Conversations with a hat

Albus Dumbledore

"Dumbledore, Albus"

The young boy stepped up to the platform that held a simple wooden stool and a raggedy hat. Professor Snaps, the herbology teacher, placed the hat onto the young boys head.

"Hmmm, where to place you? Oh, you have the qualities of all the founders, and you would do well in all of the houses. Oh, where oh where to put you?

"You have brains galore and would do well in Ravenclaw. But you also have bravery, oh, bravery in bounds. Gryffindor would shape you well. You also have a darker side to you. You seek to be known, to make a name for yourself. Slytherine would foster this trait. Where oh where to place you?

"But I can see, the cunning and slyness that is you soul. And because of this it must be Slyth..."

"Imperious" The young boy whispered silently. The tip of his wand, tucked up his long selves shone brightly. But nobody in the massive great hall noticed.

"You will place me with the lions, in Gryffindor. I will not tolerate being a snake. Now say it!"

"GRYFFINDOR!" the hat screamed. The boy quickly whipped the hat of his head and trotted to the Gryffindor table.

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