over to the wardrobe and pulled out the dress that Melody had put there for him the night before. It was a dark blue summer dress which ended just above his knee and made his boobs look huge, though he didn't look pregnant in it so that was something.

'You look beautiful.' Jack told him truthfully, his braces on. Ianto never understood how Jack could get dressed so quickly, but thinking of the captains past it was probably a necessity after a alien bang.

'Thank you.' Ianto replied, a deep blush spreading over his pale cheeks. Jack chuckled, though Ianto would have called it a girlish giggle. Taking Ianto's hand he lead him all the way out of the flat, across the small garden and into the TARDIS kitchen where Melody and the Doctor had just begun to have breakfast. Jack sat Ianto down before getting them both a bowl of some alien cereal and sitting down next to him.

'What are we doing today then?' The Doctor asked, watching Jack and Ianto dig into what he believed was called 'Bealvis'.

"Its up to you Doc.' Jack smirked, knowing how much he hated being call 'Doc'

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