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Chapter One: Hospital Visits & Questions

"Hey Mione' you got those orders filled yet?"

"Yes Jon just give me a sec will you please?"

"Yea that's fine." Jon replied, getting up to see how the other waitresses were fairing with their orders.

"Here you are Jon, they're all done." Hermione said handing him a few slips of paper so he could look them over.

"Thanks Mione' your the best, now why don't you go and sit down for awhile and take your break." He suggested. "You look exhausted."

"Thank – you but I still have to clean up a few tables before the lunch rush starts."

"Hermione Jon's right you need to sit down and take your break, too much of this strain isn't good for the baby or you." Katie told her.

"Ug, fine if your going to both nag me about it so much."

"Good now I'll go get you something to eat, you need to eat." Jon told her

"If you insist."

"Yes I do so sit down." Jon told her sternly.

Katie came and sat beside Hermione at the table by the bar and sighed. "It feels good to be able to sit in peace and quiet for awhile before we get a crowd in again for lunch."

"It does yes, I never knew being a waitress could be so taxing on both the body and the nerves."

"That's why you shouldn't be working so hard all the time, it isn't good for you or for your baby, you know that!" Katie scolded.

"But I need the money, there's only so much of my Parent's help I'm willing to take you know, and I hate them doing things for me all the time when I'm capable of it myself."

"Well maybe we'll put you on the cash." Jon said returning to the table placing a sandwich and a decaffeinated cup of tea in front of her before taking his seat.

"But I like the job I'm doing."

"Yes we know that but you need to slow down, what happens if something goes wrong with your pregnancy?"

Hermione sighed. "I guess your right."

"I know I am." Winking at her, he stood and headed to the cash register where there was already someone waiting to be served. "How may I help you?"

"I'd like a large coffee and a honey glazed doughnut."

"Oh my God!"

"What!" Katie asked, nervously.

"I'd recognize that voice anywhere, I need to go." Hermione muttered.

"Go where your supposed to be relaxing. You can't go anywhere."

"I need to use the bathroom I'm not feeling well I'll be right back." Hermione reassured her. Bolting for the bathroom door.

"Katie what's wrong with Mione'?" Jon asked worriedly.

"No idea she muttered something, then took off for the bathroom saying she didn't feel well."

"Huh hope she's okay maybe we should phone her mother?"

"No she didn't look too sick, not yet anyways."

A loud thump sounded from the bathroom alerting the occupants of the diner that Hermione was indeed not well, running for the bathroom, Jon opened the door, revealing Hermione sitting up slightly with her hand to her head and her eyes narrowed in pain.

"Oh God, Mione' are you okay, what am I saying of course your not okay." Jon blubbered. "Your bleeding what happened?"

"Jon maybe if you'd shut-up she'd be able to answer you." Katie snapped.

"Right sorry. What happened Hermione?"

"I slipped, I dropped the soap and when I bent to pick it up, I slipped on it and I've no idea how

"S'all right we'll get you fixed up just stay awake or whatever." Jon told her.

"Jon stop freaking out." Katie snapped.

"My head hurts, and my back hurts, I want my Mum, call my Mum please."

" Um perhaps I could be of assistance." The customer said.

"Who are you, you really shouldn't be back here it's an employee problem and I don't want anyone strange around Mione', she's in a delicate situation."

"My name is Severus Snape, I've known Miss Granger for years."

"I guess so, I need to go phone Mrs. Granger for her, Katie stay with her please."


"Miss Granger, You need to open your eye's now, do you hear me?"

"Uhh." Was the response.

"I guess you do hear me, come now it's time to sit up."

"But my head hurts, that's why I groaned."

"I know, but I'd like to check and see how bad it is." Severus said gently pulling her arms to prop her up. Feeling around the spot she had hit when she fell.

"Owww that hurts, what are you doing?"

"I can see that much." Severus replied. "I'm going to need a towel to put on it to stop the bleeding."

"What bleeding, there's bleeding?" Hermione asked anxiously.

"Yes now hold still you foolish girl."

"She isn't foolish, you shouldn't be rude to her, it wasn't her fault she slipped and fell." Katie scowled.

"Sorry my mistake, I didn't realize you left soap lying around to be tripped over." He said scathingly.

"Snape, just shut up and make the bleeding stop." Hermione mumbled.

"And how exactly do you propose I do that, I am no doctor."

"Mione' your Mum's on her way." Jon told her coming back in. "Maybe we should move her out of the bathroom?"

"No not untill Mrs. Granger gets here." Katie said.

"She will probably be better off out there where it isn't so cramped." Severus agreed with Jon.

"And will you be there to take blame should something happen to the baby she's having?" Katie angrily said.

"I was not informed she was pregnant or i wouldn't have suggested it."

"Hello,.. Is there anyone here." Mrs. Granger asked from the front room.

"Yes Mrs. Granger we're in the bathroom." Jon called.

"Oh good Lord what happened?" She nearly shrieked upon her arrival into the bathroom.

"She slipped." Jon told her.

"Oh dear, Hermione it's Mum how are you feeling love?"

"My heads hurting, and my back."

"Alright hon' we're going to sit you up a bit more to see if it hurts, and you tell me if any is in your stomache."

"Okay Mum."

"Good girl, now I don't want her being moved too quickly, so be gentle with her."

"Yes ma'am." Severus replied. Helping Jane pull Hermione as far up into a sitting position as she could go with her belly in the way.


"What hurts?" Jane asked.

"My back!"

"Where abouts honey?

"The middle dowards"

"Um alright, Jon would you be a dear and go get Basil for me he's in the car, I told him to wait close just in case."

"Yes Mrs. Granger." Jon said running out the door and in just a few minutes was back with Basil Granger.

"Jane what's wrong?"

"Hermione fell down and hit her head and her backs hurt." She told him.

"Do we need a ambulance?"

"I don't think so, but she should see her doctor."

"Yes, well let's ease her up off the floor and see if she can stand, and bring her to the clinic." Slipping his arms underneath his daughters, he pulled her up, letting her lean against him untill she could stand on her own. "All right princess?"

"Kinda, everythings spinning." She mumbled lowly.

"Alright well I'll carry you to the car, you don't need another fall." Basil said picking her up, and carrying her to the car, where he put her in the back as Jane slid in beside her in the backseat to keep the towel to her head.

+ +

The ride to the hospital from where they were didn't take long, entering the emergency part Basil went up the receptionists desk to register Hermione to see her Doctor.

"May I help you sir." The woman sitting at the desk asked in a cheerful tone.

"Yes my daughter fell and is bleeding and has a lot of pain in her lower back." Basil said.

"You'll have to sit down and fill out these papers and we'll call you in a few moments."

"No you don't understand she's pregnant and her pregnancy's delicate she needs to see her doctor quickly." Basil panicked.

"What's her name and her Doctors name?"

"Hermione Granger and Doctor Brack."

"All right I'll inform him that you're here with Hermione then." She told him.

"Thank-you." Basil said gratefully. Returning to his wife and daughter he sat down.

"What did she say?" Jane demanded.

"She's going to notify Dr. Brack that we're here with Hermione and that she's injured."


"Mr. And Mrs. Granger. Dr. Brack said bring Hermione right in and he'll see her now."

"Thank-you." They said.

"Ah Mr. And Mrs. Granger, bring her in." Dr. Brack said ushering them into his office.

"Thank-you for seeing her so quickly." Jane said as Basil sat Hermione on the exam table.

"Not a problem, now what happened?"

"One of her co-workers said she was taking her break and relaxing and she suddenly ran into the bathroom and they heard a thump, she had slipped and fallen." Jane explained to him.

"Alright then, it says here that she hit her head and her back is bothering her as well?"


"Alright, I'll check her head and see if she needs stitches." Putting on his gloves, he moved over to where Hermione was sitting and pressed on the back of her head to get a better idea of how bad the injury was and to see how bad it was bleeding.

"Yes I think she'll need a few stitches it won't take long and she'll be fine."

"That's a relief, but what about her back she said that hurt as well."

"Oh yes I almost forgot." Dr. Brack said prodding her back to check fro bruises or pulled muscles. "She's just strained herself is all, She just needs rest."

After her stitches, and the baby was checked, she was free to leave on the condition she take it easy for a few weeks and not lift heavy things. The Grangers headed home unaware of the unexpected guest awaiting them there. Pulling into the driveway Basil noticed Severus leaning up against his car and tapping his foot against the asphalt moodily. Getting out of the car Basil slammed the door loud enough to alert Severus of their presence.

"Why are you here?" Basil asked lowly.

"I have questions." Severus replied smoothly.

"Haven't you done enough, what could you possibly need to question my family about?"

"I have done nothing, I have no idea what you're talking about!" Severus retorted angrily.

"Yes you did, or did you seem to 'forget' what you did to my daughter when she was kidnapped by those awful people."

"What the bloody hell are you on with man?" Severus roared.

Basil narrowed his eyes. "You seem to think that I'm stupid, Hermione went into great detail about what you've done to her, claiming your love and then leaving, only to months later kidnap her and torturing her and saying it was all a lie, using unforgivables to try to get information. You are not going anywhere near my daughter, so leave before I call the police."

Severus blinked both rapidly and stupidly trying to digest what was just said to him before starting.

"I have done none of those things. I've spent the last three months searching. I also spent months before that imprisoned in a dungeon of the people I was supposed to be spying on because someone ratted me out."

"Oh and I suppose you expect me to believe that do you?"

"I can show you my memories and use Veritaserum if you'd like to verify what I just said I am a Wizard."

"I don't care I want you to leave now."

"Basil." Jane called from the door.

"What honey?"

"Let him in ... Please."

"But Jane."

"Let him in."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes just let him in. I believe he's telling the truth."

"Fine, but I'm watching you."


"Hmph." Basil huffed entering the house.

"Don't mind Basil, he's just cross, now I want to know the truth, why you left my Mione'." Jane told him seriously.

"I didn't do it voluntarily believe me." Severus said. "I have the memories to prove it as well."

"Well come in here Hermione's resting on the couch watching T.V, it's her you need to be talking to."

"I understand."

"I'm also going to be keeping an eye on you and if you hurt my baby again I'll throw you out."

"I understand that as well, given what you've all been led to believe."

"Hermione dear you have a visitor, he wishes to speak to you."

"Who?" She asked not turning from the T.V.

"That man you told us about."

Hearing this Hermione spun around to face the one person she had missed so much but at the same time hated with everything in her.

"Why are you here?"

"I have some questions to ask and answers to give you."

"Well I don't want to hear anything you've got to say, not after everything you've put me through." Standing up from the couch she started to yell in earnest. "YOU EXPECT ME TO LISTEN TO YOU AFTER YOU ABANDONED ME AND THEN KIDNAPPED ME!"

"I have memories and Veritaserum."

"They're probably fake."

"No they aren't, will you please just listen to me and hear me out?"

"No I don't think so and I want you to leave now."

"I am not leaving until I tell you what happened."

"I already know what happened, you BETRAYED ME! I don't want to talk to you, you ass!" She yelled.

"Because you know that I'm telling the truth why would I leave the only person besides Lily to treat me like a human being instead of a cold hearted dungeon bat?"

"You are a cold hearted dungeon bat for what you did."

"Hermione I didn't do anything just listen to me please?" Severus pleaded near tears.

"Hermione dear maybe you should." Jane said.

"What!" Hermione asked shock clearly on her face.

"Maybe you should listen to him, I mean why would he be so adamant if he weren't telling the truth?"

"I guess not, no." Hermione muttered sitting on the couch." Fine I'll listen, but spit it out before I decide to change my mind."

Severus sat on the couch beside her and pulled out a small pensive, setting it on the table he then turned back to her.

"In there is every memory of what happened between the time I was found out, to just before the Dark Lord was killed again. I also have Veritaserum if you want to question me."

"Fine I'll question you first then."

"Alright, but just so you know your parents can ask questions as well if they want."

"Do you?" Hermione asked turning to her mother and then her father who had just entered the room.

"Maybe if we think of anything." Jane said.

"Alright." Severus said taking the vial out of his inside pocket and handed it to Hermione to inspect before he took it. Hermione took out the cork and waved her hand over to detect any scent which she didn't, she handed it back, indicating for him to take the required dosage so she could begin her questioning.

"What is your full name?"

"Severus Tobias Snape." He said in monotone.

"Where were you on July the fifth of last year?"

"In the dungeons of Malfoy Manor being crucio'd numerous times.

"Why were you in the dungeons being tortured?"

"Because they found out I was spying for the Order."

"How did they find out?" She asked nervously.

"There was someone following me the night I came to end things, and there was another spy within the Order, but we hadn't been able to figure out who it was."

The questions continued in this fashion until Basil voiced one of his own.

"Why did you end your relationship with Hermione when you've said repeatedly that you love her?"

"For her safety, I was worried. I had figured out there was another spy and that they were feeding the Dark Lord more information that I was, and I was worried my relationship would become known and she'd be in danger so I ended it. Unfortunately it didn't work."

"Where were you the night I was brought in?"

"Still in the dungeons. I believe I was in the cell next to yours, but I couldn't speak, I tried calling to you but every time I tried I'd choke."

"So it wasn't you that hurt me then?"

"On that I'm not sure." Severus admitted. "I remember them coming in, and forcing some potion down my throat and a spell being cast and then every thing goes black."


"I truly am sorry for everything, and I really don't know what happened. I'm sorry."

"I believe you." She finally said.


"Yes, well it's impossible to resist Veritaserum unless you chew your tongue off. Even if you're a potions master."

"I'm not working with potions anymore I'm going into the medical world as soon as I decide whether I plan to stay in the wizarding world or not."

"You plan to leave the wizarding world?"

"Perhaps there's not much left there for me."

"But why?"

"I couldn't find you there so I left."

"But then how did you know I was at the diner?"

"I didn't, I just wanted a decent cup of coffee and a doughnut." Severus said, and by this time the potion was worn off and he was speaking normally now.

"So, you were just in my neighbourhood because you wanted a coffee?" Hermione asked skeptically.

"Yes, but I was also looking at an apartment I wanted to rent."

"Oh the one near the diner?"

"Yes I didn't get it, someone else did."

"Yes that'd be me, I applied because it's closer to work and my parents."

Hermione told him smirking.

Severus smiled at her then frowned suddenly looking contemplative.

"Um Hermione, something one of your co-workers said confuses me."

"What's that?"

"She said your pregnant."

"Yes about four months now, I was two and a half when I left. I just wasn't sure."

"Whose the father?"

"Either you or someone who looked just like you."

"So it happened before the Dark Lord fell?"


"And you won't know until the baby's born?"

"That's right."

"Well I'm here if you want me to be." He said sounding hopeful.

"Yes I do, but It'll be awhile before I feel I can completely trust you."

"I understand."

"Good, you can put the pensive away, I won't need to see it."

"Are you sure?"


"Alright then, I have to go there's another apartment that I needed to see, but maybe I could come back tomorrow or later this evening and we can talk some more?"

"Sounds good to me." Hermione replied with a slight smile. "I've nothing to do but look up things for the baby."

"Alright." Severus said. Hermione opened the door for him.

"Come back later this evening, I'd like your opinion on something."


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