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"Mionè you can't leave!" A very frantic Harry Potter said following her around as she packed up her belongings.

"Well I am, I'm sorry Harry but I have nothing left here, and I want to be closer to my parent's and help them at their practice." Hermione Granger told her best friend warily.

"But Hermione you have Mum, Dad, Harry and I not to mention my brothers as well." Ginny Weasley told her.

"No Ginny I won't not after Ronald's through with his say in everything." She said miserably

"Mionè I told you Ronald's a jerk and Mum and Dad know that as well."

"Sorry but no I'm leaving."

"Please stay and think on it some more." Harry pleaded.

"Sorry Harry I just can't." And with that, she shrunk her things, put them in her pocket and vanished.

Three days had fast passed since Hermione left, and it was three days of bad-mouthing from one Ronald Weasley, to everyone and everything that would listen to him with half a ear including the Daily Phrophet. Finally Molly Weasley had, had enough of it.

"Ronald Billus Weasley, I have had enough out of you, Hermione has done nothing wrong to you, she is a sweet girl and need I remind you that she saved your sister, AND your brother.!"

"Hermione's a no good skank, she betrayed me, she slept with someone else."

"Ron she was never with you, how could she betray you and it's not like it was consensual you know!" Bill yelled at him.

"Yea well we were as good as together, she still betrayed me." Ron fumed.

"Oh shut up Ron. Hermione told you time and time again that she didn't want to be with you romantically." Harry snapped.

"Shut up you don't know what you're talking about." Ron sneered. "By the way Mum I need my pants fixed, and my rooms too small."

"Well Ronald that's just too bad, your old enough to find your own place and fix your own pants as well." Molly told her son firmly.


"I agree with your mother, your old enough to do these things yourself." Arthur told him sitting down at the table with the prophet. "And what is this slander about Hermione all over the prophet that you've been saying?"

"It's true."

"No Ronald it isn't, and I want you out of this house by tomorrow morning with all of your belongings too." Arthur said.

"Fine then. I'll just go and find Mione, she doesn't know about the things in the prophet so she'll live with me." A haughty Ronald said with a sneer.

"Ronald you're such a moronic child." George said.

"I am not."

"Yes you are Hermione would never take you in, and you'll never find her anyways no one else knows where she is." Harry said.

"What are you talking about?"

"Hermione left and you've no right to call her Mione anyways. Not after everything you've done."

"So she just practically turned tail and left like a coward?"

"That is it Ronald Weasley, get out of my house immediately, and do not return unless you can grow up and act your age!" Molly raged.

"But Mum?"

"No Ronald, I don't want to hear it."

"Fine then." Ron replied angrily, storming out of the house.

"Wow Mum that was wicked." George said.

"Hush George." Molly told him.

"I miss Hermione being around." Ginny sighed.

"We all do love." Harry told her sadly.

Somewhere in London sat a dark haired, pale faced man in a small but nice hotel room. He picked up a photo of himself and a curly haired woman along with a letter he had written that probably wouldn't be sent, not because he didn't want to but because he was afraid of any kind of reply he got if even there wasn't one. With a sigh he put the picture back on the nightstand along with the letter, got up to turn off the lights and went to bed only to fall into a fitful sleep.

Meanwhile in a totally different part of London Hermione Granger sat at her desk in her bedroom in her parents home staring at two totally different pictures the first of her and the dark haired man and the second, a sonogram from the doctors appointment she had, had earlier that day where she had been told what she already knew when she left. Laying them both down she shut off her lamp and went to bed.

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