Chapter 2

"We will be going to see my father. He's a doctor. We need to figure this out."

Worry and fear coated his words. Maybe I should just enjoy this while it lasts. Pretend that Edward Cullen is real. Carlisle Cullen is real. All the Cullens are real. And the wolves. They must be real too. Oh and the best part! I'm in Bella Swan's body. God, I sound insane.

"Okay so say I go to see Carlisle. What if he can't figure this out?"

"I don't know. Let's not think about what will happen if he can't. I don't want to think on that" he answered, his eyes filled with pain. Maybe from the fact he might never see Bella again? Yeah, that would do it…

"Look, let's just get this over with. I want to go home and you want your Bella back so let's get moving."

He sighed and nodded. He proceeded to unlock the door in one quick movement. Why did I have so much trouble with that? I shook my head walking out the door behind him.

I stepped into the cold, only now realizing I was in pajamas.

"Wait, Edward. I'm not dressed." I told him, wrapping my arms around myself. I had slippers on and pajamas and there was no way I was going to the Cullen's in that.

Edward turned back, smiling slightly, not reaching his eyes, "Alice will have clothes for you. Alice is my-"

"Sister, yeah I know." I said cutting him off.

"You know? How?" he asked, continuing to open the Volvo.

I slipped up. Oh no.

"Lucky guess?"

I suppose he wasn't in the mood to argue and let it drop. I climbed in the passenger side and all I could think now is Oh my God, I'm in Edward Cullen's Volvo! My giddy fan girl side was taking over. I needed to get a hold of myself. I don't need to come off any crazier than I already seem.

He got in the car and started up the heat immediately. He reached into the back seat grabbing a blanket and offered it to me.

I took it happily, "Thanks." I said wrapping myself up. I was freezing.

He simply nodded and took off. It didn't take us long to reach well over the speed limit. Not that I minded. I knew we wouldn't crash.

"You're quiet…" he said.

"Yeah. So?"

"I was simply wondering if you were alright."

I felt bad for being rude.

"Sorry. Yes, I'm alright."

"Why the apology?" he asked taking his eyes off the road, just as we were coming to a turn.

"Eyes on the road!" I said, actually afraid.

He chuckled. A deep, velvety sound.

"Just like Bella." He did turn his eyes to the road and they never left there for the remaining trip.

When we reached what I now know is the Cullen's driveway, I almost scream because I thought we were going to crash into the trees. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding when the tires hit the gravel.

He looked over at me questioning.

"I thought we were going to crash…" I mumbled, knowing he could hear.

Again his velvety chuckle filled the car. I could seriously get used to that. A few minutes later and I found myself in front of a beautiful white house. I let my mouth hang open like an idiot. I quickly closed it after a comment from Edward.

I was at the Cullen's house. The Cullen's. Edward exited the car and walked around, human speed. I guess he was trying not to scare me? He opened my door for me and I got out bringing the blanket with me. Mostly because I didn't want to be seen with pajamas on and a little because it was freezing out. He walked behind me, as if to make sure I wasn't going to fall. I may be in Bella's body but that doesn't mean I'm incapable of walking. Does it?

He opened the door for me and I thanked him walking in. Thank God the heat was on! Now at least I would be warm.

Edward called Carlisle's name once, as if he were right in front of him. Could he actually hear that? Apparently he did and came down the stairs at vampire speed. He was just a white blur. I wouldn't mind an instant replay of that. It was so… graceful.

Edward looked to me for a reaction to Carlisle. I didn't give off any emotion except giddy fan girl. Jasper must be having a field day.

Carlisle smiled at me saying, "Hello Bella."

Edward's mood darkened at the reminder. I wasn't his Bella.

"Carlisle, we need to talk."

Carlisle heard the seriousness in his tone.

"Of course, in my study?"

Edward nodded once. Both vampires walked up the stairs, I followed behind. I paused for a moment looking at the old cross in the hallway. Carlisle noticed.

"My fa-"

"Father's. I know." I mumbled looking back to Carlisle who had a tad bit of surprise on his face, but wiped it away.

"Ah, Edward mentioned it to you."

I nodded quickly, I had slipped up again. Although thankfully he still thinks I'm Bella.

He walked into his study, and I followed after him. Edward was already there. I saw paintings and bookshelves filled with books lining the walls. One picture caught my attention. The one of Carlisle and the three Volturi heads. I looked at it a while longer then turned and found a seat, still wrapped in the blanket, hoping it covered my out fit. Although I couldn't help the slippers. They were bound to notice them.

"We have a problem…" Edward started off and continued to explain.