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Damon smiled as he looked into the crib at his little son, who was sleeping peacefully. Little Jackson Salvatore's eyes were closed, mouth open slightly in a little baby pucker, his little body moving slightly as he breathed.

Using his hand, he gently stroked his little son's cheek, smiling in pride and adoration. He loved his son and his beautiful wife so much!

He remembered Elena screaming in agony in the delivery room, grasping his hand so hard he was sure she fractured a few knuckles of his. She screamed at him that he was never to touch her again and made the doctor blush with all the profanities she shouted while she was in labor. He had to smile at his wife, she was always full of surprises.

However, when the two of them saw what they had created together, all her pain and thoughts melted. As she gazed at her son, she knew her life was complete. When Damon cut the cord, her eyes met his, which were glazed with tears of happiness. He seemed to be smiling and laughing all at once in his happiness.

When their son, Jackson Michael Salvatore, was placed in Damon's arms, he knew he would never be the same. He looked at Elena with a big grin on his face. He vowed to protect her and their son for the rest of his life. He would die for them.

Elena walked by the nursery, smiling when she saw her husband smiling down at their little one. He was an amazing father and an even greater husband. He had changed so much since she'd met him. He was a crazy maniac when she was first introduced to him. Now he was perfect—he was kind, sweet, sensitive, caring, and much more. She loved him with all her heart. And to think she didn't think she'd ever find love. Now throughout the course of a year, through some miracle, she found love and happiness.

She couldn't say the same about her sister Katherine. Stefan and Katherine were having trouble a few months ago and she had just heard today that they were getting a divorce. While she tried to feel bad for her sister, a part of her was saying, "I told you so."

Walking to their bedroom, she lay down in bed wearing her nightgown, exhausted from the last few weeks. Apparently baby Salvatore had inherited Damon's impatience personality trait and had kept them up for the last few weeks demanding either her milk, a change or just crying for attention. Both she and Damon had taken turns waking up with him since he was born. Both of them were exhausted.

If he was hungry, Damon even resorted to taking him to their room and lifting up her shirt so Jackson could nurse all without waking her. Some nights she just didn't wake up from her exhaustion. When he told her the following morning, she laughed.

Her thoughts were broken when she felt the bed shift next to her. Kisses were rained upon her face then neck. She smiled when she felt her husband kissing her—they hadn't made love over the last few weeks since she gave birth. Doctor's orders. Damon had groaned when he had told them that.

She had walked into their bathroom one time when he was in the shower and heard him groaning. She felt bad that he had to resort to masturbating, so she tossed her clothes to the floor, whipped open the shower curtain, got down on her hands and knees and sucked him. Damon was so shocked at the sudden intrusion, but soon he was thanking her profusely as she sucked him off.

They had been doing that the last few weeks when the baby was napping. Just because they had a baby didn't mean their sex life had changed that much.

She felt Damon's hand roam up her shirt to touch her breast, making her nipples harden. Her eyes opened as she felt Damon move above her, placing himself on top of her. She smiled when she saw his smirk.

"Hmmmmm, so how's our son?" she asked, rubbing her hands on his bare chest.

"Sleeping soundly. I'm glad he's finally getting into a routine of sleeping now." He gently tugged the nightgown over her head.

"So that means…we're home free?" she whispered, panting underneath him.

"Yup," he smiled wider, gently pinching her nipple. "And if I recall correctly, today's the day the doctor said he would lift the 'restriction on intimate relations' as he kindly put it."

"Oh he did, did he? What if I'm not in the mood?" she smirked up at him.

"Well, judging by how wet you are, I'd say you definitely are. But if you need more persuasion…" she smiled as he slithered down her body.

She had to bite her lip to keep her cries to a minimum. She didn't want to wake the baby.

She tugged his face back up to kiss him, moving her legs to either side of his slim yet muscular hips.

It didn't take long for her to scream his name in passion. And for Damon to whisper words of love to her throughout the entire act. He was totally in love with his beautiful wife and she in return loved her husband very much.

Amazing how love could tame a shrew…and a man.

The End