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1- Subtle
They banter back and forth all the time, however Artie can read the things that remain unsaid.

2- Realization
The moment she realized she couldn't lose him was the moment she did.

3- Directive
His note said not to come after him, but she couldn't help trying.

4- Zero
"Not a chance," Myka retorted, shoving the plate of cookies away from herself.

5- Shifting
Myka lost her balance as the floor tipped under her, clinging to her partner for support.

6- Smooth
Pete liked to think of himself as something of a pick-up artist, but he doubted any of his tricks would work on her.

7- Inaccuracy
She can always tell when he's leaving something out, she knows him that well.

8- Fur
He still doesn't know what she named her ferret and if Myka has her way, he never will.

9- Advocate
When they first transferred, he would have done anything to get his agent back, but seeing her now he's grateful he didn't.

10- Man
He knows that it's necessary, but that doesn't stop his fingers from itching to strangle the guy every time he checks out Myka.

11- Bullet
They're trained to take a bullet in the line of duty, and they would both willingly do so for their partner.

12- Space
They don't seem to notice how much of the time they're in contact with each other.

13- Gibberish
It sounds like complete nonsense coming out of his mouth after he accidentally tripped an Artifact, but somehow Myka still understands him.

14- Split
Exasperated with Pete's whining, Myka gives him one of her Twizzlers.

15- Midnight
It's touching, but that doesn't stop her from throwing a pillow at his head when he woke her up at 12:01 to wish her happy birthday.

16- Overlap
They began to be true partners when Artie told them both that they were in charge.

17- Stunt
"Don't do that again, alright? You had me worried" she told him, hovering over the hospital bed.

18- Set
Pete grinned and rubbed his hands together in anticipation, staring fixedly at the door that Myka was about to walk through.

19- Activating
"Pete, no!" she yelled, lunging a second too late to stop him from turning on the Artifact in his hands.

20- Effectiveness
They're both good at what they do, put them together and they do even better.

21- Combining
When you put two such strong-willed people together, it's inevitable that they'll explode in some way or another.

22- Lightning
Myka will never, ever admit it, but she jumped the first time the Tesla went off.

23- Research
He's always avoided the library, being more of a comic book guy, but somehow she manages to get him to pick up a book.

24- Staircase
It was a habit of hers to sit halfway up the stairs, so she could keep tabs on the whole house.

25- Return
The pain of her departure was nothing compared to the joy he felt when she came back.

26- Domain
Pete felt out of place among all the books, but he pressed on, determined to find his partner.

27- Museum
"Who would want to look at any of this?" he asked, pointing to an exhibit.

28- Killing
She looks into those eyes, so like Christina's, and just can't pull the trigger.

29- Familiarity
They know each other better than anyone else.

30- Costume
Myka had to fight back a laugh when Pete's face fell at the side effects of the superhero getup.

31- Outcome
They make it a point never to let arguments drag on, with this job, you never know if a mission will be your last.

32- Demonstration
He did not expect to see that when he came to the Warehouse.

33- Thick
They swore they'd always be there for each other, and they keep that promise.

34- Haste
His fingers fumbled with the ropes as he tried to get her untied, scrambling to get her free before their captor returned.

35- Laggard
Myka shook her head as her partner took off running, yelling after him that she wasn't racing.

36- Holiday
Christmas hadn't held much joy for her for a long time, but being at the Warehouse had changed all that.

37- Toasting
It was Claudia's idea to have a campfire in the backyard, for some reason Artie allowed it, and Pete fell asleep with his head on her shoulder halfway through his fourth s'more.

38- Third
Sometimes, Jinx feels like a extra wheel when he tags along on missions.

39- Confiscation
Myka found his weak point very quickly; all she needs to do is threaten to take away his cookies.

40- Reliance
He constantly found himself turning to ask a question of a person who was no longer there while she was gone.

41- Unveiling
His jaw drops when his partner walked down the stairs in that short red dress.

42- Hairdo
Myka somehow manages to keep a straight face when Pete walks in with purple hair.

43- Luck
Pete was skeptical when he found out about his new assignment, but now he thinks it's the best thing that happened to him.

44- Glowing
"Dudes, you're glowing," Claudia remarked, looking back and forth between them.

45- Disproved
"Never rule anything out" is Artie's golden rule, but she never thought it would apply to her.

46- Soothe
Pete insisted that cookies and milk helped him sleep when the occasional bought of insomnia plagued him.

47- Reverse
Her world has turned completely on its head since she was brought into the Warehouse.

48- Pool
The only bright side about being shoved into the water is that Pete gave her his jacket.

49- Escalating
Myka ran through the Warehouse, glancing back over her shoulder for her pursuer, wondering when a routine day had turned into this.

50- Confound
It makes no sense, how well they work together when they're so different.

You like? I'm going to extend each prompt into a oneshot, so more to come.