Hello again and welcome to another Kick x Kendall story, man I love this couple. That's why I invited a special guest to join me this time. Come on in Kick.

Kick: "Remind me again why I'm here."

Chris: "Because I thought it be fun."

Kick: "Well what's this story about?"

Chris: "You and Kendall."

Kick: "You're the one putting those up!"

Chris: "Yeah and I'm going to start the story while I work out some problems with Kick, enjoy."


Buttowski Backyard

Gunther: "Are you sure about this Kick?"

Kick: "Gunther I'm sure and when have you ever worried about one of my stunts?"

Gunther: "I don't know just got a feeling something's going to happen."

Kick: "Well trust me nothing will happen."

Gunther: "Okay Kick."

Gunther pulled Kick back in a slingshot that was aiming for a ramp. The plan jump ten house's and land in a pool of water on the other side. Gunther pulled Kick back about five feet before launching him at unbelievable speeds up the ramp.

Perkin's Backyard

Ronaldo: "Where do you want the Catapult dear?"

Kendall: "Right where that pool is, wait a minute I don't have a pool."

Kendall kicked the pool away and pushed the Catapult in it's place. She had made it for the science fair and was sure she would win. The hard part was the project had to be made of wood or it was disqualified.

?: "Wooohoooo!"

Ronaldo: "What was that?"

Kendall: "Sounds like."

Kick instead of landing in a pool he landed head first in the catapult and accidently set it off.

Kendall: "Clarence!"

Kick: "Aw biscuits."

They couldn't see where Kick landed but heard a lot of explosions and then they heard electricity and it was shocking something. In about five minutes Kendall and Ronaldo saw a Ambulance going in the direction of where Kick was shot. Both instantly started to worry if an Ambulance was needed, both followed but before they reached their destination the Ambulance flew past them with the sirens going off.

Ronaldo: "What happened to him, I mean I hate him but not send him to the Hospital."

Kendall: "Come on let's see what happened."


Kendall: "Excuse me is there a Buttowski in right now?"

Nurse: "Oh yes he's in room 152 but I'm not sure your aloud in there."

Ronaldo: "I hope he's not dead or we will be."

Both found the room but Kick's family was outside waiting and Gunther was crying his eyes out. The duo felt even more guilt now and knew it was bad. Slowly Kendall walked up to the family to ask what happened.

Kendall: "Excuse me could you tell me what happened to Clarence?"

Honey: "Sure are you a friend of his?"

Kendall: "Well more or less."

Brianna: "Mom is Kick going to be okay?"

Honey: "I don't know sweety."

Harold: "During one of his stunts he crashed into a Electrical Power Plant and was tangled in the electrical wires. They had to shut down the electric to get him out."

Ronaldo: "How bad was the shock?"

Honey: "They said for a moment all they electricity was attracted to his helmet so it was bad."

Brad: "When I find the one whom did that to Dilweed their in for the beating of a lifetime."

Kendall and Ronaldo gulped in fear seeing Brad crack his knuckles after that remark. After two hours a nurse came out and gave them permission to visit Kick. But they said that he hadn't said a thing since he woke up. With that everyone entered the room to see Kick wrapped in bandages allover, the only thing they didn't cover was his face. Kicks Mom and Dad gave him a hug and said they we're glad he was okay, Kick just had a confused look on his face.

Kick: "Excuse me but who are you?"

Honey: "Kick stop being silly I'm your Mom."

Kick: "You are?"

Honey: "Yes and he's your father."

Harold: "Come on Kick stop fooling around."

Kick: "I'm sorry but I don't remember anything and who's Kick?"

Brad: "Hey Dilweed who am I?"

Kick: "I don't know I just remember crashing that's it."

The doctor came in with Kick's results and had a grim look on his face. The family noticed and prepared for the worse. Kendall was the most uneasy and nervous at this point knowing what was wrong with Kick.

Doctor: "It seems that Kick has amnesia and doesn't remember a thing except his crash. We don't know how long it will last but for all we know he may never get his memory back. I'll leave you with him for awhile and do whatever you can to jog his memory."

Brianna: "I want to go first."

Honey: "Okay Brianna you can try first."

Everyone but Brianna left the room to wait outside. Soon everyone came out with the same results, he hadn't remembered any of them. Ronaldo came out last with a look of despair, Gunther came out in tears and it was Kendall's turn to try. She entered the room with slowly to see Kick relaxing in the Hospital bed, he noticed her and welcomed her with a smile. She walked over next to him and sat down in one of the chairs.

Kendall: "Have you remembered anything?"

Kick: "I know who my family is but nothing else."

Kendall: "So you don't remember me?"

Kick: "Uhh let me think, sorry nothing comes to mind."

Kendall: "My name is Kendall Perkins and your Clarence Francis 'Kick' Buttowski."

Kick: "Kendall that sounds familiar, give me a second I think I got something."

Kendall let Kick think for a few minutes before he said a shocking statment that caught Kendall off guard.

Kick: "I know now."

Kendall: "You do?"

Kick: "Yeah I feel terrible that I forgot my girlfriend."

Kendall: "Your girlfriend?"

Kick: "Yeah sorry about that I wonder why no one else told me."

Kendall: "Give me a second okay."

Kick: "Sure go ahead."

Kendall exited the room and noticed everyone had looks of hope. Kendall couldn't believe she was about to say this.

Honey: "Well does he remember anything?"

Kendall: "Kind of but in the wrong order, he thinks I'm his girlfriend. How am I supposed to react to that?"

Ronaldo: "I don't know why Buttowski would think that?"

Kendall: "And why not?"

Ronaldo: "Your both opposites and in no way work together."

Kendall: "You know what Ronaldo I don't think this is working out."

Ronaldo: "What?"

Kendall: "You seem to think I'm boring and you love science more then me so it's over."

Ronaldo: "You have the choice to do that so I have no problem with it."

Kendall: "Good now back to the problem."

Brad: "I say you play along until he gets his memory back."

Before Kendall could answer a doctor walked in the hallway with a smile on his was hoping for some good news.

Doctor: "It seems he heals fast and is able to go home. I recommend you show him things that are important to him to jog his memory."

Everyone froze at the sound of a door closing and looked to the right to see Kick in his jumpsuit. He was smiling at Kendall which everyone seemed to notice.

Kick: "Hey sweety sorry but I got worried and decided to check on you."

Kendall's jaw had dropped in shock of what he said, Brad kept motioning her to go on and play along. She sighed and knew she had no choice.

Kendall: "Thank you for checking on me but I'm fine."

Honey: "Ready to go home Kick?"

Kick: "Sure am."

The family thanked the doctor before walking off leaving Kendall to her thoughts. She heard footsteps and noticed Kick running back.

Kendall: "Aren't you going home?"

Kick: "Yeah I just forgot something."

Kendall: "What did you forget?"

Kick motioned for her to kneel lower till they were at eye contact. Kendall was shocked and had widened eye when he gave her a small kiss on the lips before leaving again.

Kendall: "Oh no what do I do now?"