Chapter 30: Never Worked Out

Things never worked out like they had planned. They hadn't thought that they'd get married so quickly. At first, they never even thought that they'd be more than mere toyfriends… then they were. And they sure as hell did not think that after only three years of knowing each other they would be parents but… that was what happened.

And they were both happy with the outcome regardless if that wasn't how they had planned things or not. It took almost a week to get the paternity test back to discover that what she had been praying and hoping for - Inuyasha was the father.

When she went to his office to tell him what the doctor had called to tell her she had expected a different reaction than the one she received.

"Told you so," he declared nonchalantly.

"You did not!" she snapped while she folded her arms to stare him down.

"Yeah I did," he countered, "that thing with Bankotsu happened once. We'd been having sex for ages, multiple times, obviously it's more likely that I knocked you up."

"Don't say it like that," Kagome complained with a frown. She did ever so hate that phrased, 'knocked up' made it sound like an accident, like a mistake, and while it might not have been planned she didn't want to think of their child as a mistake. And, really, she didn't want Inuyasha thinking like that other.

So she changed the subject by saying, "At least that's one less thing for us to worry about, huh?"

"It's always great to at least get one thing knocked off of a long list," he replied which only earned him another dull stare. "I'm kidding, Kagome."

"Not funny," she muttered as she walked around his desk, he parted his arms for her to be able to sit down in his lap then lean her head against his shoulder as she shut her eyes. The list wasn't that long anymore, at least she didn't think so. They had talked about things, forgiven each other for their grievances and problems. There was no point in focusing in the past when they had such an important thing in the future to look forward to.

Which meant they had to figure some things out first, "So, what do we do now?"

"Obviously, you move back home," he asserted which got her to sit up straight to look at him weirdly. Wasn't that the logical thing to do? Have his wife, his wife pregnant with his child, move back in with him? Why did that seem to spark a strange look in return? "What? I think that's obviously the next logical step."

"But… I was thinking that I would move in with you, not back in with my mother," she answered with a bit of a pout as she raised her hand to cup his cheek. "Though, as nice of a place your apartment is… it's also just a one bedroom."

"You are stupid," he stated, as kindly as he could, yet again he got another cruel stare from her. "When I said home, I meant with me. Not with your parents. I'm your husband, I'm your baby's father, so home is with me. Not with your mom."

"Oh," she hummed before resting her head against his shoulder once more. That sounded perfect and ever so right. Obviously home was with him now, how could she have thought otherwise? She really liked the thought of that, too. "No need to be mean about it, Inuyasha… but, seriously, about your apartment, it's not big enough for three. We will need to find another place… would you be alright with moving? "

"I like my apartment," he muttered rather bitterly. Now things weren't about him and his likes, he had to think about his unborn child and what it would need. The most basic of those needs was a place to stay and Kagome was right in that regards, they would need at least one other room to house their child. "But you're right. We'll need a bigger place. We'll get a house, maybe in the suburbs instead of in the city. You want to raise your children away from the city, right?"

"You remember that?" she inquired with a smile, she had only said it that one time when they were away at Kikyou's wedding.

"I pay attention more than you might think."

"I would like that," she assured him as she wrapped her arms around his neck before leaning in to kiss him briefly. "A house sounds nice… would you be alright with not living in the city anymore? With commuting to work?"

"Yeah, sure," he responded with a small shrug of his shoulders. "I've been living in central Tokyo for ages now. I wouldn't mind move elsewhere… I could always keep my apartment, too, just in case I needed to stay overnight for work."

"I suppose you could do that," if that was what he wanted she was going to hardly stop him. It surprised her how well he was handling the situation. She had expected him to be less… mature, less understand, less supportive. She didn't know why, probably because he had always said he didn't want children, but that was what she had anticipated. She was very grateful that she was wrong.

And even more grateful, an immeasurable amount so, that her child would be Inuyasha's, too.

"So… how are we going to tell people?"

"Miroku already knows," Inuyasha confessed.

"That's fine, which probably means Sango knows. We can go to dinner at my mother's and tell her then, not that I'm in a rush to do that," she mumbled the end mostly to herself.

"You think she's not going to handle finding out she's going to be a grandma well?"

"No, I think she'll be happy to find out she'll be a grandma," after all, most mothers dreamed of that happening someday. Her mom was no exception to that rule. "I think that she's going to be very surprised to hear it happened so soon… and then I can't very well tell her 'oh we meant to do this' when we didn't. Do you want to tell your dad together or-?"

"Oh, fuck," he grumbled as he leaned his head back, "I didn't even think about that… we are going to have to tell him, aren't we?"

"Well, obviously, it's not like we can hide that I'm pregnant from him for that long… do you think he'll be upset or something?"

"No," he muttered, the very opposite, he knew his father would be very happy to hear he was finally going to be a grandfather. He had been bothering Inuyasha for ages to give him an heir so that their family blood could be carried on. He would hardly care whether it was on purpose or not, either, since he had admitted multiple times that both Sesshomaru and him were accidents. He hadn't intended on having either of them. Happy accidents, he assured them, but accidents all the same.

"Perhaps you should try to get over your issues with your dad," Kagome purposed with a taunting smile. She knew how he hated to hear that, how he detested it when people stuck their noses in his relationship with his father, so the glare he gave her was to be expected. It wasn't until he saw the way she was smiling that he realized she was joking.

"Not funny," he claimed. "How about we don't tell anyone for a while. It doesn't matter if we wait another week, right?"

She shook her head lightly, "no, it doesn't matter. It's our thing to tell people, we should do it whenever we both feel comfortable."

"Great," Inuyasha replied. They were already the main topic of Gami gossip because of their up and down relationship. At first they were just messing around, then something more, then off, then on, then married, then on the brink of divorce and now everyone was ever so curious as to what they did to change that. Why the two seemed to be perfectly fine again, once it was announced that Kagome was with child it would make sense to people but… Inuyasha didn't want everyone to think that was the only reason they were back together. He was certain even if she wasn't that they would have worked things out.

They did, after all, love each other regardless of everything they had been through.

"So this weekend I think we should leave the city. Just the two of us. We could go to my family's place in Nikko, it's quiet, we can spend some alone time together. I think we need that."

"I'd like that a lot," Kagome replied with a bright smile as she leaned forward to press her lips to his. "Nikko is nice, I like it a lot."

"Then it's set, we'll leave Friday night."


Setagaya was right outside of central Tokyo that held an upscale residential area. It was the place the found, after a couple months of searching, their perfect home. It had anything that they might need, shopping, parks, a good primary school, and was quieter than central. The house was bigger than three needed, but Kagome always knew Inuyasha preferred to have more than less.

"In case we ever decide to have another, we won't have to move," Inuyasha once proposed, to her great surprise. They hadn't even had their first and he was already open to the idea of others? That had to be a good sign.

Any rockiness that inhibited the relationship before was cast aside. For the most part, their issues were small things that looked even smaller in comparison to the bigger picture. They were going to be parents. They were going to have a child.

The large problems that they had were forgiven - her grievance with being forced into the marriage. After all, then she was happy to be married to him. Happy to be with him, the father of her child. He no longer held any grudge towards what happened when she was tainted.

Their marriage wasn't perfect, there was no such thing as perfect, but it was as good as it could be. Sometimes his living habits would annoy her, sometimes hers would bother him, but that was normal. That was something they could get over.

Particularly when they finally became parents.

"She's so perfect," Kagome declared as she held her daughter in her arms for the first time at the hospital. She had never thought… that she could feel so whole, so content, so instantly. As soon as she saw her, as soon as she held her, she felt all those things in a flash. A beautiful flash.

Her eyes were already open, revealing she had the golden gaze of her father. Just like she had hoped, they were so pretty, so adored them and wanted their child to share the feature. She already had silver tuffs of hair on her head and her fingernails already seemed to be pointed. With time they would harden into claws.

"Yeah, she is," Inuyasha assured her as he sat down on the edge of the bed to look over the both of him. His two girls, his wife and daughter, the two most important people in the world to him. Kagome had been that for a while, it wasn't some sudden change, but… just like that, in a click, in a flash, as soon as he saw his daughter - as soon as he took a whiff of the scent that was half hers half his - he felt some hit him.

She was his daughter. His in a way nothing else had ever been his before… he wouldn't mess this up, like he always feared he would if he became a parent. He wouldn't make his father's mistakes. He'd be there for her, for them, forever.

Things might have never worked out like they had originally planned but he was more than happy with the results. Just like his wife was equally as content. Through a hell of a lot of drama, annoyances, and ups and downs they had found a way to stay together. To hold on to one another… to make something so perfect together.

A life. One they would cherish, one that would become the center of theirs. Somehow, things tended to end up better for them when nothing went according to plan.

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