Hey everone this is my first Fan fiction and its a My babysitters a vampire one.:DDDDDDDD So Sarah comes over to babysitt for the first time since she became a full vampire Can Ethan finally tell her how he feels Find out.

Ethan was upstairs in his room waiting for Sara to come over. It was the first time she would be babysitting since she became a full vampire. Ethan had no clue what to say to her how he couldn't even begin to thank her for giving her entire life up for him. Why did she even consider doing it? He wondered.

He sat there thinking when his computer beeped. He turned around in his chair to find that Benny was requesting a video chat with him. As if it were a habit Ethan automatically clicked accept and waited for Benny's stupid face to appear before saying "Hey" in the most cheerful tone he could manage.

"Hey E." Benny replied in the same tone. "So have you thought about what you are going to say to her?" he asked." No but I better think of something fast she will be here any minute." Ethan answered." "Come on E. you had a crush on her from day one and now we know she obviously has a crush on you to, now is the perfect time to tell her." Ethan thought a moment and then said: "How are you so sure she likes me?" Benny made the most serious face he could and said: "E she gave up her whole life for you I mean you said it yourself she gave up her only chance at a normal life and I don't think she would do that for anyone."

Ethan was about to argue when he heard the doorbell followed by his mom calling him. "I got to go Benny she's here" "ok E. I am going to let you do your thing but you know I'm right go for it. Ethan took a deep breath and very calmly he spoke the last words to his friend "Bye Benny". Ethan closed his lap top and sighed as he got up and left the bedroom to go downstairs. Why did Benny have to be right? He though to his self as he took the final steps to the living room were Sara was sitting on the couch.

"Hey Sara do you mind if I sit?" He asked while pointing to the spot on the couch next to her. "Not at all." Sara replied as she patted the spot next to her. Ethan slowly set down next to her and they stayed like that for a few minutes until both of them broke it by both saying we need to talk. They laughed a little and Sara encouraged him to go first.

Ethan sighed and started to speak. "Thank you so much Sara for saving me I cant ever repay you for that." Sara smiled a little and spoke softly. "I couldn't let that happened to you. Your one of my best friends."

"Yeah but you gave up you chances of being human for me I don't know how I could ever thank you enough"

There was silence and Ethan thought about what Benny said maybe this was his chance. "Sara." Ethan said getting closer to her. "yes Ethan Sara said as she scooted closer." He kept looking in her eyes and couldn't speak so he did the only think he could, He and Sara moved closer together until they could feel each other breath and then their noses were touching. They stared into each other until their eyes fluttered shut and their lips met for a long kiss. Ethan couldn't believe it he was locking lips with his dream girl, wrestling tongues with his angel. When they finally broke apart he said what he meant to. " I like you."

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