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Welcome to "A Hard Day's Night," the re-write. Here we have a Grey's Anatomy concept with Twilight characters, although this is NOT a crossover. Some scenes may be quite similar to the television show—E and B meet the same way as Meredith and Derek—however, I changed the dialogue. Grey's has some GREAT lines, but they are not mine. In the event I use the same dialogue, know that there will be disclaimers stating such. I hope you all enjoy! Beta'd by Stephanie S.B.

My mouth was desiccated and my body was freezing. I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock and sat up to turn it off. Then I almost screamed, after realizing that I was naked on my living room floor. There was a naked man sleeping next to me.

Fuck! Bella, what did you do?

Wincing when I heard him sigh, I grabbed the afghan off the couch to wrap it around myself.

Seriously, what happened last night?

Last night was the mixer the hospital hosted for all the new interns. I was bored hanging with all those nerds and needed a drink. That was when I met the green-eyed hottie. We did a few shots. We kissed, we laughed, and he gave me the most intense orgasm in the cab, on our way back to my place.

Shit, why couldn't I remember the sex?

The man had some talented fingers. I could only imagine how great bumping-uglies with him would be. I also remember him being strikingly handsome.

Quietly, I stood up and he grunted.

"Um, wow, here," he said, holding up my bra.

"Yeah, wow," I said, snatching it away from him. "You should go."

He squinted at me through tired, sexy eyes. "Go? Now why would I do that?" He smirked, sitting up. "Come back down here, and we can—" He patted the spot next to him.

I put my hands up to stop him. "No, really. You have to leave." I looked to the door. "I'm running late…have to go to work. It's my first day there, and…" I trailed off, nervously.

He stood up and started to pull on his pants, being anything but modest. I tried my best not to stare at his cock, but it was very pretty.

"This is a nice place…you just moved here, right?" He asked, looking around. My place wasn't much, and I wasn't even unpacked yet. I had a lonely couch and boxes that filled my living room.

"Yeah, I'm originally from Washington," I said quickly.

He raised his brows, nodding, seemingly interested. "Washington, nice. I—"

I put my hands up again, stopping him from saying anymore. "We don't have to do this." I chuckled and looked away from him. "Call a spade a spade, right?"

"Well, what would you like to do?" He grinned at me, as he put on his shoes.

"Look, I'm sure you're a nice guy, um, uh…" I pointed to him stupidly.

"Edward." He smirked, a yummy crooked grin, and extended his hand.

"Right…Edward, I'm Bella." I shook his hand and rapidly turned, running into my bathroom. "Door locks by itself!" I hollered over my shoulder.

"Um, take care, Bella!" he shouted after me. "It was nice—"

I slammed the bathroom door closed behind me. Then I shook it off and hopped into the shower.

A shower and a cab ride later, I arrived at the hospital. I need to get myself a subway map. These cabs were pretty expensive, or I could walk. I lived ten blocks away from NYU—my new work place.

Damn, was I nervous. A month ago I was in med school, being taught by Doctors. Today, I am the Doctor.

Shit. I am so screwed.

After changing into scrubs, I listened as names were being shouted off of a list, in groups of four. We were waiting for our assigned resident, and I hoped I got a nice one. I have heard stories about residents who love to torture their interns.

Glancing around at all the other interns, I noticed something quite odd. There were very little women. In fact, I counted out three out of twenty interns that were female.

"Can you believe this? It's like a sausage fest," I said, to the tiny girl with spiky black hair beside me.

She nodded as she laced up here sneakers. "Yeah, I wonder which one is the model." She laughed.

I did too. "A model?"

She sighed and sat next to me on the bench. "I bet it's the blonde." She pointed to a gorgeous, busty blonde a few feet away from us.

I grinned at her. "Maybe…Wow…that's going to suck, with trying to gain some respect." I looked down, speaking about my own insecurity. "You're Alice, right?" I remembered that I spoke to her briefly last night, before alcohol flooded my system.

"And you're Isabella." She smiled.

"Just Bella," I said and shook her hand.

"Yeah, you are Bella, right?"

I turned my attention to the massive man who was suddenly standing in front of me. He was very tall and had an olive toned complexion, with a cute baby face.

"I'm Jacob, Jacob Black." He stared at me. "You look nice with your hair up—um—yeah, but you looked great last night, too. You had your hair down in curls. You wore that black dress, with the empire waistline and the sequins on the top." He toyed with the neck of his scrub top. "Those sandals were nice, too."

I looked to Alice incredulously, finding Jacob very amusing.

"Oh, crap." He palmed his forehead. "I bet you think I'm gay. I'm not. You looked very beautiful last night," he stuttered.

"Brandon, Swan, Black, and...Hale!" The physician calling out the names had shouted.

Immediately, I nervously stood at attention. I followed behind Alice, Jacob, and I noticed the tall blonde chick trailing behind me.

"You're all with Cullen." The doctor I didn't know, who was shouting out the names, said. He was very cute. He had blonde, chin-length curly hair, piercing blue eyes, and was tall. He was dreamy, and I think I even heard Alice sigh.

"Who's that?" I asked her.

"That's Dr. Whitlock, the teaching liaison. He's actually an orthopedic surgeon," she whispered.

I would have answered her, but I was pushed to the side by the statuesque beauty. She ran to the head of our group. "So, we have Cullen? I hear he's a total ball-buster. People nick named him Satan, and apparently he's brilliant!" the blonde rambled.

"You must be the model?" Alice snickered.

"It's Rosalie!" She snapped.

As I studied our group, I found it kind of ironic that they put all the women in the same group. It was definitely weird. Maybe they just toss around names randomly?

"Which one is Cullen?" Jacob asked.

There were quite a few surgeons around, most meeting up with their assigned interns. "Do you know?" he asked me.

I shrugged and went to turn my iPhone to silent.

"Bronze hair, green eyes…he's right over there."

I turned to where Alice had pointed. Dr. Cullen had his back to us, but there was something familiar about him. When he turned around to stare right at me, I gasped and backed up a step.

"Bella?" Jacob asked. "Are you okay?"

"Ahuh." I licked my lips and swore I was hallucinating. Dr. Cullen—my motherfucking resident—was the green-eyed hottie from the bar. This cannot be happening. Fuck my life; fuck my existence. What are the odds? Then he smirked at me, and I knew this was going to be a long day.

Dr. Cullen wasn't fazed by my presence at all. He proceeded to go over his rules. He showed us around a bit and, effectively, put us in our place. He stated that we were grunts, nobodies, the bottom of the surgical food chain, only to unleash us in the emergency room. We were to run labs, write orders, and basically do whatever the nurses tell us, which was fine by me. My goal—for my first day as a "real" doctor—was not to kill anybody. So, taking orders was just fine by me. My fellow interns didn't appreciate it, though. I had just finished doing an abdominal exam, when Dr. Cullen came up behind me. Of course, he had to oversee us—make sure we didn't kill anyone.

"Can I speak to you for a minute, Dr. Swan?" he asked.

I nodded and took off my stethoscope. Placing it around my neck, I thought that maybe I had done something wrong. "Um…" I didn't really know what to say. He has been nothing but professional, and I think all that garbage from last night and this morning—all that nervousness was in my head.

He smiled and turned to beam at my patient. "It will only take a moment."

"Right." I looked back to my patient. "I'll be right back." I smiled and told the scared twelve year old, who came in with abdominal pain, above McBurney's point. My instincts told me that this patient must have appendicitis, but I had to wait for the test results to make sure.

Dr. Cullen didn't waste any time ushering me away. The further we walked away from the emergency room, the faster my heart thumped away in my chest. When he led me to a stairwell, I stopped short.

"What's this about?" I asked.

"Relax," he whispered, and I felt his hot breath brush against my neck. "I just want to speak to you." He opened the door to the stairway.

I entered to pace around a bit. As soon as the door was closed, he advanced toward me. "Dr. Cullen," I said and anxiously looked around. I had no idea what he was about to say and didn't want anyone to over hear, regardless of what it was about.

He wore a shit-eating smirk as his eyes trailed up and down my form. "Dr. Cullen?" he asked. "Since when are you so formal?" he laughed a bit. "Last night it was Edward, and now it's Dr. Cullen?" He raised a brow and took another step in my direction.

I backed away again. "Dr. Cullen." I reiterated to make me sound more professional. "Last night you were 'Edward'…and today you're 'Dr. Cullen'. We should put…the bar and my apartment—the things that happened, behind us." I nearly pleaded.

"Put it behind us?" he laughed. "Put what behind us? You giving me a little striptease in your apartment—"

I palmed my face to groan. "I didn't—"

"Oh…you did." He bit his lower lip, seductively. "You want me to forget sleeping with you last night and you dismissing me this morning, like a piece of meat? I don't want to put any of it…'behind us'." He stepped even closer to me.

Damn, he had the most kissable, pouty lips I had ever seen. I shook myself out of the trance like state. Did this fucker just dazzle me?

"No…we can't—I'm not the Bella you met in the bar, and you're not the Edward I slept with…you're my resident. We need to—"

"You take advantage of me—throw yourself at me—and now you…" He chuckled.

"I did not—"

"I was drunk," he cut me off, "heartbroken, and…well, I looked damn good last night. You took advantage of me!" He pointed to himself.

I let out a shaky laugh. "O-kay." I made sure not to make eye contact with him. "I was the drunk one last night…and you're not as handsome as you think…" I lied.

"No…Well, I don't look as good today—hung over and all." He thought it was a joke and plucked at his scrubs. "Last night I was hot, wearing my favorite green shirt that brings out the green in my eyes."

I groaned. "I did not take advantage."

Geez, I barely remember last night, yet he seems to.

"Why can't we see each other again, say Saturday night?" He smirked again.

Ugh! I wanted to say yes and sit on his face. That smirk was going to be the death of me.

"No, it's not pro-professional or-or e-ethical," I stammered.

He was leaning toward me, his eyes going from my eyes to my lips, and I could tell that he was fighting a smile.

"Stop…staring at me like that," I said through clenched teeth.

He backed away, maybe an inch. "Like what?" He asked.

"Like you've seen me naked—like we've slept together," I whispered.

He tucked a few strands of hair behind my ear. I shivered from his touch. Fuck! Judging by his smile, he noticed.

"I have seen you naked and we have slept together, Bella."

I back away from him further. "Dr. Cullen! This is so wrong…you do understand that, right?" I groaned out and left the stairwell.

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