Chris: "Hey everyone what's up, no wait let me guess your being AWESOME? Well if your reading this your AWESOME."

Kick: "We're back."

Chris: "What took you guys so long?"

Kendall: "We were catching up."

Chris: "I have a feeling your catching up only involves kissing. Well it's good you're here, because we can finish the story."

Kick: "Oh yeah we forgot."

Kendall: "What are we waiting for let's wrap this up?"

Chris: "Couldn't have said it better myself, mow without further ado here's the last chapter of Lost Memory."


Honey: "Kick get up your going to be late for school."

Kick sat up in his bed letting his eyes adjust to the sun, he groaned not wanting to get up. He walked over to his closet, got his usual jumpsuit and put it on.

Kick: "I hate school, never ending homework, teachers nagging, and gross cafeteria food."

Kick suddenly smiled after remembering the only good thing about school. He walked out of the house and caught the bus just in time. He saw Kendall waving at him and sat next to her.

Kendall: "How was your morning today?"

Kick: "Good but I wish I had more sleep."

Kendall: "So do you think everyone's gotten used to us dating yet?"

Kick: "Yeah probably, but I don't think Ronaldo likes it to much."

Kendall: "He can get over it, he had his chance and he blew it."

?: "Hello Buttowski, Kendall."

Kick: "Ronaldo what do you want?"

Ronaldo: "Rude aren't we?"

Kendall: "What Is it Ronaldo?"

Ronaldo: "Well I thought I was acting childish about you two together and got you a little something."

Ronaldo opened his backpack and pulled out a two silver lockets with half hearts on each. He gave one to Kick and one to Kendall.

Kendall: "Why are they broken?"

Ronaldo: "Open them and put them together."

The duo did as he said and it revealed Kick's half had a picture of him in it and Kendall's half had a picture of her in it. They put them together and it made one picture of the duo together in a heart.

Kendall: "Thanks Ronaldo your so sweet."

Kick: "Yeah Ronaldo this was awesome."

Ronaldo: "Thank you, now you two enjoy your day."

Kendall: "I can't believe he did this."

Kick: "Me neither and it match's my jumpsuit."

Kendall: "Do you even own a different set of cloths."

Kick: "I do but I just like wearing my jumpsuit, hey look we're here."

Kick got up from his seat and took Kendall's hand and helped her out. They went into the school while holding hands and they soon ran into Gunther.

Gunther: "Hey Kick."

Kick: "Gunther how've you been doing?"

Gunther: "Well I got a straight C's and one B, also my parents raised my allowance. It looks like your doing well with your 'girlfriend'."

Kick: "I am and I have a huge stunt planned out for tonight."

Gunther: "You do where is it Kick?"

Kendall: "It's going to be at the Community Pool."

Kick: "Yep I'm gonna try to go down Dead Man's Drop and I have a ramp built at the bottom, I'm going to fly up the ramp and land in the community pool."

Gunther: "That sounds awesome Kick, do you want it on video?"

Kick: "Do I ever."

The school bell rang signaling it was time for class, Kendall gave Kick a kiss on the cheek before heading off to class.


Gunther: "I can't wait."

Kendall: "Me either, but is the shark really necessary?"

Gunther: "This is Kick Buttowski we're talking about he can do anything."

Kendall: "He better not get hurt."


Kick: "This is going to be awesome, time to Kick Buttowski."

Kick flew down Dead Man's Drop and flew off the ramp, he soon had the pool in sight and headed for it head first. Everyone soon had sight of Kick and the shark jumped from the water only to get slammed in the head by a falling Kick. Kick bounced off the shark and landed clean with his pose, Kendall ran over to him to see if he was okay.

Kendall: "No cuts, bruise's, nothing broken."

Kick: "Kendall I'm fine, I'm Kick Buttowski after all."

Kendall: "I know Clarence I just worry about you, it's a girlfriends job."

Kick: "Okay, hey Gunther did you get it?"

Gunther: "Sure did Kick."

Kendall: "You can come over to my house to upload the video Clarence, besides we have a study date remember?"

Kick: "I hate studying."

Kendall: "But you love me."

Kick: "Yes, yes I do."

Kendall: "Okay come on if we finish fast enough we can grab something to eat."

Kick: "Okay, let's roll."


Kendall: "Wow you got them all right, good job Clarence."

Kick: "What can I say your rubbing off on me."

Kendall: "I guess I am, I think the video's done."

Kendall went over to the computer and noticed the video already had hundreds of hits. She motioned for Kick to come over and see.

Kick: "Awesome!"

Kendall: "Your my little daredevil aren't you?"

Kick: "Little no, daredevil yes."

Kendall: "Look at the time."

Kick: "I guess I got to go home."

Kendall: "I guess I'll see you tomorrow Clarence."

Kick: "Guess you will."

Kick pulled Kendall into a deep kiss but was interrupted when Hansel meowed. Both pulled away with blushes being surprised by the cat. Kendall picked Hansel up and started to pet him.

Kick: "Good night Kendall and you to Hansel."

Kendall: "Good night Clarence."

Kick went out the front door and Kendall got ready for bed, she came back staring suspiciously at her cat.

Kendall: "You've got the worst timing Hansel."

Hansel: "Meow."


Chris: "There we go all done."

Kendall: "So romantic."

Kick: "I like the stunt, I know what I'm doing tomorrow."

Chris: "You guys were great company, thanks for helping."

Kick: "No problem, if you want help again just call."

Kendall: "Yeah we'll help anytime you need it."

Chris: "Thanks guys and trust me I'll need you again."

Kendall: "Are we going to do that new ending or what?"

Kick: "Oh yeah remember?"

Chris: "Yeah I remember, let's do it."

Kick: "Your all AWESOME!"

Kendall: "And that's the bottom line!"

Chris: "Cause Chris Nest said so!"