Secretly GrayLu by MangaJuiceXD

Summary: I'm sure Gray and Lucy have a platonic relationship, but would you want to know some behind the scenes of these two? I'm sure no one in Fairy Tail knows about the two's feelings…


When I was a child, I'd watch my mother dress in fancy clothes and jewelries. I would remember watching her descend down the grand staircase of our house. Music would fill the air, everything around me smells like flowers.

I watched her take my father's hand and she dances with him…

She is like a queen

I wanted to be like her…

Her golden hair in long loose curls, her rose colored gown, swaying as she twirls in the dance floor… The beautiful music and people applauding…

I wanted to be like her…

She slowly walks towards me and says "My dear Lucy, someday, you'd grow up into a fine young woman like me,"

But today…

Where am I?

The rain outside is harsh. I feel so cold and numb. My tears choke me… I could never be like her! My tangerine gown has been in shreds. I am a complete disgrace.

If she sees me like this…

What would she say?

Would she say "Lucy, you have disappointed me."?

No! I don't want her to say that… Forgive me mom…

I couldn't be the daughter that can make you proud.

12: Glitter: PART 1

A week has passed since Edward's attack on the guild. Everyone is busy reconstructing the guild. Lucy was glad that the ex-member of the guild remained true to his word. He has sent those needed materials… lumber, cement, concrete, and etc. Lucy felt something warm tug her heart, it was that Fairy Tail believes in the saying "Yesterday's enemies is tomorrow's friends". However, that morning, Master Makarov waved a piece of paper in front of her and her guild-mates. The paper showed a line graph. Lucy noticed that the line started so high, and then towards the end, a significant drop is seen.

"Do you know what this is?" Makarov asked them, and when nobody answered, he continued "THIS IS FAIRY TAIL'S FUNDS!"

The line graph explained that around three months ago, the guild's savings went above 860,000,000 Jewels… until today, it dropped to…

"156,000,000 Jewels!" Makarov exclaimed.

"How did that happen?" somebody asked in surprise

"I demand an explanation for this!" Makarov wasn't pleased.

"Maybe it was because, requests were running low and we kept on spending money? And besides, I think people are drinking too much…" Erza suggested, and then a 'Hey' was heard from Cana, Wakaba and Macao.

"It might be… but, it also shows that we are not doing enough to help our guild." Makarov said "We keep on destroying things; maybe it's time to fix them,"

"But Gramps… we keep on fixing the guild for free!" Natsu whined.

"Materials are freaking expensive!And besides, this isn't the first time you've wrecked the building." Master answered him.

"Hmm… those Fairy Tail action figurines aren't selling like the way they used to…" Gray said as he looked at the displays.

"Only the girl's action figurines are the only ones sold out!" Warren said mentally.

"Don't shout your thoughts out loud!" Lucy reprimanded.

"Yes, however, I don't have material to make more…" Max added, "I wished I hadn't made the guy figures… they just get dusty…"

"Who thought of those action figures in the first place?" Lucy said. "Don't you know that it feels a bit degrading?"

"Anyway, my paintings aren't also making any progress," Reedus reported. "Nobody would also want to buy Fairy Tail souvenir shirts,"

"Aye!" Happy said "But, the Lucy and Gray kiss picture has been sold out,"

"WHAT? YOU MADE PROFIT OUT OF THOSE?" Lucy and Gray exclaimed.

"Why not? We made more money out of those," Carla said.

"Aye! Three months supply of fish!" Happy exclaimed.

Lucy sweatdropped, "You're so selfish aren't you?"

"WE JUST NEED MORE FUNDS!" Makarov yelled.

The guild fell silent.


It became noisy again. Everybody started accusing each other of spending money on useless things and not getting decent high paying requests, soon it is followed by another brawl.

Makarov just sighed. Are brats like this now a days?

"More Funds, huh…" Lucy told herself as she walked home that afternoon. She looked above at the orange sky. Her feet, are balancing delicately on the road's edge. People on boats continuously remind her to be careful. What can she do for the guild? Once, she thought that money was something endless, or readily available… it was only when she ran away from home, did she realize that money is essentially important. No! Money isn't important; it is a necessity… an unwanted necessity. Money alone couldn't make you happy. Money isn't everything. She thought of her father, who had tons of money in his pocket. Even though he had money, he wasn't able to reach her heart. He soon forgot her and he became engrossed in his work. She wouldn't ask him for money. She would have to make her own.

"Plue?" A small white spirit below her said.

"Oh Plue! What can I do? I really can't go back and ask dad for some money, I am not that desperate!" Lucy said.


"Believe me Plue, I would really love to ask him, but I can't. My problems are my problems; it has nothing to do with him." Lucy said as she picked Plue up and hugged it. "Hope you understand,"

Moments later, a fancy white and gold carriage stopped by her. A beautiful lady in her early 40's stepped out of it. She wore a beautiful green and pink silk gown. Her auburn curls were tied in an elegant ballerina bun, adorned with multicolored roses. Her heavily lined gray eyes had diamonds on their sides, and she wore a nude pink lipstick. Her perfume was so strong but it carried a gentle breeze that makes Lucy debate whether it smelled good or not.

"Oh?" The woman said "Aren't you, Jude and Layla Heartfilia's daughter?"

Lucy's eyes widened. She stood up straight and nodded.

"I am Lucy Heartfilia, and you are…?"

"Ohohohoho!" she laughed "How rude of me, I am Moon Rose, queen of the roses! No, I am just kidding! Just call me Rose. I am one of your father's clients and your mom's friend, and I just went here at Magnolia. And my goodness! Look! You have grown! I am sure Layla would be very proud to see you, you look so much like her!" then she sighed "I'm surprised to see you here in Magnolia, lovely town, although, it is so hot in here! But I am gonna leave tomorrow night! But before I leave, I have to do a lot of things—blah blah blah…"

She talks too much, Lucy thought. Until she stopped and finally said:

"I want you to come to my party!"

Lucy's eyebrows gave a twitch.

They say that Opportunity looked like a large man who possessed a generous amount of hair on his face, but bald on the back of his head. Opportunity passes only once, and you must grab the hairs on the front, because, once he passes, there is nothing to cling or to catch on to. Lucy reflected on this thought for a while. The woman who passed her way that afternoon, presented an opportunity, and she grabbed its hairs.

Of course, she didn't simply readily agree. She weighed her options carefully. However, a memory of a distant past urged her to answer the lady a "yes," A secondary reason, would be because, she found it as a way to increase Fairy Tail's funds.

When she turned the knob, it felt light like somebody was on the other side of the knob. The door opened easily with little force, and then she saw him. Dark bluish-gray eyes greeted her.

"Gray!" she said in surprise.

"oh, so you're home," he answered her.

"W-W-What are you doing here?" Lucy asked.

"Hey Lucy! Is there no food in here?" somebody said behind Gray, and to her surprise, she saw Natsu sitting on her couch. "Natsu!"

"Yo!" He greeted her with a wide smile. "You are pretty late this time! Gray was just about to search for you when you came,"

"I think I've found some eggs here in the refrigerator," Erza said as she wore an apron and then proceeded to the kitchen to cook.

Nights are always like this, and Lucy is already accustomed to her friends barging to her house almost every day. Not finding them at home meant something is wrong. After they ate dinner, they sat comfortably by Lucy's living room. Lucy began to tell her story:

"This woman suddenly showed up, and offered that I'll have to go to her party before she leaves town. I told her that I would go, but I let out a condition: The party should increase Fairy Tail's funds!"

"How are we going to do that?" Natsu asked.

"Promote Fairy Tail among her rich friends!" Lucy exclaimed "That way, the more rich people will know about our guild, the more likely that they would send us job requests. Just imagine how expensive their rewards would be!"

"Lucy is such a genius!" Happy said.

"However…" Lucy fidgeted "I feel, extremely nervous… I mean, she knows my family… I just wanted to appear perfect,"

"That's no problem, Lucy," Erza said "I'll tell Makarov about your plan,"

"ALRIGHT!" Natsu exclaimed "FOR FAIRY TAIL!"

The next day, Lucy stood in front of the mirror of her room. She stared at herself as she balanced two books on her head. She walked carefully in circles around her room, and found that she was pleased with herself. The next thing she did was to tie a scarf to her chair by the dining table. Its sole purpose is to restrain her from moving too much while eating in a formal manner. She even reviewed the various silverware that lined up in front of her: and that this spoon is used for the appetizer and that this fork is used for the main course. That afternoon she read a book about proper etiquette, and finished it within a matter of seconds. Why is she doing this?

Maybe perhaps, she is trying to fulfill a childhood dream. She wanted to be like Layla Heartfilia, her mother.

Sometimes during her training, she would wonder and reflect about what her mother would say if she saw her daughter like this today. Your daughter is going to grow up like you, she thought.

"My dear Lucy, someday, you'd grow up into a fine young woman like me,"

The scene wherein she watches her mother dancing in a rose colored gown seemed like a dream which she love to create in reality.

With Erza taking care of things in the guild, she didn't have to worry. She trusts that Erza would select the best members to go to Moon Rose's party. Sinking deep into her thoughts, she didn't notice that somebody had already infiltrated her home.

"You look funny," he said behind her.

Lucy looked around and saw Gray sitting by her couch. The look of surprise is clearly written across her face. She felt blood rushing through her head when she saw how handsome he looked wearing a black tux over a dark blue inside shirt. She noticed that he trimmed his hair a little and shaved his face clean. His leather shoes are perfectly polished. Lucy looked at herself and realized that she is still wearing her house clothes. She felt slightly embarrassed. Fearing that she might be late, she glanced at the clock which read fifteen minutes past six. When she asked him why he is here, he told her:

"Erza asked me to pick you up," he answered.

"Why so early? The party starts at eight." She answered back.

"I have nothing to do," he answered back. "I guess, I'd just have to make myself comfortable for a while," he takes off his clothes wherein Lucy reprimands him.

"So," Lucy started "Who are going with me?"

"Natsu, Erza, Happy… and a few others…"

"Few others?"

"Yup," Gray said casually "We need to promote Fairy Tail remember?"

Gray watched her for a while; he noticed that the smile she wore when she greeted him, faded abruptly. To him, she seemed worried, so he asked her, "Is there something wrong Luce?"

It took her awhile before she had to respond, Gray had to call her attention again to a get a response. She responded with a slight surprise, and then smiled back at him, as if she went back to reality.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

She nodded "I just visited a distant memory…" she paused then continued "When I was a little girl, a year before my mother died. A fancy party was held at home. I was young then. I wore a blue frilly dress which I found itchy. The night air was cool. And, the only occasion that I know, is that it was mama's birthday. I could remember the sweet perfume she wore when she carried me in her arms. The next thing that I remembered was when the party started, she gave this grand entrance… she wore a beautiful scarlet gown and descended gently down the grand staircase. At the end of the staircase, she is greeted by my father, who bowed like a gentleman, asked for her hand. He kissed it and then led her to a dance. An orchestra played. And for the first time, I wanted to be like her."

"You know," she looked at Gray who listened to her story. "She told me, that one day I'll be like her."

He watched her as she told him her story. There was a spark in her eyes as she talked. He wondered what kind of life did she had lived before she entered the guild. Sure, he is well aware that she is indeed a rich kid who lived a different life from him. She is well pampered, but when she talked about this particular piece of her life, even though it wasn't much… it seemed like, this was one of the happiest moments she has ever had as a child. Why? He had a feeling that after her mother passed away, something wrong happened within the Heartfilia family.

"Do you think I'd be like her?" Lucy asked him.

"Yeah," Gray answered her "she sounds like a princess… which, I think would take you a few hundred years to reach her level…"

Lucy made a face at his teasing. "Haha funny," she said flatly.

"I'm serious," he chuckled. "But I think that your dream isn't bad at all… In the first place, dreams aren't a bad thing. I would want to help you with your dream,"

Lucy folded her arms across her chest. "How would you help me?"

"Be my date tonight," Gray requested her coolly.

Lucy scoffed at his request, but he kept a calm façade. "So, your idea of helping me is to become my prince since I wanted to become a princess? Hmmm… nice move,"

"I don't intend to become your prince," he answered her. "A princess doesn't need a prince to define her worth. It takes personality and strength of character to determine her worth." He steps closer to her and holds her in a waltz position. They held each other's gazes for a while. Lucy could feel her heart beating wildly inside. "I think you have those qualities Luce,"

Though it was subtle, Lucy found herself dancing around the room with Gray. She realized that Gray wasn't helping her to become a princess by becoming a prince; instead, he helps her become a princess by giving her confidence. He takes her hand and gently twirls her around the room. His footing, though not excellent, were good and satisfactory. With his words sinking on her, she asked him "What should I do then?"

"Be yourself," he answered. He drew her closer to him, that Lucy could feel a light layer of cold sweat forming on his skin. Was he nervous as she was? It's been a while since they had close physical contact. What is he thinking? Does he really believe in her this much?

Lucy decided to confide with him "I am scared, that I could become my worst enemy, and that my mother would be disappointed at me."

They became silent for a while as their dancing became intense. It was like their bodies were conversing, soon the waltz dance turned into tango then back to waltz. By the end of their dance, Lucy had wrapped her hands on his neck, and he in return wrapped his arms on her waist. Both of them stared at each other, both never wanted to lose eye contact. Their breaths were audible but soft, until Gray told her "Just be yourself, you don't have to pretend to be someone else,"



Lucy felt her hands slip from his neck to his bare chest. Gray in return, slipped his hands from her waist to her upper back, as if bringing her closer. She looked up at him, he looked down at her. She could feel her weight on her toes as she leaned towards him. He felt his neck descend slowly towards her. Their faces were inches apart, they could feel each other. She closed her eyes to anticipate the next thing that is going to happen, he closed his eyes to feel that moment again…

Lucy heard steps approaching the room and then forcefully pushed him away. In his confusion he wanted to ask her why, but when he saw the doorway…

"LUCY! GRAY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Erza and Natsu exclaimed.

Lucy and Gray just felt warm blood rushing through their faces.

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