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Chapter 20

(Cammie POV)

I read the clock on the wall behind me. It was Friday and in about ten minutes it would be the weekend. I turned back around to face to my friends.

"You guys should all come over my place tomorrow. We're having a barbeque." I said with a smile on my face.

"Alright. Are Abby and Joe throwing it because of their engagement?" Bex asked me, her accent thick.

I pondered my answer for a moment but eventually answered, "Well I guess that's one of the reasons to why we're having a barbeque. But Zach and I also have a surprise for all of you."

Zach stared at me, his eyes filled with confusion. "We do?"

I stared at him and nodded my head slowly, "Yeah...remember?" I said emphasizing the word 'remember'.

He still seemed a bit confused but as I kept on staring at him his face seemed to come to realization, "Ohhh...yeah. We do."

I laughed at him and met Bex's big brown eyes once again, "Yeah. Anyways, back to what I was saying...we have a surprise-"

"Wait up Cammie...please don't tell me that your surprise is that you're pregnant." Macey said cutting me off.

"You're pregnant!" Liz yelled, her blue eyes wide.

"Shhh! People are can hear you! And no, I'm not pregnant! Gosh, why does everyone seem to think that Zach and I are doing the dirty?" I said blushing widely.

"It's cause I'm so freaking sexy. They must think it's impossible for you to keep yourself off of me." He said smirking. And he might be sexy but his comment just received him a smack on his head.

Macey let a sigh of relief out, "Good. As much as I love you Cam... I cannot imagine having a mini Zachary running around everywhere. One Zach is good enough."

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"It means that she doesn't want another one of you Goode." Nick said smirking at him. Grant let out a chuckle and high-fived Nick. Boys.

Macey rolled her eyes while Liz looked like she was thinking critically. "Well...if Cammie did have a child with Zach, the baby wouldn't necessarily be a mini Zach. It would be a mini Cammie and Zach because both of them would provide the child twenty chromosomes each, therefore-"

"Lizzy-bear, I don't think they need to know that." Jonas said kissing her cheek.

"Right." Liz said blushing.

I smiled at Liz, "Well don't worry about having a mini Zach anytime soon guys. Once again, I am not pregnant."

"Alright. Well what's the surprise then?" Grant asked with his eyebrows raised.

"I told you. You have to wait until Saturday for me and Zach to tell you." The bell signaling school was over rang as I finished my sentence. I got out of my seat and I instantly felt Zach grab a hold of my hand.

His eyes met mine. "Ready?"

I stared back into his eyes and smile, "Of course. Let's just say bye to everyone."

We walked up to the rest of the group. They were standing around our lockers. "Zach and I have a date so we're gunna heat out now but don't forget to come over tomorrow!"

They all nodded their heads and gave us their goodbyes.


The landscape was breathtaking. I watched the scenery change outside of my window as Zach drove on the empty freeway. The lands were deserted but still had an aura of beauty. The green grass was shining under the sunlight. A sunlight that seemed to follow our car wherever we went.

And although the sight outside was sunny and bright, I was freezing inside Zach's car. He had the air conditioning at an extremely cold temperature and I could feel my arms starting to get goose bumps. I turned to face him; his eyes were focused hard on the road. I smiled at him and then turned the air conditioner to a higher temperature.

"You cold?" He said, his lips forming a smirk but his face still glued to the freeway.

"Yeah. Are you not cold?"

His smirk turned into a smile and he met my eyes for a second, "Actually, I was cold too. I just didn't want to change the air conditioner because I thought you wanted to keep it at that temperature."

I smiled, "Oh."


"Okay. Well anyways, where are you taking me?" I asked him curiously. We had been in the car for at least twenty minutes now and I still have not one clue on to where he's taking me.

I saw his smirk grace his lips once again before he answered, "You see Gallagher Girl...I cannot answer that question."

I huffed in frustration, "You can't or you won't?"

He let out a low chuckle and I felt chills run throughout my body. His voice was so low. And his laugh was so intoxicating. "Both. I can't tell you because it would ruin the surprise. And I won't tell you because I don't want to."

I sighed and rolled my eyes, "Whatever. There's no use in fighting with you when you're being stubborn."

"You know me so well."

I just looked back outside my window. My thoughts wandered off into me and Zach. Even today I still can't process that we're together. Growing up, I never really thought that one day Zach and I would fall in love with each other. A smile formed on my lips as memories started to flood my mind. All the times we played at each other's houses when we were young, all the days he would walk me home from school, and all those hugs he gave me that made me never want to let go. I felt butterflies fluttering around my stomach and my heart smile when I suddenly felt Zach's hand grab a hold of mine, interrupting my thoughts.

He was now driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other intertwined with my hands. He looked at me and smiled before turning back to watch the road, "We're almost there. Promise."

"Good because it's already been thirty minutes. If I have to wait any longer than ten more minutes, I am going to believe that you're kidnapping me." I said jokingly.

He had a mischievous smile on his face, "It's not kidnapping, babe. It's teenager-napping."

"So you are kidnapping me?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Maybe later. But for now...we're here." He said driving up to a parking lot. He got out of the car and ran up to my side.

He opened my door for me and smiled, "After you, my lady."

I laughed at him, "You're so lame."

"You love me anyways." He said winking.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek, "You're right. I do."

"Good because I love you too." He said giving me a peck on the neck.

He grabbed my hand we walked up to a ticket booth. "Two tickets please." He asked the lady.

"Fifty dollars total." She said groggily with an annoyed look on her face.

Zach handed her a fifty-dollar bill and took the tickets. "Here's your ticket Gallagher Girl." He said handing me one of the tickets. I read the ticket; we were at Virginia Explorer Park, a theme park. I haven't been here since I was really little.

"Virginia Explorer Park?" I asked him with a smile.

He smiled back, "Yeah. I remember we went together here once with our families. We were both really small so we couldn't really ride any rides. And I clearly remember you making me promise you that one day...when we were older, you wanted to ride all the rides with me. I'm keeping me promise."

My smile got even wider and I instantly wrapped my arms around him to give him a hug. I pulled back a bit and looked into his eyes, "Thank you." I gave him a kiss on the lips. He tightened his grip around my waist and pulled me closer, his lips dancing with mine. He was about to deepen the kiss but I pulled away and smiled.

"As much as I would love to kiss you, we have rides to ride!" I said ecstatically.

He put his arm around my waist and walked me into the theme park.

We had gone on every ride by now except for one. The Ferris wheel. The sun looked like it was about to set and a lot of people were starting to head home. I looked at Zach and gave him a toothy grin, "Our last ride."

He smirked at me, "What are we waiting for?"

I smirked back and dragged him to the line. We were instantly seated in a blue gondola. Zach rested his arm over my shoulder and I leaned into his neck as we were hoisted up higher and higher up the Ferris wheel.

It was sunset now and Zach and I were at the top of the Ferris Wheel. The sun shone down on the lands below. It's bright colors shinning putting on an unforgettable show. "It's beautiful, huh?" I asked him quietly, my eyes still watching the sun setting.

"The sunset? Yeah. But I've seen better." He said smiling down at me.

I looked back up at him and blushed. Our faces were close and I could practically feel his hot breath on my skin. He brought his lips down on mine and kissed me slowly. I closed my eyes; I could feel fireworks erupting and chills running down my spine as he kissed me passionately.

Every time he kissed me, it was like I turned into putty. His lips, his skin on mine, it was exhilarating. He was like a drug, once I had a taste of him, I would just want more and more. His hands, which were recently on my face crawled down my arms and wrapped themselves around me. He licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance and I obliged, feeling his tongue fight with mine. I brought my hands up to his face and cupped them, pulling him even closer to myself. He groaned and I smiled into the kiss. He was just so freaking perfect.

I pulled away for a breath. His kisses literally just took the air out of me. We were both gasping really hard and our foreheads were touching my now. Our eyes were gazing in each other's and our noses were touching.

"I know I've told you this already but...I love you." He said smiling with his perfect white teeth. His eyes were gleaming and his lips just looked so soft. It made me want to kiss the air out of him again.

I smiled and gave him a soft peck on the lips, "I love you too. Forever and always."


Zach and I were sitting down in the living room on my couch, watching a rerun of an episode from Teen Wolf while the adults were out in the backyard, the men drinking their beers and barbequing and the women gossiping. We were having typical American barbeque.

I ding-dong suddenly rang throughout the house and I got up to go get it. I opened the door and saw all six faces of my best friends.

"Hey guys!" I said smiling at them and opening the door so that they could come in.

"You guys all came here at once?" Zach asked them as he got up from the couch and walked towards me.

"Yeah. We were all at Macey and Grant's place." Nick said casually.

"Macey and Grant's place?" I asked confused.

"Yup. We were there because we were all thinking of what to buy Abby and Joe as a congratulations present." Liz answered.

Bex chimed in, "Uh-huh. But we didn't bloody notice that we didn't need to give them a present until the wedding shower. Jonas had to remind us that after half an hour of us thinking."

"Oh okay. I see. Well, it's good that you guys all came at once so that Zach and I can all show you the surprise at the same time."

"Alright. Show it to us already!" Macey said sounding impatient.

I smirked. "Okay. Follow us outside." I told them and started walking towards my backyard.

"Guys, remember mine and Zach's dad?" I asked them as I opened the backyard door. "Well, they're back." I said as they all made it outside.

"My, well look at all of you guys! You're all so different now. New faces too, I assume?" Zach's dad said smirking.

"Wow. Last time I remember seeing you guys... the guys were still shorter than the girls! You guys have all grown!" My dad said smiling.

"Yeah. We went through puberty Mr. Morgan and Mr. Goode." Nick said smirking.

I laughed. Way to be straightforward Nick. "Dad. Uncle John, I'd like you guys to meet our two new friends Macey and Grant."

"Nice to meet you sir." Grant said to the both of them as he gave them each a handshake.

"It's great finally meeting you." Macey said smiling at them.

"Nice to meet the both of you. Hopefully, these six rascals you call friends haven't ruined your young minds."

"Rascals dad? Seriously?" Zach asked his dad with a smirk.

His dad smirked back, "What am I supposed to call you guys then? These six dudes and dudettes?"

Everyone burst out laughing except for Zach. He just stood there shaking his head.

I wrapped my arms around him and told through my fits of laughter, "I seriously love your dad."

He smiled at me, "Good. Because one day... he might be yours too."

My heart skipped a beat. He just said that his dad might be mine one day too. That means... he actually thinks that one day we would get married! I huge smile formed on my lips. And just as I was about to give him a kiss, I heard the doorbell ring.

"I'll get it." I told everyone.

I went to open my door but saw nobody outside. I was about to close my door when I saw a note attached to my front door.

I felt my heart start to race and my throat start to clog as I read it. I couldn't breath. I fell into the floor and gripped onto the note, staring at it long and hard.

Dear Princess Cammie,

You might think that your life is complete and perfect now. But don't think it'll last any longer. Because soon...I'll personally make sure that your life will be a living hell.


Your Worst Nightmare

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