Here is chapter five of How Ichigo and Rangiku met again and the first update of this year. This chapter is just to show them visiting most of their friends. Enjoy!
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In the Kurosaki household at morning, the sunlight shined through Ichigo's window and woke him up first. He looked at Rangiku, who was still asleep in his arms and he smiled as the busty blonde woman in his arms.

Ichigo then heard something on the roof and figured it had to be his father getting ready to wake him up. He wriggled out of Rangiku's grip and stood up on the floor to see Isshin jump at the window with his legs forward.

"Good morning, Ichi…!" Isshin shouted before Ichigo grabbed him by the feet and swiftly dropped him on the floor. Before the crazed father could spring to his feet, Ichigo grabbed his feet and pinned him.

"Quiet! She's sleeping!" Ichigo said in a low but clear voice at Isshin.

"Oh, quick you are to reflex. Didn't you two make me any grandchildren last night?" Isshin asked and his only response was Ichigo karate-chopping him in the head.

"No! We had a date, came home and showed you the pictures of it." Ichigo pointed out and then out of nowhere, Rangiku started giggling. Ichigo and Isshin looked at her in confusion while she giggled and folded her arms behind her head as she blushed.

"Ichigo…" Rangiku moaned in her sleep while the two Kurosaki men on the floor looked on.

"What kind of dream does she have me in?" Ichigo thought to himself.

"Ichigo…stop…now don't stop." The blonde moaned in her sleep and Ichigo blushed since he was sure that whatever dreams his lover was having about him, he didn't want to find out. He noticed a perverted look on Isshin's face and tripped him into leaving before closing the door.

Ichigo turned and looked to see Rangiku's eyes open up and look at him.

"Morning, Ichigo." Rangiku yawned as she got up and fluffed her hair before she noticed Ichigo's red face.

"Something wrong?" Rangiku said as she got up to stretch.

"Nothing. I'm fine." Ichigo said before Rangiku walked to him and pressed her attractive form on his body before giving him a kiss to the lips, making him relax. Icy blue eyes looked into brown ones as Ichigo ran his fingers through Rangiku's wavy hair and she wrapped her arms around his back.

"Are you sure?" Rangiku asked as she broke the kiss.

"Yeah, I'm okay." Ichigo answered as the pair stayed like so for a while before he headed to the bathroom to get dressed, leaving Rangiku to dress in his room before they went to eat breakfast with the rest of his family.


"Hey, Appachi?" Tatsuki said.

"Yeah?" Appachi as she looked back to Tatsuki.

"You've got mail from someone named Yachiru." Tatsuki said as she held an envelope to the arrancar woman, who accepted it.

"Thanks." Appachi said as she opened the envelope and snickered at what was inside. Inside were some pictures of Shuhei lying in a hole in the floor and him being taken to a mental hospital with a heavy strait jacket wrapped around him.

"Ikkaku, check this out." Appachi called to her lover and he yawned as he came out their guest room and looked at the pictures with her before Yumichika and Sun-Sun joined them not long after.

"How pathetic." Sun-Sun said as she observed Shuhei's crazed expressions

"You could say that twice." Yumichika said.

"I always figured below that wannabe tough pose, he was nothing more a weak man." Appachi snickered before she noticed another note that informed them about Mila-Rose's pregnancy by Kenpachi, leaving the four speechless.

"Holy shit!" Appachi said as she fell back onto the couch laughing her head off just thinking about how Kenpachi and Mila-Rose's child would look as her face turned red while the others were plain silent.

"I can't believe that Captain Zaraki is gonna have a kid of his own." Ikkaku said.

"Me neither. I wonder if Lieutenant Yachiru will be an influence on the child." Yumichika added and Ikkaku dreaded the thought.

"That might be the case, but remember that Kenpachi and Mila-Rose are the parents. Therefore, one of them may have the most influence on the young one." Sun-Sun answered.

"Yeah, but one thing is for sure. That kid is gonna kick someone's ass." Appachi laughed and the four all agreed on that.

Meanwhile at the arrancar hotel

"That buffet was delicious." Lilinette said as she and Starrk left the complementary breakfast buffet.

"Yeah. It was." Starrk answered.

"So, what do you wanna do for today?" Lilinette asked her double.

"I dunno." Starrk said as he flexed his arms.

"Come on, Starrk. Pesche and Tier already left to see the sights. What about us?" The short young blonde woman said and Starrk sighed.

"You wanna go to the zoo is like?" Starrk asked.

"Sounds like a plan. Come on." Lilinette said as she hugged his arm and lead him out the hotel.

Elsewhere with Chad and Isane

Chad slept peacefully on the couch with Isane, who sleepwalked again, on top of him with her night robe unintentionally opened quite low, her barely concealed mounds pressing on his bare chest. The two lay peacefully there with Isane resting on him with his arms instinctively warmed around her back and enjoyed the peace between that would end hilariously once they woke up.

Back with Ichigo and Rangiku after breakfast

"So, Ichigo, what are you doing for today?" Rangiku asked her lover.

"I'll go see how Renji and Rukia are. Wanna tag along?" Ichigo said.

"Count me in." Rangiku said as they headed to Urahara's Shop and were greeted by a small kitten.

"Hey there, Kira." Ichigo said to the cat, which actually was Kira in her own cat form, much like her mother.

"Hiya, Mr. K. Who's the pretty lady next to you?" Kira said and Rangiku smiled at the little kitten.

"I'm his girlfriend, Rangiku Matsumoto, lieutenant of Squad Ten. Who are you?" Rangiku asked.

"I'm Kira Urahara." The kitten said and Rangiku couldn't believe her ears as she looked at Ichigo.

"I didn't know Urahara had a daughter. I wonder what Yoruichi thinks." Rangiku said.

"My mommy thinks what?" Kira asked and the question answered Rangiku's question of Yoruichi.

"Well, that answers that." Rangiku said as she pat the kitten and met Urahara at the door.

"Ah, Ichigo, Rangiku, welcome." Urahara said as he guided them in where they instantly found Renji and Rukia.

"Hey, it's the new couple." Renji teased.

"How was your date?" Rukia asked.

"It was so fantastic! I can't wait another double-date. Right, Ichigo?" Rangiku answered.

"Err, yeah." Ichigo said.

"That makes three of us." Neliel said as she entered the room drinking some tea.

"Hey, Nel. Where's Grimmjow?" Ichigo asked.

"He's still sleeping." Neliel sighed.

"I can't believe that he's still asleep." Ichigo said.

"Yep. Grimmy is like a cat. Day or night, sleeping is no problem for him." Neliel said.

"Well, it was a long night after all." Rangiku said.

"Yeah, I'll say." Ichigo answered and the fivesome chatted before the orange-haired couple set out to Orihime's place to see her.

"Hey, Ichigo, Rangiku, come on in." Orihime courteously said to the pair as she welcomed them inside.

"So, Orihime, what's it like living with Ulquiorra?" Rangiku asked.

"It's pretty nice. He's actually a good person behind that almost chilly personality." Orihime proudly admitted.

"You're serious?" Ichigo said, not believing his ears at hearing of Ulquiorra are other personality.

"Yep. He's good people, or arrancar, I guess." Orihime giggled.

"Where is he anyway?" Rangiku asked.

"He went to the library with Toshiro and Momo. By the way, I hear you two are dating now." Orihime said.

"That's right." Rangiku answered; completely forgetting that Orihime had strong affection for Ichigo.

"It was love at first sight, wasn't it?" Orihime said.

"Something like that. Right, Ichigo?" Rangiku said as she hugged Ichigo's side.

"Yeah." Ichigo agreed and Orihime smiled at the scene going on in front of her.

"Well, I'm glad that's working for you." Orihime said to the two.

"Thank you, and I'm sure the very same will happen to you someday." Rangiku positively answered.

"Gee, you think?" Orihime chuckled.

"I don't think. I know." Rangiku smiled as Ulquiorra suddenly returned with Hitsugaya and Momo alongside him.

"Hi, Captain, Momo and you too, Ulquiorra." Rangiku welcomed the three.

"Hi, Rangiku and Ichigo." Momo said to the orange-haired couple.

"Hey. Hello, Ulquiorra," Ichigo responded and Ulquiorra nodded to the orange-haired man.

"What are you two doing here?" Hitsugaya asked.

"We're visiting Orihime. How you've been?" Rangiku said.

"Decent. Let's put it that way." Hitsugaya responded while Ichigo noticed the short-haired captain's eyes shift to the right where Momo happened to be standing when he said the word decent. It was then that Ichigo figured out that something wasn't exactly right but he figured he didn't want discover the truth.

The orange-haired couple left after this and met with Chad and Isane, the former of which having a drowsy look in his eyes.

"Chad, have you been sleeping okay?" Ichigo asked his towering friend.

"Yes, I've just been waking up funny." Chad said.

"Isane, do you know what's wrong with him?" Ichigo asked and Isane blushed, to which Rangiku smirked.

"Um…well, we, er." Isane started to stammer.

"Mind defining what you mean by funny, Chad?" Rangiku smiled and Chad began to sweat nervously.

"Well, by waking up funny, I meant that I, uh, keep waking up with a sudden burst of energy." Chad explained with amounts of sweat running down his temple.

"Do you have any type of dreams that make you wake so fast?" Ichigo said and Chad blushed as his eyes quickly looked at Isane. When Chad looked at Isane, the only words in his head were wet and dream and he just said he should get to bed earlier to which Ichigo said wouldn't be a bad idea at all.

"Oh, Isane…" Rangiku said with a devious smirk; the blonde understanding half of what was going on with the tall pair.

"Yes, Rangiku?" Isane still blushed.

"Enjoy giving Chad some company and sweet dreams." Rangiku giggled and Isane blushed heavily and slowly nodded.

"Good luck with getting to bed early, Chad." Ichigo said.

"Be sure to help, Isane." Rangiku snickered and Isane looked away with her blush taking up most of her face.

"O-o-okay." Isane answered before she and Chad left while Ichigo and Rangiku headed home.

"Hey, Rangiku, did you notice anything wrong with Isane?" Ichigo asked and his girlfriend snickered again.

"Oh, I'm sure she's fine and enjoying company with Chad." Rangiku smiled while still snickering.

"What's so funny?" Ichigo asked.

"Oh, nothing." Rangiku giggled before hugging Ichigo's side and he sighed as he wrapped his arm around his girlfriend's side and held her close to him as they walked home. When they arrived back at the Kurosaki clinic, they were greeted by Isshin, who jumped at Ichigo with his feet forward.

"Welcome back, Ichigo and Rangiku!" Isshin happily proclaimed before Ichigo calmly ducked down in time and he flew clearly into the door with a crash.

"Dad, are you all right?" Rangiku asked and Isshin raised his thumb to her to confirm he was okay.

"Oh, Ichigo, Rangiku, you're back. Perfect. Dinner is hot and ready." Yuzu said as she appeared from the kitchen.

"Oh, well, okay." Ichigo said and after dinner was finished, Rangiku and the Kurosakis all just kicked back.

"So, where were you two all day?" Karin asked.

"Just here and there visiting some friends." Rangiku answered

"Oh." Karin said and later when Ichigo lay in bed half asleep, the lights turned off and he noticed Rangiku wearing the same clothes she wore the first night she slept with him. Coincidently, he wore the clothes from that very night as well. Rangiku got in bed and cuddled up with him.

"Night, Ichigo." Rangiku said.

"G'night, Rangiku." Ichigo said after kissing her goodnight.

"Will I be in your dreams tonight?" Rangiku asked.

"No comment." Ichigo said before he fell asleep and some minutes after that, Rangiku deviously smiled and put her back to the orange-haired man. She gently gripped Ichigo's hands and slid them through the sleeveless parts of her shirt to plant them on her breasts.

"Oh, his hands feel so nice." Rangiku smiled while she used her hands to control Ichigo's into kneading her breasts and she began silently purring. She made Ichigo's hands massage her breasts until he instinctively started kneading her breasts in his sleep and she bit her lip to suppress her moans of pleasure at how good his hands were.

She then felt something warm and wet behind her with the source being the front of Ichigo's trousers and she giggled before falling asleep; knowing the morning after would be full of laughter for her.

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