He was gone. Caleb had gone to California. And as he was off to the airport, she was sitting in her room, numb.

She couldn't feel her body. She knew she was breathing, but she didn't want to. He had promised he wasn't going anywhere. But, then again, he didn't know that he was going to get an opportunity to see his mother after 12 years.

But the pain still coursed through her. She had meant it, she does love him.

Her phone buzzed. She glanced at it, hoping it was Caleb, but it was Spencer. Hanna ignored the call and pulled her legs up to her chest and then she wrapped her arms around them.

Her phone buzzed again and she looked over. Spencer. She ignored the call again and sighed.

She didn't want to talk to anybody but Caleb right now. But she knew he wouldn't be back for a while.

Her phone buzzed once more. She groaned and picked it up, not even looking at the caller-id.

"Hello?" She asked coldly

"Hey" She melted as she heard Caleb's voice.

"Caleb, hey" Her tone softened quickly "Why are you calling me?"

"I was just thinking that just because I have closure with my family, doesn't mean you can't have closure with yours"

Hanna knew what he meant. She scoffed into the phone and then spoke again "I don't want closure"

"Hanna, I know you, and I know you do" Caleb said "Just talk to your dad"

"I'll think about it" Hanna said and lay down on her bed.

"Good" She could hear the small smile in his voice. "I have to go. I'm at the airport. I love you"

Hanna smiled, but tears still threatened to fall from her eyes "I love you too, talk to you tomorrow" Hanna sighed as she clicked the 'End' button.

Tears fell from her blue eyes. Why did he have to leave her?

She laid there for another half hour, but then she did something that shocked herself.

Sure, she was still numb, but she decided to call her dad. Caleb was right; she needed closure or at least a conversation.

(I can't believe Caleb's gone! But I kinda saw it coming. I mean, they got back together, something was bound to happen. It's how the show works. But they better not make Spencer and Toby break up, because they are now my favorite couple. It was a tossup between Hanna and Caleb and Spencer and Toby, but now I only have one couple to look forward to :(, Hope you liked the story!)