-Alright so this is my first story's introduction rewritten. The original can be read at: .net/s/5838511/1/The_Comforter_CONTINUED

I am attempting to rewrite all my stories because for some, I look back and I don't quite understand what I was thinking. So hopefully, when I finish rewriting everything, I can restart with updating because I know I have done very little of that lately. And for that I apologize. I hope you guys (and girls) like it!-

I sat in my room, Twilight book in hand, reading the same words I had been reading for the fourth time. My friends and family don't understand me. They don't see how four books could affect me so. I was actually embarrassed when my friends first found out I read The Twilight Saga and fell in love with it. And it was all the more worse when I went to my mom. All she managed to do was laugh at me.

So, for now, since I'm one of those 'suffer-in-silence' types, I'll just sit in my room, all alone, and dream about my favorite book series…