Epilogue: One Year Later

It had been a year since Severus and Hermione got married, and a year since Hermione decided that shutting herself away from the people she loved was a bad idea, she had made up with Harry and apologized for leaving like that, She apologized for how her mother acted when he showed up and how she herself acted. She had been under too much stress with people telling her she's made a mistake in leaving to live near her parent's, Molly had hurt her with the turn around she pulled in those few months. From being there for her, to blaming her and then proceeding to treat her like a child as she had done for years. She just couldn't take being near them anymore, she still kept in contact with the boys, except Ron of course.

Harry had apologized for turning into a dolt after she left, especially once Ginny began the wedding plans in earnest and turned into a nutcase. He had met up with Luna a few months after and they hit it off and were thinking of settling down with a quiet ceremony like Severus' and Hermione's.

Ron was still in Azkaban for the things he did in the war, he was cursing Harry and Hermione and swore if he were released he'd make them pay. Safe to say he wasn't going to be leaving any time soon.

It was Adelaide and Adrien's first birthday, and true to their words, most of the fence between the houses were removed to give the children more room to play, quite a few people had shown up for their first birthday. Draco arrived with Katie, they were still dating and he'd been hinting at proposing. Neville and Susan showed up with their little five month old baby Nikolas, who was giggling happily at the ballons. Lucius and Narcissa came in behind Basil with gifts for the two. Harry and Luna had arrived earlier and were now speaking quietly with Hermione on the patio. Adelaide and Adrien were running around happily, and Severus was attempting to start the barbeque while they awaited Remus, Tonks and Teddy, Tonks had gotten a shock a few months before the birthday and found out she was expecting, Remus was once again in a tizzy and Teddy was excited.

The party turned out to be a huge success, no tantrums were thrown and Hermione had even announced that there would be a new arrival in about 7 months as she was 2 months along now. Turning to Severus she smiled, they'd had a rough go, but they were happy, healthy and more in love today then they had been this time last year. Friends and family surrounded them. The twins had gotten nice things from their grandparents, friends and their Aunt Sophie who had only stopped long enough to give them their gifts and kisses before she had to leave, her job was very demanding and she was off to another Country again.


A/N: Sorry about the mistakes I've fixed them. Hope any and all who have read this enjoyed it. It was trying to write through writer's block and that is where a lot of my mistakes probably came from.