Ethan had no girl of his Dreams felt the same way. By the time he was in his room Ethan was exhausted so he

just decided to tell Bennie at school tomorrow. The next day Ethan Looked at his closet fool of clothes for about 30 minutes

not knowing what to wear. He had gotten up an hour early it was no surprise he couldn't sleep. Right in the middle of deciding

what shirt to match with what jeans, Ethan's computer started beeping and it was who else but Bennie emailing him.

Bennie:Hey E what happened last night?

Ethan:The most amazing unbelievable thing she feels the same way.

Bennie: See you never know unless you try.

Ethan: Yeah now all i need to do is decide what to wear and i will be all set.

Bennie: Wear that black V neck with your dark blue jeans that screams cool.

Ethan: I was going to wear my lucky shirt.

Bennie: And what happened last time you wore it?

Ethan: Thats only cause you just had to test your magic out on the alone.

Bennie: E just trust me on this.

Ethan: Ok fine but we better get going to school.

Bennie: Ok see you outside.

Ethan logged off the computer, changed his clothes and went downstairs. Him and Bennie were discussing some really

geeky topics when they walked through the doors of the high school. Just in the middle Of discussing starwars and how episode 4

-6 was better than 1-3 Ethan saw Sara standing at her locker fetching books from it. He decided they needed to talk before

Erica intruded.

Ethan Walked up nervously then straighten himself out and cleared his throat to catch her attention. She seemed

nervous to but then changed to a questioning look as she said "Hey Ethan what up?"
"I was hoping we could talk" Ethan answered. She looked at him hesitantly but then continued.
"Oh yeah, about what?" she asked. Ethan was shocked how could she not know what he wanted to talk about. IT was pretty

important to forget what happened last night.

"About the text you sent me"He said "What text?" Sara asked again.
"The one that said you liked me" Ethan answered By the questioning look in Sara's eyes Ethan knew that somehow she did not have any clue what he was talking about Ethan became scared and nervous quick. It took only seconds for beads of sweat to find there way down Ethan's Back. Sara looked

at him with the same questioning look. That moment seemed like it lasted forever to a terrified Ethan.
"Ethan" Sara began. "I didn't send no text but this does explain why Erica looked so suspicious When I retrieved my

phone from her after going to the bathroom."
Ethan stood there for a moment taking it all in. Erica truly was a mean bitter person. Ethan was pissed. Words could

not describe how he was feeling. All he new was that he wanted to go home and start sharpening a stake to a nice little point just for Erica. Ethan started stuttering. "O oh ne- never mind then ill see you later." Ethan walked away in sadness and

embarrassment. So many things ran through his mind and one thing was for sure... Erica was going to have some answering to do.
Ethan told Bennie all about how Erica set him up. "Ouch sorry E" Benny replied. Ethan gave a quick "Its ok" right as the witch of vampire came walking towards them. "Out of my way dork." She said in a way as to say"IM so much better than you."
Ethan was fuming he didn't normally get like this but Erica had done possibly the worst thing ever. "How could you?"

Ethan muttered. "Come again?" The vampire asked in reply? Ethan got louder now."How could you do that? Send me a text from

Sara's phone?" Erica looked as confused as Sara did. "What are you talking about geek? I didn't even see Sara last night."
"You didn't?" Erica shook her head. Ethan and Bennie looked at each other and the same thought raced through there heads. Why

would Sara lie?