Hey, guys. Here is yet another IchiRan made by me but this is special since this story will be my first IchigoxRangiku multi-chapter story that depicts how they met again shortly after Ichigo retrieves his powers and how they married and gave birth to their son Ichiku. This celebrates my Anniversy of when I joined fanfiction so enjoy.
Pairings: IchigoxRangiku, RenjixRukia, GrimmjowxNeliel, UraharaxYoruichi, UryuxNemu, HitsugayaxMomo, ByakuyaxRetsu, PeschexHalibel, KeigoxTatsuki, ChadxIsane, and UlquiorraxOrihime.
Possible Pairings: UkitakexKiyone, KyorakuxNanao, StarrkxLillinette (Adult Version), KenpachixMila-Rose. YumichikaxSun-Sun, and IkkakuxAppachi.
Summary: Ichigo and Rangiku find love after he gains his power back.

"Ichigo, you're really ready for this, aren't you?" Rukia said to Ichigo as he arrived in the soul society.

"I guess so." Ichigo said as it was just a day earlier that Ichigo had reclaimed his soul reaper powers back and defeated Tsukishima with a sole blast of Getsuga Tensho, breaking his mental hold over Ichigo's friends and sisters.

As for Kūgo, Tsukishima had betrayed and killed him with a third strike from his sword since apparently three strikes from his sword are fatal and eternally returns them back into the false personalities they had before.

Before Kūgo died, he apologized to Ichigo and returned the Substitute Shinigami badge back to him that contained his powers and all the other Fullbringer powers stored within it that would only increase his own powers and then Rukia, now a lieutenant succeeding the late Kaien Shiba, then sent him to the soul society despite his killings of other Fullbringers.

Ichigo's fullbring, named TsukiGinsu (Knife that glows in the moonlight), only increased his Soul Reaper power and he decided to retrieve his former place as a Shinigami Sub.

"I always knew I'd see you again." Rukia said as they entered the Thirteenth Division and Rukia bowed down as Ukitake entered the room. Ukitake appeared no different than the last time Ichigo had saw him.

"Ichigo Kurosaki? My word. Is that really you?" Ukitake said, barely holding his excitement at the young man.

"Yes. Ukitake-san. How have you been?" Ichigo said as he grinned at the white-haired captain returned the gesture.

"Captain Ukitake, I have brought the former substitute Shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki with me to request that his rank be returned to him." Rukia said.

"Gladly. I'll inform the Head Captain. In the meantime, feel free to look around." Ukitake said and he informed Yamamoto and the elder said Ichigo's rank could be returned to him. Normally Central 46, the arrogant and ruthless government of the Soul Society who had new council members after Aizen murdered the original set, would oppose to this but once again someone had murdered them all and no one had the smallest clue as to who was the culprit and Yamamoto was in charge of the decisions once again and word that Ichigo was back spread quickly within the day.

Ichigo and Rukia walked until they met up with Renji, who was now Rukia's boyfriend and his high ponytail now ended between his shoulders.

"Well, well. Look who's finally back again." Renji said.

"Yeah. Anything new?"

"Can't complain." Renji said as he caught up with Ichigo and later left with Rukia, who Ichigo to wonder around.

Ichigo turned a corner and almost bumped into Byakuya and Retsu; the only physical about the former that had changed was his hair that now was at his hip.

"Byakuya, Unohana-san, how you two been?" Ichigo said as he greeted the two.

"Excellent .So the rumors are true. Congratulations and welcome back." Retsu said.

"Thanks. How are you, Byakuya?"

"I'm fairly good. I see you've grown yet you're manners have not." Byakuya coolly said.

"I see you haven't changed much yourself either." Ichigo mumbled before he noticed a young boy with black hair and slate gray-blue eyes who resembled Byakuya that stood next to Retsu that appeared to be around the same age as Urahara and Yoruichi's daughter Kira.

"Congratulation, Unohana-san." Ichigo said.

"Thank you." Retsu replied as she smiled down at the child and he smiled at Ichigo since his mother appeared to know him.

"What's your name, little guy?"

"I am Sojun Kuchiki. It's nice to meet you." Sojun said and Ichigo's eyes bugged out his head as he realized the relationship between the two captains as he then noticed the wedding ring on Retsu's finger.

"Wait. That means you and Byakuya are…?" Ichigo said and Retsu nodded.

"We're under no obligation to answer your questions. The child is of me and her. That is all." Byakuya said he stood in front of his son defensively and Retsu placed her free arm on his shoulder.

"Now, Now, Byakuya-kun, it would be somewhat natural that Kurosaki-san would be here with many questions." Retsu said and Byakuya calmed down as Sojun gently placed his hand on his father's hand and patted it as the Captain stood back.

"I guess I should call you Kuchiki-san now, huh?" Ichigo said.

"I would prefer it if you call me by the title you use as I'd like to avoid any confusion with Byakuya-kun." Retsu said.

"But…" Ichigo said.

"Please use the title you already use." Retsu said again with her smile that many others Soul Reaper feared and Ichigo froze and the smile almost scared Byakuya, who feared very little things and he was glad his son was so young that he couldn't understand his mother's smile and know the fear it carried.

"Okay." Ichigo said as he moved on and soon he felt the ground rumble with spiritual pressure and then he felt a hand land on his shoulder and he remembered who the power belonged to as he looked behind him to see Kenpachi smile down viciously at him.

"Kenpachi, long time no see." Ichigo said.

"Nice to have you back, Ichigo." Kenpachi said.

"Ichi, it really is you." Yachiru said.

"Wanna fight for old time's sake?"

"It's my first time seeing you again for so long and now you wanna fight me?"

"Hell Yeah!" Kenpachi said as he pulled out his sword and chased after Ichigo, who yelled before he ran away from him and soon stopped in front of the Third Division where he met Izuru and Shusuke Amagai, the new captain of that squad who was nicer and more pleasant than Gin was and then while turning a corner, he ran into Hitsugaya, Momo, and Rangiku.

Hitsugaya's face now resembled that of a nineteen-year old though he was still short and Momo now resembled a young slender woman while Rangiku's hair was somewhat longer than before.

"Toshiro, Momo, Rangiku-san, great to see you all again." Ichigo said as Rangiku happily gasped at seeing him again and jumped forward to hug him, ensnaring his head inside her cleavage that appeared to have gotten bigger as hard it was to believe.

"Ichigo, welcome back! I've missed you so much!" Rangiku said as she hugged Ichigo like a child hugging a puppy.

"Since you've just returned, I'll let that slide just this once." Hitsugaya said as he shook his head at Ichigo still calling him by his actual name.

"Ichigo, it's good to see you again." Momo said as Rangiku still held Ichigo's head inside her bosom, unaware that Tetsuzaemon and Shuhei watched from afar with the latter passing out and hitting the ground the second he saw where Ichigo was, making a dent in the pavement.

"Uh, Rangiku?" Ichigo said as he freed his mouth from Rangiku's bosom.

"Yeah, Ichigo?"

"As much I love the feeling of your breasts, could you let go of my head now?" Ichigo said and Rangiku giggled as he freed his face.

"Are you looking forward to being a Soul Reaper again?" Rangiku said.

"I guess so." Ichigo said.

"Good to know. If you want, we could hang out some time." Rangiku said as she backed Ichigo to the wall behind them and circled her finger on his chest and he nervously chuckled.

"Sure." Ichigo said as he moved onward and Rangiku smiled after him as he walked off. The strawberry-blonde would be determined to catch his eye as much as possible and she had an idea of what to do.

Well here is the first chapter and there is way more around the corner to come and the Amagai in this story is the same one from the anime albeit with a different back-story and he will be a permanent hero in this story and I have plans to make Kūgo the new captain of Squad Five since he is a lot like Aizen and he is intelligent enough to do it and I liked him better as an ally more than the villain he actually was. The next chapter will feature the reintroduction of more characters and Rangiku and Ichigo's relationship will start to build as well before you know it. Bye and subscribe.

P.S: In my Bleach stories, Central 46 will always be dead since the Soul Society is better off without them just causing more trouble and making possible allies into enemies like they always have done.