He Feeds Among the Lilies

by SqueakyZorro

for Dirty Cheeky Monkeys' Squeeze My Lemon

August 24, 2011

My lover has come down to his garden,

to the beds of spices,

To feed in the gardens

and to gather lilies.

I belong to my lover, and my lover belongs to me;

he feeds among the lilies.

Song of Songs 6:2-3

The shifting angle of the sun signaled evening's approach. Esme had spent the early part of the day writing. The time she had spent with Seth two nights earlier had inspired her imagination, and the words flowed more easily than she could ever remember. In the afternoon, the sun had appeared, and she took advantage of the warmth to plant a new flower bed of assorted lilies. Their colors would be bright even on the gloomiest summer days, and she felt they were a symbol of the new optimism she felt with him.

She had showered off the dirt, afterward selecting her clothing for its textures. The silk camisole caressed her skin, and the long, gauze skirt floated around her legs as she prepared dinner. After eating, unwilling to sacrifice the last hour or so of sunlight, she strolled back out to the garden, absorbing its peace into her soul.

Seth had called earlier to say that Jake needed him on a rush job, and it would likely be late when they finished. He asked for a rain check on their tentative plans. The sound of an engine was therefore a surprise to her, and she looked to see his truck making its way up the drive. Smiling to herself, filled with joy and anticipation, she remained where she was. He would know where to find her.

Seth felt he already knew Esme well enough to know that she would spend a rare sunny evening outside, enjoying the warmth. Jumping from the truck, he didn't bother to check for her in the house. When he, Jake, and the rest of the team had finished the job two hours earlier than they had estimated, he had declined the offer of a beer with the guys, rushed through a shower, and tossed on a pair of jeans. He hadn't realized until he was more than halfway to Esme's that he had neglected to put a shirt on, but he decided against wasting any more time going back for one. It wasn't like she hadn't seen his chest before, and she seemed to like it.

As expected, he found her in the garden and was struck again by her loveliness. Her top and skirt emphasized her femininity in a way he found compelling, and her smile at his approach welcomed him.

"I thought you weren't going to be able to make it! What happened?" She extended her hands to him as he spoke, and he took them, pulling her to him for a kiss. He had yet to speak to her, so he kept it brief, but he had missed her, so he made it passionate. The firm pressure of his mouth to hers followed by a sweep of his tongue across her lower lip left them both flushed and wanting.

"We finished early. The other guys went for a beer, but I wanted to be with you." Her flush deepened at that, and she licked her lips, tasting him there.

"I'm glad. I wanted to be with you, too." Feeling a bit off-balance by his enthusiastic greeting and wanting a more equal footing, she teased, "I was thinking of you when I chose this outfit." His eyes surveyed her more carefully, and at second glance he noticed more details: the pale green strappy top she wore—without a bra, he was glad to see—revealed the effect his kiss had on her, and the long, breezy white skirt showed the silhouette of her long legs.

He grinned. "I like the way you think about me."

She chuckled. "Have you eaten? I can get you something."

He couldn't remember ever being asked that by a girlfriend before, and the caring came so naturally to her, warming him. "No, I haven't, but I don't want anything right now. I just want to be with you. Maybe later."

She blushed but was pleased that he wanted her company so much. She might have thought his words a veiled request for sex, but he made no move to kiss her again. He simply held her hand, toying with her fingers as they talked and wandered the garden. He described the landscaping project he had spent the day on, and she mentioned how well her writing had progressed. They came to the lilies she had planted that afternoon, and he agreed that they fit the spot perfectly.

They fell into a comfortable silence. As he stood, looking at the new flowerbed, the sun seemed to gild his skin, highlighting each dip and curve of muscle. She simply stood in wonderment, drinking in his male beauty. Unaware of her regard, he was surprised when he felt her arms come around him from behind, her cheek resting on his back.

"You are so incredibly beautiful," she whispered, kissing her way across his back. Her hands followed a similar journey over his chest and abdomen, caressing him. He felt...adored by her. Emotion welled up in him, baffling in its intensity.

Her hands dipped to his waistline and started to stray lower, and without conscious thought, his hands lifted to stop her. He wanted—no, neededto give to her, to return some small measure of the devotion she was showing him.

Confused by his actions, she looked at him questioningly. "Don't you want to...?" She trailed off, hesitant to put her question into words and afraid she had overstepped.

He reassured her, "Oh, I want to. Just not that—not yet, anyway." His smile turned wolfish. "I think I'm hungry, after all."

Still a little perplexed, she turned as if to enter the house. He kept her hand and pulled her back to him. "No, not food. You look a lot more appetizing to me right now." He tugged until she was pressed against him, and then he kissed her lingeringly. His hands slipped underneath her camisole to stroke her back, edging around to gently brush the sides of her breasts. She moaned, running her hands over his shoulders.

He moved his lips to her ear, growling, "I'm going to feast on you. Would you rather go inside or stay here in the lilies?"

Feeling almost dazed, she smiled back at him. "We seem to like the garden, don't we?"

He turned serious for a moment. "Because we're part of nature, part of the cycle of growth. We become part of the beauty." Touched beyond words, she framed his face with her hands and gently kissed him.

"Here, then" she murmured against his lips.

He lowered her to the soft grass and stretched out beside her. His hand moved in long sweeps up and down her legs, moving the skirt higher with each pass. He felt as if he had only skimmed the surface the first time with her, and he was eager to discover different ways to make her glow with pleasure.

Deciding to start with what had aroused her before, he moved his hand between her legs. Varying the pressure, he progressed from barely-there brushes to firm strokes. His fingertips slipped just inside her, gathering moisture before tracing circles over her clit. Frustrated by having to use one hand to brace himself, he shifted to lie between her legs.

Esme vaguely felt that she should reciprocate more, do something for him, but she was so beguiled by the way he was touching her that she simply let him do as he wished. She sensed him changing position and then felt both of his hands on her, parting her lips. Her self-conscious, half-formed protest was cut short when he blew gently across her clit, emerging instead as a whimper.

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? All pink and cream, soft..." His voice sounded so sincere, as if he was truly awed by her, and he followed his words with a warm lick along her entire vulva. A shiver ran through her, and the tension that had just begun to gather relaxed. She let her legs fall open, offering herself to him.

Seth decided he didn't want a single inch of her to go unexplored. He ran his tongue in the crease between her inner and outer lips, stopping to tug lightly with closed lips on the small tuft of light brown hair. Forming his tongue into a point, he ran just the tip along the edge of her inner lips, then poked quickly, teasingly, at her clit.

She gasped at the sensation, feeling it spread like fire throughout her body at the same time that it tantalized with what it promised but did not fulfill. He paused, just long enough that she squirmed, seeking more, and then he softened his tongue and circled the clit until she moaned. Placing open-mouthed kisses along the way, he went down to her entrance, wet with desire. He used the flat of his tongue to sweep up the moisture on the edges, then stiffened it to thrust within her, drawing a soft cry from her throat.

"I love how you respond, how you let me know it's good for you," he said huskily. He placed his thumb on her clit, moving in circles with a firm pressure, and slid two fingers into her to stroke in counterpoint to his thumb. Whispering, "So hot, you're burning me alive," he used his other hand to reach up, sliding under her camisole to pinch and rub her nipples. The surprise of feeling his touch in another part of her body, combined with the continued attention to her clit, was intensely arousing, and she gripped his hair in her hands, rocking her hips against him in a rhythm as old as time.

He returned his mouth to her clit, firmly thrusting in time with his fingers. Pushing his fingers as far as he could, he curved them up, as if attempting to touch his tongue. Her hips jerked, and he held her down with his free arm, keeping the fingers on his other hand curved as he increased the speed. He watched her as he alternated sucks on her clit with strokes of his tongue, seeing the flush on her cheeks and the sheen of sweat over her collarbones and chest. Her hips undulated so that her breasts under the thin silk swayed with the movement. Unable to resist, he pinched each nipple in turn and saw them peak. She was trembling, and he knew she was close, so he maintained the rhythm with his fingers and sucked on her clit while flicking it with the tip of her tongue.

She had thought she was as aroused as she could be, even beyond what she had ever dreamed, when the combination of the firm suction on her clit and the swift movement of his fingers within her drove her to the brink. Her trembling became shaking, and all of her muscles tensed. For an instant, she went completely still, and a sharp cry erupted from her. Then her hips snapped despite his restraining arm, and he increased his hold so he could keep his mouth on her as the most intense climax she could have imagined ripped through her. Waves of pleasure rocked her again and again, drawn out by his continued caresses, until finally she stilled.

Feeling as if he had conquered Mount Everest, Seth shifted to lie next to her, gathering her to him and stroking her gently. He buried his face in her hair, moved beyond words at her response to him. He was not a selfish lover and had never sought to pleasure himself only, but he was astonished at how satisfying it was simply to watch her thrill to his touch. He nuzzled the spot behind her ear affectionately as she started to calm.

Slowly, still trembling, she came back to herself. He was lying next to her, caressing her back and kissing her temple lightly. She raised one hand to bury it in his hair and let the other come to rest on his bicep. Her gasping breaths slowed and deepened. She felt boneless, as if she would simply hang limp if he were to lift her. Opening her eyes, she realized that night had all but fallen.

"Seth," she breathed. "You are...the most wonderful man in the world."

He chuckled. Belatedly remembering her intent to return the pleasure he gave her, she let her hand roam from his arm down his torso, her destination clear. Again, he stopped her, and he whispered against her temple, "No. I've never just...given, not thinking of what I might get in return. Let me feel this, what it's like to get pleasure from giving it. Watching you, discovering what turned you on, knowing I brought you so much joy, it's enough."

He lifted his head and looked in her eyes so that she could see his sincerity. Tears filled her eyes, and she caressed the side of his face. She brought her lips to his and kissed him.

Another shiver from her had him standing and pulling her to her feet, her skirt flowing down to her calves. She looked down, astonished to realize that she was still fully dressed. Guessing the reason for her bewildered expression, he grinned and continued his earlier statement, "Maybe not forever—but for now. At least until after some real food."

She looked up, giggled, and tucked an arm around his waist, drawing him to the house. "I can handle that. Let's get you some dinner." She cast a flirtatious sideways glance at him. "And then we can figure out what you'd like for dessert."

A/N: Dirty Cheeky Monkeys was looking for a quick piece for their weekly Squeeze My Lemon feature, and I was finding it hard to let go of these two, so it worked out perfectly! Thanks to JenJadeEyes for a quick beta job, and vbfb1 did another amazing banner for this outtake - see the link on my profile. (If you haven't read Hedone Ranch by JenJadeEyes, you're missing one hot story that more than porn, and vbfb1 had a bunch of stories, including a wonderful entry in the Slash Backslash 3.0 contest, Crossing Paths, and a collaboration between us for that contest that will be posted this weekend, Different Worlds.) This was posted yesterday, 8/24/11, on DCM's profile, and now it's posted here, too. :) Thanks for reading, and if you'd like to leave a review, I'd love to read it!