I don't know what brought this up. Probably watching Nabari no Ou again at a certain 'sleepover' with a certain someone... eoe And crying my eyes out.
Also, hooray for depression! Encouraging me to write! Even though it sucks! Woo!

Disclaimer: Honestly, if I could right now, I would grab both Yoite and Miharu and shove them in my pocket and run away forever. As well as the entire series. Just in my pocket. Forever. Unfortunately, I do not own it. I do not own them. I do not own anything. Boohoo. ;3;

Yoite/Miharu. A broken promise. A broken heart. Drabble. WARNING: Character death! Dundundunnn.

They roll down your pale cheeks.
Like raindrops, they fall. Endlessly.
Glistening in the sunlight.
Though your face doesn't shine. Not even a twitch. Nothing.

I cover that empty palm of yours with mine.
It fits perfectly.
Your hand is unable to return that warmth. What warmth.
It's not there anymore, is it?

Somehow, I imagine your emerald eyes locking with mines.
Somehow, just somehow, I imagine that spark of confidence you gave me on that day.
How annoying.
I don't care if you open your eyes now and suffer the hatred, the regret, the sorrow, the anguish, the pain.
At least you would be looking at me. Just looking at me.

Now tears which were once racing down your flawless skin suddenly freeze.
You're growing cold. So very cold.
Your thin lips have been sealed shut.
Just like the rest of your body.
What have you done?

You were my only hope.
You lied to me.
You said everything would be alright. The fairy won't harm you. You said that.
Then why? Why this?

That heartbeat.
That one sound echoing through my ears which made me feel human.
I want to hear it again.
Please, just one last breath. For me. You would do anything for me, wouldn't you?
But I didn't ask for this.
Don't make it look like it's my fault.
I didn't ask for you, either. But you were there.
You always have been there.
I can't let go.
I can't.

You should know.
You have granted my wish. My desire.
Yes. This is what death really feels like.
I don't exist. Not anymore.
Because you were the only one who thought that I did.
And now you're not here.
I don't exist in a world without you.
Then why is it that you have forgotten to carry my lifelessness away with yours?
It hurts. It really hurts.

My vision is blurring.
My chest aches.
I can't move.
Your hand...was I not holding it a moment ago?

I'm supposed to come first. Not you.
But there's always a chance for second place, right?

"You promised, Miharu..."

It's about to rain again.