Light in August

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This story continues from season 2 episode 22 "As i Lay Dying"

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There was no sound except for the drawing of breath, and that had settled in a calm rhythm between them.

The City of Light and the river Seine glittered beyond the balcony. Elena lay, nude, on a giant bed, on sheets so fine they seemed made of air. She was on her side, her hair splayed around her head, Katherine mirrored her and they lay perfectly still, looking. They had loved and talked, whispered and caressed, but now they just breathed.

Elena smiled as she thought back to that night, when Katherine had pulled her out of the house away from burning flesh and spirited her away. They had traveled quickly but with caution, in case Klaus had friends seeking revenge. Katherine gave her magic so she could walk in the sun and took her across the Atlantic to the old world and settled her here, in Paris. She had not seen her friends again, and did not expect too.

It had all gone so fast, but it was finally sinking in. she was free of all restraint, she could do everything she had ever imagined, for eternity, and she could do them with Katherine.

Katherine saw the intense look on Elena's face and reached out to stroke her cheek, the cheek that had been so cold in death was brimming with stolen life. Katherine shuddered at the thought of feeling death in Elena again. It was almost as bad a thought as the one that plagued her now. What if Elena regretted her choice, it had been made quickly and in chaos. She tried to make her voice seductive, but it trembled as she spoke.

'Are you happy my sweet?' Katherine asked.

Elena gave her a slow glorious smile, so full of joy it filled Katherine's heart.

'Oh yes! As long as I am yours, you are mine, and we are together, I am happy. I love you Katherine'

Katherine relaxed. She heard the truth and it calmed her. She slid easily into the low sensuous voice she sought.

'Well then. I will show you the world, and we will walk through it like goddesses, but not tonight.'

Her hand slid down Elena's cheek, it slid further and further, and their screams made music in the night.