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Scorpius had every intention of going straight home after school. He was never going to submit to whatever perverted fantasies Potter obviously had floating around in his head, especially after the vulgar display he'd already been submitted to. He had no reason to stick around. Potter had no hold over him. And yet when the school day ended, and everyone streamed through the double doors, Scorpius remained, perched casually on one of the squat stone pillars at the base of the steps. He looked so secure, so very obviously meant to be there, no one stopped to ask him what he was waiting for, or whom.

When Albus stepped outside and saw him, he smirked, and the knowing light in those green eyes had Scorpius' breath catching in his throat. He swallowed and forced himself to meet the confident gaze with equal arrogance, refusing to back down. He had been forced into submission earlier, but he would not be so easily controlled again.

Albus didn't say anything, just leaned against the opposite pillar and waited patiently. As the other students made their way home, soon only two remained. They continued to stare at one another, just waiting for the first move. Scorpius was determined to make a run for it as soon as Albus implied anything remotely similar to what had happened earlier.

When the brunette pushed himself up off his stone perch, Scorpius tensed. "Let's go," said Albus easily. Scorpius remained where he was. "Well? You waited for me. That means you enjoyed what we did earlier." Scorpius didn't say anything, shaking his head slightly. Was that his hand, shaking ever so slightly at his knee? Malfoys never got so nervous. He flinched when Albus' hand landed on his, pulling him to his feet. He immediately wrenched his hand away, taking a step back.

"I only stayed to let you know that I won't let you use me like that again," snapped the blonde. "You're clearly insane, and I –" He was cut off by a pair of insistent lips pressed against his own, gradually working his lips apart with a teasing tongue before scorching him from the inside out, leaving him desperate for more.

"Deny it all you like, but you're loving this as much as I am," whispered Albus against his lips before pulling away. "Or did you forget how hard you were when you finished earlier today?" A blush quickly turned Scorpius' pale cheeks a deep pink that was almost red. "If you're going to try to call rape later, then you can go home now. But you waited for me, Scorpius. Whether you want to acknowledge it to yourself or not, you waited for me, for this."

Scorpius was at a loss for words. His wounded pride insisted that he turn and run, that he escape whatever dark plans Albus had for him if he accepted the hand now extended to him, waiting patiently for his decision. Finally, he took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "No one can ever know about this," he said quietly.

Albus' gaze was as serious as his own. "Never," he agreed.

Slightly reassured, but still incredibly uneasy, Scorpius reached out and took the hand still hanging between them. Their hands locked together and they shook on it, firmly. "Now come on. My parents won't be home for hours yet."

(Time skip)


Scorpius crossed his arms, feeling stupid. And rather like a dumb slut. Here he was, in Albus Potter's elaborate and expensive house, all alone. No one knew where he was. No one would be looking for him for hours, since he always went home whenever he pleased. And the boy in question had already proved what a sick fuck he was. And he had only promised worse. But still, there he was, standing in the middle of the brunette's bedroom while Albus sat in his computer chair and watched with hunger in his eyes.

"Scorpius, strip. Slowly. Make it good for me."

With those knowing green eyes watching his every move, Scorpius tugged his buttons slowly from their holes one by one, allowing his fingers to trail over his chest as more and more of it was exposed. As the lust in his partner's eyes grew, so too did his confidence. His hips swayed seductively as he shimmied out of his trousers and lazily allowed his arms to slip free of his sleeves so that his shirt could drift to the floor.

Clad now in only his black boxers, he waited for his next command, feeling a faint shiver run down his spine at the aggression practically radiating from Albus, his fingers gripping the arms of his chair tightly. "On your knees." Scorpius slipped to the floor gracefully. "Crawl onto the bed." This got him a raised eyebrow, but after a moment of silence between them, when it became clear Albus had no intention of retracting the command, Scorpius did as he was bid and slinked towards the queen size bed; with every stretch of his long, lean limbs it became clear that his spirit was far from broken. The blonde was practically oozing with sexuality from every pore.

Scorpius sprawled himself in the middle of the rich, ruby red duvet, his eyes lidded and swirling with that same heavy sensuality that had come over the blonde each time he had been dominated while they were at school. Albus pushed himself to his feet and undressed quickly, his finger movements quick and efficient.

"Has anyone else ever seen you like this?" Albus climbed onto the bed, suddenly eager to get his hands on the nubile blonde lying there on his bed. "You perfect supposed genius? Has anyone else seen what a little slut you can be?"

The clear dislike Scorpius felt for the insult was clear in those beautiful gray eyes, but he knew better than to voice it, at least. Whether he liked it or not, he knew that Albus was the one in charge here. And insulting him before they really even got started would probably not be a wise decision. Instead, he changed the topic. Sort of. "Are we doing this or not, Potter? You seem content to take your sweet time, but I have other places to be tonight."

Albus just smirked. "All things in good time, Malfoy." He used one hand to help spread his legs, sliding his body between them, pressing close until the only thing keeping them from being skin on skin was Scorpius' underwear. From behind his back, he produced one of their school ties, lifting from the floor where it had been dropped during the course of the pair of them losing their clothes. Before Scorpius could protest, he pressed forward, pinning the blonde in place, and looped the sturdy cloth around one of his wrists, meeting his eyes when he tried to yank away in a knee-jerk reaction. "Give me your hands. I want them bound."

Scorpius snarled. "I knew you were fucking insane, let me up." But he put up only a halfhearted struggle. They both knew he didn't want to run away as badly as he tried to make it seem.

"Don't you trust me, Malfoy?" Albus lifted a brow at him. "Or are you too much of a coward?"

Scorpius stiffened, and his scowl deepened. They stayed that way for a few more minutes, locked in a silent battle of wills. With an irate grunt, Scorpius allowed his other arm to be seized and the tie was threaded through the headboard and tied, leaving him completely at the brunette's mercy. "You'd better not make me regret this, Potter," he muttered.

Albus just grinned and leaned down until they were face to face. "You won't."

Sitting back once more, Albus looked down at his prize, his eyes greedily devouring the incredibly erotic sight. His fingers skimmed up his side and over his chest until he found a pink nipple, watching the lust flash across Scorpius' face at his provocative touch, feeling his breath hitch ever so slightly in his chest as he tried to control himself and failed rather miserably. "Potter, I –" Albus swept in and took advantage of his open mouth to steal a kiss, quickly deepening it while the opportunity persisted. His tongue slipped in to taste him, urging Scorpius to respond.

Despite himself, a soft sound leaked from Scorpius' mouth into Albus', ripped from his throat by the combined ravishing of his mouth and his body. As much as he hated Albus for it, he was incredibly aroused right now. No one else had ever dared challenge him and actually had the brains and the brawn to back up their threats. No one before Albus.

Scorpius panted quietly when his mouth was released and let his head fall back into the pillows, biting his lip to hold back a groan as that hot mouth moved down his body and latched onto his neck, seemingly determined to leave a rather visible mark there before he moved down further, returning his attention to his nipples, licking and nipping his way down his body, more nipping than kissing at times. Scorpius' body arched, fighting with the waves of pain and pleasure that washed over him. He didn't want to be enjoying this.

But Albus was making it impossible not to.

"I want to hear you." His teeth scraped over his skin, leaving the skin pink and sensitized, tearing a quiet gasp from Scorpius. "When I want you quiet, I'll gag you with something." Scorpius bucked as their bodies rubbed together more insistently, moaning despite himself. "That's right. I'll have you screaming my name before I'm done."

Pride flew out the window. Scorpius gave into Albus' demands and allowed himself to be as vocal as he pleased, tossing his head back with his eyes squeezed shut, feeling overwhelmed by the rush of sensation roaring through him from teeth, tongue, and fingers working over his body like an instrument. Albus plucked and pulled and got just what he wanted, an orgasmic melody that immediately shifted into one of grief and want when the touching ceased.

He could feel Albus moving above him, and he opened his eyes to see the brunette looming over him with his cock resting impatiently at his chin. "Open," he ordered, leaving no room for protest. Scorpius opened his mouth and found it quickly filled with the familiar length, struggling to take it deeper and deeper as Albus took his pleasure, rather insistently.

When he finally pulled back, Scorpius was out of breath, watching with some reservation still lingering in his gaze, though the majority of his concern had become lust at this point, as he was finally stripped of his boxers. Albus leaned over and fished around in his bedside table's drawer for a moment, pulling back with a bottle of lube. He squirted some of it into his hand, coating his fingers in it, then looked up at Scorpius and smirked. "Spread your legs." The blonde scowled a little but couldn't bring himself to really work up a good mad, doing as he was ordered and spreading his legs wider so that they no longer cradled the body tucked between them. Albus just continued to watch him. "Wider."

Scorpius' brows furrowed, but he again obeyed, feeling a low burn begin to tingle in his thighs at the strain. But he held the position, lifting his chin defiantly as he stared up at Albus, waiting. Albus almost wanted to laugh. Bound, mussed, and very much at his mercy, it seemed that Malfoy's pride was far from broken.

"Oh, you are going to be a lot of fun, Malfoy," he chuckled. "Quite a lot of fun." He looked down, a smile still tugging at his lips, and circled the ring of muscle now exposed to him with a slippery finger. Scorpius hissed out a breath, and Albus was grinning as he pushed the first finger inside, followed shortly after by a second, scissoring and stretching while Scorpius groaned and squirmed in his grasp, fighting with himself while he enjoyed what was done to him. A third finger made Scorpius break further, clenching around the invading digits as his mouth opened and a delicious moan of "Albus," only spurred the other boy on further.

Satisfied with his preparations, Albus withdrew his fingers and pressed his cock to the blonde's opening, still slick with saliva. "Beg for me, Malfoy." Gray eyes opened, but Albus waited patiently until it became clear that there would be no release until he did as he was told.

"…Fuck me."

"Are you sure? You don't sound very enthusiastic." Albus smirked as Scorpius actually lunged at him, tugging at the tie which kept him bound.

"You fucking prat, I said to fuck me, if you're expecting a fucking song and dance, you can just go fuck your se – eeaaaaaaah!" Scorpius couldn't hold back the helpless cry as Albus suddenly thrust forward, granting his request without any warning.

After that, the pace was set and kept rather brutally. Flesh slapped against flesh, the promise of bruises lingered on pale skin, but neither of them seemed prepared to give in anytime sooner than they absolutely had to. Gasps and moans were the only other sound in the room around them, a passionate chorus which built as the end grew closer and closer for both of them. Scorpius could only lie back and take everything he was given helplessly, unable to hold on or even attempt to escape. But he didn't look like he wanted to, his eyes squeezed shut as shudders and moans rippled through him, this expression twisted with an agonizing ecstasy.

"A-Albus," he panted, his hips canting upward to meet each thrust, gasping weakly as his prostate was hit over and over, sending the pleasure washing over him until he was nearly incapacitated from it all. "I-I'm… I'm going t-to –" He shuddered, his body desperately trying to contort, a scream lodging itself in his throat as everything seemed to stop, for just the briefest of moments, and then start again, far too quickly for him to follow. It seemed like his body would shut down from so much stimulation all at once. Somewhere as he drifted down from his high, he felt Albus reaching his end inside of him, their bodies gradually relaxing until Albus pulled himself out and rolled onto his back beside him, shutting his eyes as he stretched his arms above his head.

"Untie me," Scorpius muttered, wiggling a little, feeling restless.

Albus didn't bother to even look at him. "Why bother? I'm not done with you yet."

Despite himself, Scorpius felt a little thrill run down his spine. And yet, he couldn't bring himself to feel any regret.

(Time skip)

Scorpius was limping when he got to school the next day. He could feel the stares of the other students. He knew he had several rather obvious hickies on his neck, in places that he would have to be wearing a scarf to be able to hide them. There were whispers.

In his first class, Scorpius slid into his desk cautiously, masking a wince, and buried himself immediately in a book from his bag, uninterested in dealing with any of the other students.


Warmth flooded his belly immediately and he looked up without thinking. "Albus?"

Lips settled over his without warning, startling him. He blinked, surprised, as Albus pulled back and grinned at him, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the entire class was now staring at them. Looking far too pleased with himself, Albus sauntered away and sat at his usual desk, leaving Scorpius to stare after him. He glanced back, feeling his stare, and sent him a little knowing wink.

Scorpius was suddenly rather ready for the end of the day.

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