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When Albus first changed schools, he was certain that it was going to be the worst decision his parents ever made. All his friends were there, and his favorite teachers. He knew the school and everyone in it, and he was comfortable there. Leaving was the very last thing he had ever wanted, and yet he found himself being packed up and moved three hours away for his dad's work. As previously mentioned, it was a decision which Albus was certain would bring him only misery.

Until he got there, and met Scorpius Malfoy.

The git was tall and lean and blonde and utterly gorgeous. He carried himself with a grace that made everyone around him look like bumbling idiots. He did everything perfectly, and with a confident attitude that left many students jealous, and some rather turned on. For Albus, being a competitive student and bisexual, it was a combination of both, which became rather frustrating when he realized that he had several classes with the other boy.

Day in and day out, classes became a contest to see who could get more questions correct, grades became the scorecard which they compared at the end of each term. Insults were sneered as they passed in the halls. Whispers of the Potter-Malfoy Feud were soon commonplace. Bets were placed as they entered their junior year to see which would become the Valedictorian by the time they graduated. It didn't take long at all for things to get out of hand.

With all this in mind, it probably shouldn't have been a surprise when things got physical.

"Suck it, Potter." Albus glanced up from his lunch to see a thin, stapled packet shoved before his eyes, with a gloating Scorpius standing by. "Perfect score, with a few bonus points for good measure. I'd like to see you do better."

Albus rolled his eyes, He should have known that even coming to eat outside, even hiding around the corner from the rest of the tables in the courtyard, seated on a bench instead of a full table, wouldn't be enough to keep Malfoy from finding him if he wanted to. "Big deal, Malfoy. I'll still end up with the higher average when grades come out. Everyone knows I'm better at history than you. Getting lucky once won't change that."

The proud smirk turned into a scowl. "It's far more than luck, Potter." He leaned closer. "Not that you'd know much about that, would you?"

Albus pushed himself up off his seat, startling the blonde, and reversed their positions so that Scorpius was now backed into the wall. Albus leaned his elbow right beside his head, purposefully invading his space in the hopes of making him nervous. He grinned. "Getting lucky? Yeah, I think I know a thing or two about that."

Albus expected a shove, at least. Maybe some swearing. Scorpius was too perfect to throw a punch, but an elbow to the gut seemed within his character. What he hadn't expected was the way the blonde's head tipped back, staring up at him with this dark something in his eyes that made Albus' stomach pitch sharply. "Would you?" he asked, "I highly doubt it." His lips curved upward into a smirk, as if he could read Albus' thoughts.

With a jerk, Albus pulled back, shaken to the core. He loved fighting with Scorpius. He loved the competition. But that was all that there was between them. Certainly not… anything like what he had been thinking just then.

And yet… Scorpius' reaction left him wondering.

(Time skip)

The next day, it was over physical science. "We're in high school, not grade school!" The blonde was in a horrible rage, kicking at the chairs in the empty classroom as they got in his way. He had cornered Albus on his way to lunch, taking advantage of the rush of their classmates to slip in and shut the door behind him, trapping them alone together. "Why in the hell would you get bonus points for coloring the bleeding illustrations?" Albus thought it was a bit silly himself, but he wasn't going to argue the extra credit.

"Obviously it shows creativity and original thinking, which Professor Corner thought was deserving of a reward," said Albus with a grin, tucking the papers back into his bag before Malfoy tore them apart in his overwhelming fury. His fingers were clenching and unclenching like he was thinking along those very same lines.

Scorpius jabbed a finger into his chest. "Just because Corner has taken a liking to you doesn't mean you're going to be able to get away with a stunt like that more than once. If there's favoritism going on here, I'll be reporting it."

Albus gave him a hard shove, driving him into the desk behind him. In a flash, he was on his feet, pinning the blonde to the hard plastic-like surface. "If anyone's playing favorites it's the TA in chemistry. Just because you keep flirting with her, she gives you extra points just for answering questions in class." He used one hand to keep Malfoy pinned, his palm braced on his chest. The blonde had murder in his eyes, but he was completely trapped. "Whoring yourself out for the grades now, are you? Just can't keep up on sheer talent?"

Scorpius looked like he was going to lunge right for his throat and tear it out with the way he bared his teeth at that. "I'm not the whore here, Potter! Everyone knows you'll spread your legs for anything with a pulse!"

It was a low blow and they both knew it. Griffin High School was fairly open about its students' sexuality, and Albus was hardly the only bisexual on campus. "And what about you?" growled Albus, his blood now boiling. He shoved his way closer to the pinned blonde, his body splitting his captive's legs as he wedged himself between them. Scorpius struggled, arching up off the desk as best he could, but his efforts were futile. "Who do you spread your legs for?"

That dark, heavy look was coming into Scorpius' eyes again. His breaths were coming short and fast, his body restless. "Not the likes of you," he spat, but he hissed as Albus pressed closer, driving his thighs apart even further. It was not, Albus knew, a bad sort of hiss. Unless he missed his mark, Scorpius was enjoying this.

"Are you sure?" he questioned, leaning in closer to the predator that had now become prey. "They seem to be spread fairly wide already. And you don't seem to mind it one bit." His hips surged forward, grinding their pelvises together briefly, and both boys groaned. Yes, they were both enjoying this far more than they should. "Do you like being underneath me, Malfoy? Is that why you're always around every corner, eager to pick a fight? Do you want me to do this to you?"

Scorpius didn't answer, his head resting on the desk, his eyes shut. His chest rose and fell rapidly. Impatient, Albus ground against him again, watching as the blonde arched under his hands, soft sounds making his throat work deliciously. "Well, Malfoy? I'm waiting."

"Fuck you," he snarled, and Albus smirked.

"I think it's safe to take that as a yes." He glanced up at the clock on the wall and thought for a moment. "Meet me out front after school. I'm going to lunch." He released the blonde roughly and brushed himself off, frowning a bit at the annoyance of now being rather hard with no way to relieve himself. And he didn't exactly have time to wait for it to go away on its own. "But first…" Scorpius paused in the act of fixing his usually-immaculate hair and shot him a poisonous glare. "Come take care of this problem you've caused."

Scorpius skimmed him with a look that somehow managed to look both lusty and deadly all at once. "In your dreams, you arrogant git."

Albus glanced at the clock again. "In the next ten minutes would be better, I really should be getting to lunch. Now hop to it." As Scorpius continued to glare, Albus caught a handful of that precious hair in his fist and tugged, making the blonde swear violently. "I haven't got all day, you prissy prat. I said, now." Another tug got Scorpius moving, sinking to his knees in front of the other boy with fury written clearly across his face.

With a little more encouragement, Scorpius reached up and undid his trousers, pulling them down enough to be able to slip out the other's member. With a final scowl up at Albus, he lowered his head and reluctantly took him into his mouth. Albus groaned and let his head fall back, keeping a firm grip on the other boy as he used both tongue and the barest scrapes of his teeth to drive him completely insane. "I'd say this isn't your first time," panted the brunette with a smirk, earning a slightly more painful brush with the other's teeth.

"Take me all the way," he urged, pushing forward, wanting to go deeper into that hot, wet mouth, down into the tightness of his throat. Scorpius grunted at him in disapproval, trying to pull back, but when faced with no other option, he attempted to relax his throat and allow the invasion, his eyes falling shut. Despite his unquenchable anger, even he wasn't immune to the intense chemistry between them, even though he was getting the raw end of the deal at the moment.

Albus showed him no mercy, but Scorpius asked for none. He gave as good as he got, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked, swirling his tongue teasingly until Albus moaned his name desperately, his hips jerking of their own accord in an attempt to speed things along to his impending orgasm. "Dear God, Malfoy –" he swore, bucking as his body finally reached its peak and he came, burying himself in Malfoy's mouth firmly, and forcing him to swallow it.

Scorpius yanked away with a choking sound, gasping for air, as Albus leaned back on his desk and struggled to regain control of his trembling legs. Glancing down, he could easily see the predictable reaction that all of this had had on the blonde. "Finish yourself. Right here, with me watching. Do it," he said firmly when Scorpius looked up at him with an arched brow, clearly doubting his very sanity at this point.

Despite his lingering reluctance, Scorpius undid his own trousers and slipped his hand into his pants, curling his fingers around his own weeping cock, smearing the precum with his thumb as he moaned softly, biting his lower lip to muffle the sound. Albus watched the erotic show with his eyes wide, feeling arousal stir in his stomach, even if he wasn't ready for it to physically manifest yet.

Scorpius wanked himself to orgasm, spilling himself on the floor at Albus' feet. Out of breath, he looked up, and their eyes locked. Albus leaned down, caught his chin in his fingers, and pressed a hard kiss to his mouth. "After school," he reminded him, and then he strode to the classroom door and left, having already put himself back to rights.

Scorpius slumped further down onto the floor and fought off a powerful blush. Something was telling him that school was never going to be the same again.

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