Summary: To most, they thought he was her boyfriend. To her, he was just a toyfriend. Someone she played with then threw away when she was bored. Until... they weren't. Really, who would have thought attempted murder would cause so much trouble?

Chapter 1: Couldn't Say

She couldn't say why she did what she did. Most thought she was innocent, well, as innocent as a twenty year old college student could be. It was her third year at Tokyo University and she had grown out of her shell since she started, she had stopped being the goody-goody she was known as in high school. Of course, she still got good grades—just not straight As. She had more friends than in high school—just not as many great ones. She still had boyfriends—just did more with them.

College was time to try things out, switch personalities, clothing styles, sexual positions, and whatnot so that she could know what she wanted once she was done. Once she was ready to be an adult. She knew that at twenty people considered her one, but really, if more adults knew what most twenty year olds were up to then they really would have reconsidered that.

Inuyasha. A guy she had been seeing for almost a month now, they did things with each other, some would think they were dating. But she didn't think of him like her boyfriend. They made out some, got frisky every once and a while, but hadn't had full on sex yet. He was more like a toy, something she could play with when she wanted to and threw to the side when she didn't.

If he minded, he didn't ever say so.

It was more interesting to her that he wasn't a college student, that there was an age difference between them greater than any other guy she had been with. Five years, to be exact. Moreover, she knew nearly nothing about him but the basics and what movies he liked and food. Thrillers, horror flicks, and actions films were some of his favorites. Ramen, most meats, and a good beer were always acceptable to him.

Chance was what introduced the two, she was out at a club with her friends, he was there with a couple of his, and it was simple from there. He came up and started to flirt with her, she thought he was handsome and gave him her number. A couple days she got a call from him.

She wasn't sure if he thought they were dating, since they never addressed the point but she assumed he didn't. He probably wasn't looking for something long term, just like she wasn't.

Twenty was too young for someone to meet the one. How her friends giddily spoke about that. How eager they were to find the one, the man that they'd live happily ever after with. She knew the truth, the one they choose to ignore.

There was no such thing as soul mates. There was not just one person out there for someone. There were plenty, it just depended how hard one wished to work to make a relationship function.

And at twenty, she didn't care to work that hard.

From this, one might think Higurashi Kagome sounded apathetic but nothing could be far from the truth. She was a joyful, outgoing, overtly friendly, cute college girl who knew tragedy but liked to look on the brighter side of things.

Well... for the most part she was like that. Until things changed.

Very little ever stayed the same, she just hadn't learned that yet.


An apartment party was the backdrop to another meet up between the two, the raven haired man with his ebony waved girlfriend. Correction, friend with mild benefits that happened to be a girl. At least, that's what Higurashi Kagome considered herself. She laughed, danced, and did everything else that was typical for her. Even though it was a party he found with mostly people that he knew, she was completely comfortable.

Inuyasha had learned quickly that she liked to meet new people, he stopped being insulted a long while ago when he saw her trading numbers with other people since he saw her doing it more often with girls than guys. Though, if she was in to that type of thing he would have found it hot. Most likely, he'd encourage such interaction instead of anything else.

None of it really mattered, since at the end of the night her lips were on his. Her tongue would tangle with his, her teeth tugged on his lips, then there would be that subtle suck she gave that granted him a fine amount of pleasure. She was a little tease, always taking it just a bit further each time they started up.

First, he only got a light series of kisses.

Second, he only got to taste her tongue.

Third, he only was allowed to feel her fully clothed body while their kisses deepened slightly and lasted longer.

Fourth, he only got to take off her shirt.

Fifth, he got to feel up her breasts more.

Six, he was allowed to remove her pants.

Seventh, their bodies rubbed against each other.

Eighth, her bra was off.

Ninth, her panties were gone and some deeper action with his hands.

Now... the tenth time, he was sure he would get to have sex with her. That's why he was eager to get her out of the apartment and back to his place. But she didn't want to, she'd kiss him some more when he offered it, then pressed her body tighter against his yet... she'd always pull away and wag her finger at him with a smile before going back to partying. He couldn't let her drink too much, since he felt she wouldn't let him go all the way if she was drunk.

Not that she ever got there, she'd drink some now and then but he had never seen her drunk. Then again, he had only known her a month.

"Please can we leave?" he asked, winning her attention totally for that. She rarely ever heard him use the word 'please'. She pouted some but in the end, he won, and they were going out the door. By the time they were at his, he was fumbling to get the key in the lock.

He had only things on his mind, like the way she wrapped her arm around his body and nibbled his ear. When they were in he slammed the door and threw his keys to the floor to pull her to him and close the gap between their lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck before he picked her up to take her to his bedroom. She was no stranger to the area in his apartment.

His very nice apartment... she did wonder what he did for a living to get that, especially in the nice part of Tokyo it was in.

He had planned to plop her down on the bed but instead she dropped her feet to the ground and turned around to push him onto his back, a grin on her smile since she could tell from the awe on his face that she had taken him by surprise. Her actions that followed made it forgivable, since she unzipped her blue dress and it let it follow to her ankles.

"Take your shirt off," she ordered rather than requested.

"A'right," he was fine with that. So he yanked it off and stood up to undo his pants and let them fall to the ground. Her bra was the next thing to fall, he unsnapped it with ease before lowering her back down onto his bed. Her body arched to his touch, the feel of his breath on her skin, it equaled what he felt as her hands moved up and down his body.

It wasn't an unknown sensation to her, the way his hand found its way up her inner thighs to her already throbbing area. Nor the way he caressed her there, but he just did it far better than anyone else she's had. She didn't restrain herself in the least, she let out her moans and moved her hips along with his rhythm.

It was apparent she wanted more, and this time she wasn't about to stop him. He was more than happy to oblige, since he felt the exact same way. She didn't have to confirm it aloud to him. That's what she liked about their relationship.

A grin took his lips as he promptly pushed his way into her. With each of his thrusts she gasped and gripped him tighter. Then he spun his hips to twirl his efforts within her and the pleasure intensified. Something he figured out in that moment that he simply loved about her was how tight she was, she wasn't virgin tight but good enough. It was a blissful delight.

That night, he knew she wouldn't be finding her way back to the dorms.