Warning: This is a magical AU, set in Marauder era. James and Lily never died. Also this story is meant to be slash (eventual R/S) so if you don't like that then please don't read.
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Songs: A Sailor's Life (which is a traditional song) and My Jolly Sailor Bold (taken from Pirates 4 and what started this whole story)
Myth and Magic note: I combined a mix of mermaid myths and other sea creature myths (such as sirens, Nixes, Ondine etc.) as well as what is canon in JK Rowling's world. This is not meant to be true to one certain myth but suited to what I wanted in a story.

Three years working for the ministry and all Sirius had to show was a monotonous, unexciting and utterly predictable life. Each word was one he hated with a passion. After dedicating his life to The Order, Sirius found he had nothing of his own. Before entering the war, he had only been a young boy at Hogwarts. Days were filled with pranks and carelessness but he couldn't return to that. James had Lily, a beautiful baby boy and a job as an Auror. His life had a straight and fulfilling path. What did Sirius have?

Once Voldemort was defeated, Sirius decided that helping to rebuild the magical community would be a worthy cause and took a rather low-level job in the ministry. When he first started, he had dreams of going to villages and towns where Death Eaters had ripped the magical community apart. There he'd give some sort of aid to those who needed it most. That dream had found its end abruptly the first day once Sirius realised he had only a desk job assessing and sorting requests for aid. As years went by and one thing led to another, Sirius had somehow charmed his way into the Committee on Experimental Charms. It was at least minutely exciting and he didn't feel utterly useless. But before he knew it, 3 years had passed and the claustrophobia he felt in his cubicle the first day only grew until he couldn't stand the slow suffocation of everyday life.

Sirius needed to get away from the disgustingly easy life he had started to find comfortable before he become completely insane. And that was why he had quit his job and bought a lovely house by the seaside.

"So you quit the ministry and bought another house?" James asked, taking a cautious sip of his butterbeer. After Sirius had signed the paperwork for his brand new home, he had owled James to tell him to meet up at the Leaky Cauldron for some big news. Unfortunately, James didn't look that thrilled with Sirius' spontaneity.


"First off, I'm going to say that you should have bought a seaside cottage in a tropical country. The tropics are always better. Second, what are you going to do for money- oh well you're rich so I suppose that's not a huge issue..."

"I'm going to do freelance work. Invention and spell creation. I've already got a good job lined up for a few broom-makers. It'll be great. I can work at home and enjoy the beach." The house was perfect. It was a rather cosy place, almost as cosy as the Potter's home in Godric's Hollow. It was a relatively modest two floored home with three bedrooms. There was more than enough room for the Potters to visit whenever they pleased and that was really all Sirius cared about when it came to guests. The house itself was near a few large cliffs and right below the back porch were paths leading to the nearby beach and his private dock. All wide-open spaces and clean sea air, which was what he needed.

"Enjoy the beach?" James said incredulously. "It's in Wales! You'll be lucky if it doesn't rain for five minutes."

"It's summer and the weather has been nice so far." Sirius defended his decision. "Besides, a little bit of rain is better than having to walk past my screaming mother for all eternity."

"What about the locals? It's Wales, Sirius. You're an English man. What makes you so sure they won't try and chase you out with torches and pitchforks?"

"Remember? Screaming hag posing as a mother? I can handle a few hostile locals. Besides, just let me spend a day in the village with Harry and they'll love me."

"Are you suggesting that you're going to use my son as social leverage?" James said in mock outrage.

"Are you suggesting you haven't been doing that since his birth?" Sirius countered.

"Hey, I can't help it if people naturally fawn over Harry. He's got my looks so it's only expected. Can only hope the next one gets my wonderful jaw line."

"Next one? Lily up the duff again?" Sirius asked, excited. He never thought he'd actually like children but once Harry came, his mind had been changed. Another godchild from the Potters would be amazing. Plus it meant a playmate for Harry, not that Harry didn't have enough of those. Still, it would be nice to have a bouncing baby around. Harry was almost five now and was becoming increasingly independent. Soon he'd be going to school in Godric's Hollow and the idea of his growing up was a little upsetting.

"Uh, well. Lily might be upset I told you but- we've been trying for the past couple of months. Nothing yet though."

"I'm sure it'll happen soon. Harry was a surprise so maybe the next one will pop up when you least expect it."

"Maybe we've both been too stressed. Lily was reading up and one book said if she's too stressed it may take longer."

"Stressed? You two should take a holiday. In fact, I think you two should take a week or so off and spend it at my new house once I get settled in. I can watch Harry a couple nights if you want some alone time. Though no shagging on anything but your designated bed. I love the both of you but don't want you soiling all my furniture."

"Despite it being in Wales that actually doesn't sound like a bad idea." James admitted. "Well besides the strict shagging rules. You're becoming stringent in your old age."

"Hey, I bought a house after looking at it once. I'd like to think I'm still a little exciting. But anyway, just come over and you can see for yourself how wonderful the place is."

"Why don't you accompany me on my way home and we can tell Lily the news?"

James may have feigned agitation over Sirius buying a home in Wales but Lily was delighted at the news. The offer to stay there for a week or so was taken up with enthusiasm and Lily brought out her planner so she could figure out when it would be best for her to take some time off. But when she mentioned something about ovulating, Sirius decided that would be the best time to go check on Harry. He came back a little later to find Lily and James had agreed on a suitable date for next month and would be staying for week and a half.

So all that meant was Sirius now had to actually move into the place. In hindsight, buying a house on a whim wasn't the best of ideas. It wasn't that he didn't like it after another walk through; it was that there were a number of things that needed fixing. The pipes were leaky and the garden was a little overrun. The master bathroom needed to be retiled and the kitchen faucet made an odd noise every time it was turned on. But Sirius was optimistic and only saw this as a chance to renovate the house so it fit his tastes more. Renovations mixed with having to start work on the new broom meant Sirius was exhausted every night but slept rather well.

There was only so much magic could fix but Sirius already knew that from his time working on his flying motorbike, that he enjoyed fixing things with his hands the muggle way. It was also a nice way to get to know some of the people in the nearby village. While it was small, it actually had a well-stocked hardware store. The men in the store took to Sirius because he actually was interested in their advice and stories and the women in the village warmed up once he gave them a well-placed smile.

Within a month, Sirius had finished up fixing the actual house and was almost done with the garden. The house looked much better than before and Sirius practically had a brand new bathroom with a huge tub, almost all new flooring, no leaky pipes and a new study with a fireplace. It felt like home. More than his London flat or the Black Manor ever really did.

It was also becoming apparent that he had made a good impression in the village, as every so often someone would be knocking on his door to give him a bit of company or handing him a dish they had made to welcome him into the community. The slew of visitors made him realise he needed to be more cautious about magic and his next major job was to make the garden shed larger and turn it into his little workshop with spells around it to distract muggles from peaking in. Having to be a little more careful with spells was just a little issue in comparison to how welcomed and at home he felt.

"Sirius, are we gonna see mummy?" Asked Harry after Sirius had finished putting little bits and bobs in Harry's old nappy bag, which Lily had conveniently placed an undetectable extension charm on. Most of Harry's things had already been taken to Wales when Lily and James left just to keep things a little easier for Sirius. All they needed to bring was Harry's favourite toys and toiletries. Putting the bag on his shoulder, Sirius turned back to the boy and smiled before picking him up.

"Yep. Daddy too. And you're going to play by the beach and if you're really good, maybe go on a boat." Sirius said, enjoying the huge smile from Harry. After a quick chat via floo just to make sure Lily and James were dressed, the two stepped into the fireplace and soon were standing in the new house.

"Mummy! Daddy!" Cheered Harry the moment he noticed his parents. They both gave the little boy huge hugs and kisses before Lily wiped the soot off his face.

"All right Sirus, I'll admit it. You've got a nice place here. Locals are friendly too." James smiled. "Though you're apparently overrun with handsome mermen."

"Oh will you be quiet already?" Begged Lily as she went to work dusting soot off of Harry's shirt. "I should have never told you what happened."

"You saw a merman then?" Sirius asked genuinely surprised. He didn't think there were merpeople in the area or if there were that they would actually go near a human dwelling.

"James, why don't you fix Harry a snack?" Suggested Lily, obviously not wanting to explain this to Harry. As James picked up Harry and moved towards the kitchen, the little boy whined.

"But I want to hear about the merman too!"

"I'll tell you all about your mother's hallucinations while I make you a sandwich."

"Daddy what's a halanuciation?"

"This not appropriate for younger audiences?" Sirius wondered once Harry was out of earshot.

"I didn't want Harry to get any ideas about adventuring outside at night to try and find him. You know how he is."

"Yeah, I suppose you can blame James for Harry's sense of irresponsible adventure."

"I blame you as well but enough of that. James doesn't believe I saw a merman but I know what I saw and heard. Do you know of a mercolony near here?"

"No. I haven't heard of any myths from villagers either." Stated Sirius, hoping to deter Lily from going on a journey to find some mercolony. Even though she claimed Harry's sense of curious adventure was inherited from James, Lily was extremely inquisitive and fascinated by all things new and magical. If her interest was peaked enough, she would do all she could to find out more about this merman and any nearby colony just because she wanted to know. Sirius needed to pick his words carefully.

"But do you believe me when I say I saw a merman? James insists I was dreaming it all."

"Well, what happened?"

"Okay so it was the other night. I was up late- you know how James is. Has to take a nap after a shag. He's got no stamina at all that one."

"Yeah, thanks for that. I'm just glad Harry wasn't here to hear it. May be a bit scarring to the boy you know?"

"Just listen," Lily rolled her eyes and shoved Sirius lightly. She had a habit of telling or asking Sirius things of a certain sexual nature that made him somewhat uncomfortable. Really, Sirius did not want to be the one to suggest to his best mate that a certain potion might improve the sex life of his wife.

"Now, I was up late the other night and I heard this singing. It was coming from the shore and I don't know why but I got up to follow it. At first, I couldn't really make out much. I just knew it was incredibly heart breaking and I couldn't stop thinking about all those horrible things from the war and old, stupid fights with family. It, it was like being near a dementor except it wasn't cold or draining. I just felt so sad. Then when I got closer, I realised that some man was singing in some language I couldn't place. I didn't understand any of it but it was still one of the saddest things I ever heard. Well, I followed it down near that rocky patch off the path to the docks when I saw him. It was a merman sitting on a rock and he was just singing. He, he had a huge orange fin and blonde hair. I didn't see his face until he turned around and noticed me. Once he realised I was there he dove back into the water and swam off."

Sirius took a moment to process Lily's story. If he were going to believe the fact that there was a merman swimming about, the one sighting he'd believe would be from Lily. Thinking back to his latest nights at the house though, there was something that gnawed at him.

"Before I went over to watch Harry...there had been a night when I woke up and thought I heard singing. But I just assumed it was some trick of the wind because it stopped once I got my senses straight."

"So there is a merman!" Lily said triumphantly as she went over to pick up a book lying on a chair. As she started to flip through the book, she continued. "It's strange though. You would think there'd only be selkies or merrows around these parts. Sirens are supposed to be specific to Greece. Those are really the only known race of merpeople whose singing has a lot of sway over people's senses and that actually look half human. Maybe it's a Nix that got swept out to sea from the Rhine river? Either way I never thought that there'd be a colony of them near here. Though him being so close to the shore is rather odd given how antisocial they can be."

"Water Beasts: Fact Through Fable?" Sirius read off the cover of the book with a raised eyebrow. Out of all the books he had taken from the Black Manor (really the only thing he took from that hellhole) or collected over the past few years, Sirius was sure he didn't own that one.

"Yes...I quickly floo'd to Flourish and Blotts this morning and bought it."

"No wonder James has been giving you a hard time about this. You're completely obsessed."

"Hence my worry." James said, entering the living room again. Noticing that Harry wasn't following, Sirius assumed the little boy was seated with a sandwich at the kitchen table.

"You're just upset I called him handsome."

"My wife is having dreams about handsome mermen. That's a fantasy I can't fulfill."

"Handsome huh?" Sirius raised his brow, suddenly amused at this whole situation.

"Well he was. Blonde, his arms and chest were rather muscular. Lovely bone structure. Face of a man any mother would love to have her daughter bring home."

"But not the legs. I'm starting to wonder if you just have a pervert swimming around these waters." James stated. "Now, it's a lovely day so why don't we all join Harry in the kitchen for a nice lunch. If you really want Lily I can go fishing and maybe I'll catch a merman for you."

That was the last time they mentioned merpeople for the next few days. They were quite lucky as the weather had been pretty good so far. Much of the day was spent on the beach, fishing off the dock or mingling in the muggle village. Just as Sirius had suspected, Harry was a huge favourite among the villagers. Though for Lily and James, their favourite part of going into town was to watch the women flirt with Sirius. Ages ranged from teens to elderly. Sirius' charm was undeniable. A few of the men seemed a little put off by his popularity but once it was obvious he wasn't interested in any of the women, they warmed up again. Though nothing seemed to deter the flirts.

"You know, you're about as popular here with the ladies as you were back in Hogwarts." James observed when he and Sirius took a bottle of fire whiskey out to the dock. They sat with their bare feet dangling in the water, looking up at the starry night sky.

"Well I'm about as talented deterring them now as I was then." Mused Sirius.

"Hey, you get free food out of it and this time you can be sure they didn't put in any amortentia in any of it."

"Yeah. Be nice to find a bloke up for it though." Sirius admitted. The comment earned him a reassuring pat from James and they feel into a comfortable silence. Lily was reading Harry a bedtime story so she probably wouldn't be out till a little later. Once she appeared, Sirius would go back in to give the couple a little more alone time as well as just be there if Harry happened to wake up.

"So, how do you like your new life so far?" James broke the silence and Sirius had to think before he answered.

"It's nice. I like freelancing. Even if working for the Ministry was boring at least I meant a lot of possible clients through it so I'm set on that. Everything is new though, which is exciting. Still a little disappointed I have to admit."

"What about?"

"Not about this all but just about after the war. You know, I wanted to help people. In The Order, we were working towards a cause. What am I doing now? Sure I enjoy making up spells and such, but what am I working towards? You've got a growing family and that's sort of a goal. Raising Harry and whatever sprogs you get next."

"What's it all about is essentially what you're asking." James said with a smile. "That's something you got to work out on your own. I mean, you could always take up another job at the ministry working for rights or something but we've all ready seen that fall through. You've got heart mate, but can't work the system worth shite." James earned a chuckle from Sirius.

"Maybe I should just take my motorbike and fly around the country for a bit."

"You just need something or someone to put your life back into perspective. A nice bloke maybe? You're restless." Suggested James and Sirius had to admit he had a point. What Sirius needed was something to put his life into perspective. He needed something to turn his attention to. Now the only problem was finding it.

At 2 am, Sirius woke with a start. His throat was a little scratchy and his mouth dry. Rubbing his eyes, Sirius decided to go down for a glass of water when he heard a voice.

Well, there's four and twenty all in a row
My true love he makes the finest show

Out by the shore, there was the distinct singing of a man. Sorrow drenched his every word.

He's proper tall, genteel withal
And if I don't have him, I'll have none at all

Sirius wasn't sleepy anymore. Not bothering to put on a pair of shoes, he made his way down to the rocky sea line. As he drew closer, the singing became louder. It started to muddle Sirius' brain and he had to work hard to keep his thoughts coherent. There was something about the voice that was so mesmerising yet filled him with melancholy. Some of the saddest memories filled Sirius' mind- all those miserable nights locked in his room at the Black Manor, Regulus refusing to acknowledge him, how guilty he felt when he played that prank on Peter that time in 5th year and how Peter said he had forgiven Sirius when he hadn't. Peter's betrayal and the night Sirius thought the Potters had been killed. Regulus' funeral. His mother's final words to him- blaming him for Regulus' death. How all of it was Sirius' fault. Then his bitter loneliness swelled up. Work was all Sirius wanted to do because it meant he didn't have to reflect on how utterly lonely he was.

All he had were the Potters but what he wanted was someone to share nights with. It all blew up in his face in every time he tried because Sirius wanted someone special. He deserved someone special but no one had been enough for him. It just wasn't fair because he would find one tiny thing he didn't like about someone and obsess about it until he couldn't stand them. And it was his fault he did this because he was such a self-entitled little shit. So he tried to not think about it. He wanted to run away from it all. Run away from London where all those sad nights had been spent alone. And now he had thoughts about running away from his new home.

It all started to race through his head and weighed down his heart. A sob found its way into Sirius' throat. The voice conjured some of his worst memories and for some reason, he still wanted to listen to it. That's all he wanted to do. Wanted to feel the pain and sorrow and let it wash over him in an odd fit of masochism.

Once Sirius reached the rocks, the voice stopped. He blinked a few times and shook his head in an attempt to clear his mind. Cold water from the waves washed up onto the rough boulder he was standing on, making a shiver run up his spin and reminding him he had no shoes on. From what Sirius could see there was no one. A little peeved and thinking a little more clearly at what had happened, Sirius growled.

"Oi! I don't know who you are but you better not come back. I don't take well to perverts swimming around naked by my property." He shouted to no one in particular. Suddenly, a splash to his right caught his attention but when he turned to it, he saw nothing.

"I won't tell you again, you mess with me and I'll hex the bullocks off of you."

Grumbling all the way back to the house, Sirius decided to grab his wand and start casting more protection spells, just in case.

The next morning, Sirius woke up a little grumpier than usual though that should be expected if one had been out the night before shouting at imaginary naked perverts. When he went down to the kitchen, James and Lily who were cooking a rather large breakfast consisting of waffles, bacon and eggs, greeted him. Sirius suddenly remembered the Potters had decided to extend their visit and the day suddenly got a little brighter.

"Morning Sirius. Did you hear if Harry was up last night or not?" Lily asked once Sirius walked through the door.

"No, why?" Sirius hoped Harry hadn't watched him shouting to the water last night. It was silly of him to. There probably wasn't someone swimming nude in the often dangerous and rocky waters but whiskey was never one to help Sirius rationalise these sorts of things.

"No real reason. Just, Harry's been sleeping in later than usual and taking longer naps this week. I thought maybe he's been up a little late or something of the sort."

"I think he's just tired from all the outdoor play here. He's been more active than he usually is Lily. You're just worried about nothing." Insisted James.

"Call it a woman's intuition, James. A mother knows these sort of things." Countered Lily confidently, causing James to roll his eyes towards Sirius. Just then, Harry walked into the kitchen, rubbing at his eyes.

"Morning mummy, daddy, Sirius." He said, crawling up into a chair as a waffle was placed before him and he happily dug in.

"Harry darling, you've been tired this week. Have you been up late after we tuck you in? Are you having problems sleeping?" Lily asked gently, running a soft hand through Harry's messy hair.

"No." Harry answered. James smiled triumphantly, only to have it turn into a large frown. "Only I wake up sometimes and go visit my friend."

"Friend?" All three adults asked at the same time.

"You mean like Mikey?" Lily asked, referring to an imaginary friend that Harry had made up once.

"No, I go down to the water and talk to my new friend. He's called Remus. He tells me nice stories and sings nice." Not seeing anything wrong what his explanation, Harry went back to his food but the rest of the group felt sick to their stomachs. So there was a pervert and he had been luring Harry out to the water?

"Harry, how did you meet Remus?" James pressed; he was gripping the counter so hard his knuckles were white.

"I woke up and I heard him singing. I know you and mum tell me not to go down to the water alone but he sounded so sad and I took one of my toys to cheer him up. He liked it and started telling me all these exciting stories about all the animals in the ocean. Remus is really good at swimming so even if I did fall he'd save me."

"Your new friend Harry, he doesn't happen to have a fish tail instead of legs?" Lily tried.

"Yep. He's said he used to live near an island called Mee-coonos." Harry said, trying to pronounce the name the same way as his new fishy friend but not quite getting it.

"Harry, I don't want you going down at night to talk to this Remus anymore. We've told you before to never talk to strangers." James said sternly, causing Harry to frown.

"But he's real nice! He's just lonely. He's lost his whole family. He just wants someone to tell stories too. Maybe if you meet him I can still talk to him?"

"Absolutely not!" James ended the conversation and Harry's bottom lip started to wobble. It might have seemed harsh to Harry but James' fears had been founded in sense. The fact that Harry's nighttime friend was a magical beast made things a lot worse than if he was a human. There wasn't much known about merpeople but a lot of what was known wasn't good. Somewhere down the line, fact may have turned into old wives tales but there had to be some truth in them. Children were always told to keep away from merpeople of all races. They were cruel, conniving, war obsessed and violent. In fact, that book Lily bought even said that it's most likely unsafe to be near a merperson if you were alone.

The rest of breakfast was eaten in silence and Harry refused seconds before running back to his room. From that point onwards, all talk of merman had ceased. James had seen to that. While Lily would sometimes look through her book, she also decided it would be good to keep quiet even if her curiosity told her otherwise. Right now, all that mattered was Harry's safety.

On the other hand, someone had started leaving strange 'gifts' on Sirius' dock. At least Sirius assumed they were gifts. He had done standard, as well as advanced, spells to detect any dark magic or general malevolent tampering and every time found nothing wrong.

After Harry had decided it was better to at least sulk outside, he had alerted Sirius of a pair of gloves on the dock. They were made of tiny beautiful blue scales and in the sunlight looked and moved like water in his palms. After not detecting any tampering and being urged by Harry, Sirius put them on and was surprised to find they fit his hands perfectly as well as feeling like a second skin. Light as air, the gloves didn't seem to take any physical or magical harm. Within a few hours of scouring Sirius' library, Lily discovered that some stranger had left him a pair of hippocampus scale gloves. An item so rare that some even denied the existence. Who would ever leave them on a dock was either very absentminded or had done it on purpose.

The gifts didn't end there. To Sirius' surprise, a large basket of mussels and clams were left for him. Again, all the precautions had been taken to ensure they were safe and the molluscs had made a rather good dinner. What had been strange about the basket though was that it appeared to be woven out of tightly braided and sun dried kelp.

The next day, Sirius woke up early and found another item on his dock- about two handfuls of loose pearls. His list steadily grew as he found rare fish, flowers, what appeared to be old, ocean beat gold coins, lobsters, a metal candle holder and even a polished sword James had insisted dated back from the 1800s. While the gifts were rather nice, Sirius didn't understand why every morning and some afternoons he would find something new and exciting on his dock. Though, at times, Sirius thought he saw a mischievous smile on Harry's face whenever the gifts were discussed but as soon as it appeared, it vanished.

Eventually, Sirius just accepted the fact that some stranger was leaving him presents. They didn't seem to be cursed though Sirius wasn't about to let his guard down on that matter. Besides, Lily loved the pearls and James was having fun fighting tall plants with the sword. Dinners had become quite the occasion now and even though Sirius didn't want to admit it, the gloves were something he didn't think he could ever pay someone back for. When he had time to add more to his new 'workshop', Sirius decided to wear the gloves and they worked a charm. He even used them when doing a bit of last minute tinkering for the first racing broom model and they had protected his hands from a misjudged spell. There wasn't even a singe or scratch on them. Though every so often Sirius found he needed to let them soak in some ocean water.

A day before the Potters were due to return back to Godric's Hollow and general everyday life, Lily took Harry out for a final day in the village to say good bye to some of the villagers who had taken especially well to Harry. The pair came back with quite a few gifts and so it seemed the trip would end on a rather giving note.

"Have you figured out something to give back to all the villagers? They've been so kind to all of us, I think you need to find little somethings to say thanks." Lily said, sitting on the dock, watching the sunset as well as keeping an eye on Harry.

"Yeah, they're good people here. Even if they are Welsh." Joined James.

"I'm not sure what to give them. Though I am thankful. Maybe if my secret friend continues to bestow me with grand presents, I can start handing them out to the public."

"Mummy! Give Sirius the necklace!" Harry suddenly said, attention drawn away from a carved soldier an older villager had made for him.

"Necklace? Lily you shouldn't have. Though I hope it matches my eyes." Joked Sirius, garnering a 'will you shut up?' look from Lily.

"Harry saw this necklace at one of the shops we stopped in and thought it would be lovely if you gave your new friend a present as they had given you so much already. I thought it was a nice idea and this way, if you find someone wearing it, you know who they are." Explained Lily and Sirius actually thought it was a good idea. But Lily was full of them so maybe it shouldn't have been so surprising. Pulling a silver chain out of her pocket, Lily lifted up the necklace so Sirius was staring at a beautiful fire opal. Taking it into his hand where it fit snugly, Sirius turned the necklace around so that light caught the different freckles of colour within the stone.

"Whoever gives you presents is sure to like it." Harry said confidently, a playful smile tugged at his lips. That night, Sirius left the necklace sitting at the edge of the dock. The next morning, it was gone but there was no present left in its place, making Sirius wonder if it had somehow fallen off or if the stranger was so offended they decided to stop leaving things. Either way, the Potters left in a slew of hugs and promises to visit again soon and Sirius got back to work on his shed.

The extension of it wasn't all that complicated and had been finished during the Potter's visit but there was still the inside he needed to work on. Tilling, polishing and shelving had taken up most of his day and were wonderful distractions. While it wasn't finished, enough of his workshop was done so that he could start moving some items in. One of them being his motorbike. He had made a corner especially reserved for all things motorbikes. With a few spells, Sirius was confidant enough that most ricocheting magic wouldn't harm it.

By sunset, Sirius was cleaned up and enjoying dinner. Within in hour, he had trudged up to bed to rest his tired body. In the moments before sleep took him, he thought about all the things he still needed to do to fix up his workshop.

1:21 AM

Come all you pretty pair maids
Whoever you may be,
Who love a jolly sailor bold
That ploughs the raging sea

With a start, Sirius woke up and sat up suddenly. He didn't remember if he had woken up from a dream or not but his mind was muddled and his stomach had butterflies raging around, causing a hurricane. Pounding heart and a familiar ache- Sirius knew this feeling.


It must have been a dream he woke up from. Though he didn't recall anything at all. Not sliding bodies or crushing lips. Nothing of the usual sort anyway. Suddenly, a clear voice sang out, bewildering Sirius even more.

While up aloft, in storm or gale
From me his absence mourn
And firmly pray, arrive the day
He home will safe return

That voice. He had to get closer to it. To see who was singing. Every muscle and bone of his had to get closer or he'd explode. Clad only in flannel bottoms, Sirius rushed downstairs and out of the house. The closer he got to the voice, the more frantic he become. His familiar ache quickly became an uncontrollable burn and all that filled his mind was that beautiful song.

At the rocky sea edge that he had wondered to a couple weeks earlier, Sirius finally found his tormentor. Sitting on one of the larger rocks, was a merman. Where there should have been legs was a large orange fin that caught flashes of the moon's glare in gold and green tones. But that wasn't what caught Sirius' breath. Just below the waist up was the most beautiful man Sirius had ever seen. A toned stomach, strong arms, pale, soft skin and golden eyes and hair. Hanging around his slender neck was the necklace Sirius had left on the dock. The fire opal shone like the orange scales in the moonlight. Completely ignoring the cold, Sirius just walked into the water, fighting the current in order to reach the singing beauty.

Pink lips that Sirius just wanted to suck continued to caress his ears with song.

My heart is pierced by cupid
I disdain all glittering gold
There is nothing can console me
But my jolly sailor bold

Once Sirius was close enough, he ran a gentle hand up the scales and felt a shiver of excitement rush through his spin. The hand continued up the merman's stomach to his chest, stopping to outline the fire opal until it was tangled in the blonde hair. Sirius felt that he would die if he didn't kiss the soft, lush lips. So he did.

Before he knew it, tongues were exploring new mouths and a pair of arms wrapped around Sirius' neck. Sirius' free hand found its way down to the mermans' hip and they continued to wrestle with the other's tongues. Although he didn't want to stop for air, Sirius pulled away when he felt the scales under his fingers become smooth skin. A glance down became a long stare as Sirius saw the large fin had turned into legs and a rather impressive package in between. The merman now was also taking a look at his new limbs, giving his toes an experimental wiggle before smiling. He wrapped his legs around Sirius and tightened his arms that were still around Sirius' neck. Staring intently into Sirius' eyes, the merman started to sing again.

My heart is pierced by cupid
I disdain all glittering gold
There is nothing can console me
But you, my sailor bold.

And then Sirius was lost. Merman still clinging to him, Sirius staggered back home, euphoria filling his every nerve ending.