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Ichigo opened his eyes and looked to see Rangiku with her back turned to him. He yawned and gently unwrapped his arms from Rangiku to sit up.

He stretched and looked down at Rangiku, who slowly woke up after a while and looked up at him. She smiled at him and rubbed her eyes before sitting up to rest her head against his chest.

Ichigo wrapped his arm around Rangiku and he lightly kissed her forehead. She rubbed the underside of his chin and kissed his lips softly.

"Good morning, Rangiku." Ichigo said.

"Good morning, Ichigo. Was I in your dreams last night?" Rangiku asked.

"Sorry, but, no." Ichigo said and Rangiku pouted at him with her lovely face. The orange-haired man got out of bed and stretched his arms.

He felt something wet and looked down on his shorts to see a wet stain on it. Ichigo's whole face turned red in embarrassment while Rangiku feigned innocence at the wet stain's appearance.

"Well, someone had a spicy dream last night." Rangiku said; trying her absolute best to keep from laughing her head off.

"Rangiku, don't look!" Ichigo said as he covered his crotch and sprinted out of the room. Rangiku buried her face in one of the pillows and began laughing non-stop.

She laughed so hard her face turned red as the rest of the Kurosaki family heard the sound of Ichigo running and came out to investigate the commotion.

Rangiku jumped out of bed and caught up to Ichigo before he got to the bathroom. She wrapped her arms around him and smothered her breasts against his back.

"Come on, Ichigo. It's a natural thing, so don't be shy." Rangiku giggled and Ichigo still tried to reach the bathroom. Then, Isshin, Yuzu, and Karin all exited from their rooms and observed the two orange-haired soul reapers.

They all noticed the wet stain on Ichigo's shorts and while his sisters blushed at the sight, Isshin's smile began to build as the sight of Rangiku hugging his son along with the mark got a crazy idea.

"My son, you and Rangiku have done the dirty deed! Congratulations!" Isshin said happily and Ichigo blushed like a maniac before breaking out of Rangiku's hug. Next, he sprinted into the bathroom yelling before shutting the door behind him and locking it.

"Did I miss something?" Yuzu asked while blushing.

"Oh, nothing that much important." Rangiku giggled and Karin simply decided not to ask questions.

"Morning, Rangiku." Karin said as she began heading downstairs with Yuzu and Isshin.

"Good morning, Karin, Yuzu, and Dad." Rangiku greeted as she waited for Ichigo to come out and he eventually did wearing his school uniform. He looked away from Rangiku blushing and she giggled again before hugging him.

"Don't be ashamed, Ichigo. Again, it's a natural thing to have a wet dream every now and then." Rangiku assured Ichigo and he still blushed at his girlfriend. He was relieved that she was taking the situation so well and that she wasn't thinking he had dirty dreams about her that caused the wet dream.

He just sighed and patted Rangiku's back affectionately. She nuzzled his heart and he ran his finger through her hair.

"Thanks, Rangiku." Ichigo said as Rangiku kissed his cheek.

"Hey, what are couples for?" Rangiku said as Ichigo headed downstairs and found that breakfast was already being started.

"Good morning, Ichigo!" Isshin said as he karate-chopped the top of Ichigo's head and sent him onto the floor. Ichigo laid on the floor and glared up at Isshin dangerously.

"What's wrong? Did the countless amounts of child-making wear you out?" Isshin said and Ichigo growled as he jumped to his feet to give his father a mid-air kick to the side.

"I'm telling you, nothing happened!" Ichigo said to Isshin, who only laughed in disbelief.

"Yeah, right! Though with the amount of energy you have, I'm surprised that I didn't hear you or Rangiku last night." Isshin said as Rangiku came downstairs.

"Oh, my lovely fourth daughter, when you and Ichigo bless our home with the army of children you'll have?" He asked Rangiku, who just laughed in response.

"Ask him." Rangiku said as she pointed to Ichigo, whose face was red with embarrassment.

"I'm telling you nothing happened!" Ichigo said.

"Sure nothing happened." Rangiku trilled in a teasing voice and Ichigo sighed in defeat; knowing that Isshin wasn't going to leave him alone about the wet stain for quite some time. After a while, Yuzu had finished making breakfast and all ate their fill.

Ichigo and Rangiku went back upstairs to get their school supplies before leaving the house. Along the way, they bumped into Rukia, Renji, Neliel, and Grimmjow.

"Well, well, looks who's up here. Hi, Ichigo, Rangiku." Neliel said.

"Hey, guys." Ichigo said.

"Hello, Neliel." Rangiku said.

"How have you guys been?" Ichigo asked.

"Can't complain." Grimmjow said.

"Besides going to buy some medieval books, I haven't done anything new." Rukia said.

"I had no idea you were into medieval times, Rukia." Ichigo said.

"Well, I am and they're actually for my nephew." Rukia answered.

"Your nephew? Oh, right, Soldier was his name, wasn't it?" Ichigo asked and Rukia sighed with Renji.

"You idiot, his name is Sojun." Renji said.

"Oh, right. How can someone at his age read like something like medieval times?" Ichigo asked; not understanding how a two-year old could read such books.

"Sojun is just smart like that." Rukia answered.

"Looking at his parents, it isn't the least bit hard to see why." Rangiku said.

"By the way, what's Byakuya like with Sojun? I mean I can easily understand what Captain Unohana is like with him, but what about his own father?" Ichigo asked.

"Sorry, but brother said not to tell to you anything about him." Rukia said.

"Oh, I see." Ichigo said.

"I've seen Byakuya with Sojun many times. Despite that calm persona he has, he's quite affectionate with Sojun and I always see them talking with each other so well." Neliel said.

"Really? I never realized he was so fatherly." Ichigo asked.

"Of course, he is. Captain Kuchiki isn't a human brick wall." Renji said.

"I just hope the kid grows up different than his parents." Grimmjow said.

"What do you mean?" Renji said.

"Well, Byakuya's a total stiff and as for that Unohana woman, there's just something about her that gives even me the chills." Grimmjow said.

"Only time can tell." Neliel said.

"Yeah…" Grimmjow said; the thought of Sojun becoming like the frightening side of Retsu making him tremble. Soon enough, the group reached the school and entered their classroom.

It was there that they were greeted by their friends, who all hung around the class waiting for school to get started.

"I assume none of you of have anything to report from over the weekend." Hitsugaya said to the group.

"No, there isn't any sign of a Vasto-Lordes, Captain." Rangiku said.

"There's no sign of them at all from what I can tell." Pesche said.

"We haven't sensed anything either." Lilinette added.

"Fine, Carry on." Hitsugaya said.

"Hi, Ichigo, Hi, Rangiku." Orihime said as she entered the classroom with Ulquiorra.

"Hey, Orihime and Ulquiorra." Ichigo greeted.

"Greetings, Ichigo and Rangiku." Ulquiorra said in return.

"Hello, you two." Rangiku said and after some more talking, Yuki came into the classroom.

"Hi, class. Well, everyone seems to be here except Reiichi Ōshima and Sorimachi but they're a couple of crackheads, so there's not much to worry about." Yuki said and most of the students (including the arrancars) were amazed that a teacher would make such a comment.

Later on during gym period after running track

Ichigo's classmates were assigned a free period and Orihime introduced her original ballgame known as Yakka, a hybrid of soccer and baseball. As all of Rangiku, Neliel, Tier, and Isane, exited the changing room in their respective gym clothes, Chizuru gawked at their chest areas with untamed attraction.

"Have I died and gone to heaven? Look at those luscious things!" Chizuru said as she watched Rangiku step up to the home plate and hold a bat in her hands tightly. Tatsuki held the soccer ball under her foot and prepared to kick it.

"Are you ready, Rangiku?" Tatsuki asked.

"Go for it." Rangiku said and Tatsuki began to kick the ball forward as she sprinted. Once she got the ball rolling fast enough, she kicked it again and it launched at Rangiku.

The blonde held the bat tightly and swung it powerfully at the ball. The bat collided with the ball so loudly that a crack could be heard from the impact and it flew into the air.

The ball flew high into the air and this give Rangiku a flawless homerun. The others watching all watched in awe as Neliel went next and did the exact same thing.

Then, Tier did the same thing and most of the guys watching looked at the three women; all muttering if they were single, much to the dismay of Ichigo, Grimmjow, and Pesche.

"I can't help but wonder what her name is and if she's single." Mizuiro said as he looked at Tier; not remembering her name at the moment.

"You mean her?" Pesche said as he gestured at Tier.

"Yeah." Mizuiro answered.

"Oh, that's my girlfriend Tier, remember?" Pesche said and at most of the guys hearing that, some let out disappointed grunts.

"Oh, yeah, if I remember right, Neliel is dating Grimmjow." Keigo said and Grimmjow only grunted in affirmation.

"So, only Rangiku is single then." Mizuiro said and Grimmjow laughed in response.

"Wrong again." Grimmjow said.

"Do you mean Rangiku is already dating someone in the short amount of time she's been here?" Keigo asked and Ichigo started to have a bad feeling as Grimmjow snickered mischievously.

"Yeah, she's dating him." Pesche said as he gestured towards Ichigo and both Keigo and Mizuiro (along with many others of the guys present) all looked at him in shock. They couldn't believe that the scowling, short-tempered Ichigo was dating the cheerful, light-hearted Rangiku and Grimmjow kept smiling as Ichigo's face turned bright red in embarrassment.

"Way to go, Ichigo! How'd you two hit it off so fast?" Keigo asked with the utmost curiosity and Ichigo looked away bashfully.

"Yeah, Ichigo, how'd you hook up so fast with such a hot woman?" Mizuiro asked.

"Yes, tell us, Ichigo." Grimmjow added just to fluster Ichigo, who still looked away.

"Uh, well." Ichigo started to say and Rangiku looked over at him before smiling and waving in a flirtatious matter, shocking the countless number of male students that were fascinated with her large bosom. Grimmjow smiled at the shyness his orange-haired rival felt and laughed his head off.

"Grimmjow, I am so going to kick your ass for this later." Ichigo bitterly thought to himself.

"Come on, Ichigo, if helps I'll even tell you how I started Tier." Pesche said and this caught his attention.

"How did you two go out, anyway?" Mizuiro asked.

"Well, from Tier has said, I was the first person to ever make her laugh; after much persistence, that is." Pesche said.

"Persistence? After seeing you together, I'd think you hit it off from the very start." Keigo said and Pesche chuckled again while looking at the readers of this chapter.

"Not exactly, but that's another story." Pesche said looking at the audience and winking while Ichigo looked off in the distance. Before he could say anything, he heard the whistle blow and this signified the period was over.

"Hey, Chad, with all these new couples since the new students showed up, is it safe to say that you are dating any of them?" Mizuiro asked Chad.

"No, I'm not." Chad said.

"Oh, well, I'm sure there's someone in the newbies for you." Keigo said and Chad looked at Isane. The silver-haired woman returned the gaze and waved at him.

Ichigo sulked away and walked back to the locker room. He suddenly felt two slender arms wrap around him from behind and something very soft press against his back.

"How'd I look out there, Ichigo?" Rangiku asked.

"You were something, that's for sure." Ichigo said and Rangiku nuzzled his back for a second.

"Thanks a bunch, Ichigo." Rangiku said before releasing the orange-haired man and heading to the girls' locker room. Ichigo sighed and kept walking forward; afraid to look back at the rest of his classmates and see their faces from Rangiku's display of affection.

In the locker room, Ichigo emerged and found all of Grimmjow, Renji, Keigo, Mizuiro, waiting for him.

"Well, Ichigo, you're pretty much the popular one lately." Renji teased.

"Shut it, Renji." Ichigo said as he walked forward.

"Ichigo, why do you seem so embarrassed? From what I can see, many of the guys here would kill to be in your shoes." Keigo asked.

"I'm not embarrassed!" Ichigo said.

"Are you sure because your face is looking mighty red right now." Mizuiro said and Ichigo continued blushing like a maniac.

"Eventually, every guy who sees you and Rangiku together is gonna give you that look. Hell, it's happened to me more times than I can count." Grimmjow said and Ichigo remembered the aggressive look he had back in the bar when Neliel was being harassed by the obnoxious guy.

"So, what do you do to handle it when that happens to Neliel?" Keigo asked.

"Simple; I kick some ass." Grimmjow answered.

"Sounds like my kind of style." Renji said.

"Huh, makes sense in your case." Ichigo answered before they headed back to class and later on, it was lunchtime. Uryu and Nemu left to eat together while Ikkaku, Appachi, Sun-Sun, and Yumichika all went off for lunch in a foursome.

Hitsugaya had gone off to eat by himself and all of Rangiku, Neliel, Momo, Tier, Lilinette, and Isane were invited to eat with Orihime, Rukia, Tatsuki, Chizuru, Michiru,Ryō and Mahana; in an effort for the last four to get to know them better. As for Ichigo, he, Chad, Keigo, Grimmjow, Renji, Mizuiro, Pesche, and Starrk all ate lunch on the roof.

With the girls

They all ate in the shade of a large tree near the fence and so far, the new girls hit it off quite well with the others.

"Rangiku, was it? What kind of relationship do you have with Ichigo" Mahana asked and that caught the blonde's attention.

"I'm his girlfriend." Rangiku proudly said and that statement caused all of Tatsuki, Chizuru, Michiru, Ryō, and Mahana stare at her in shock.

"You and Ichigo?" The dumbfounded Tatsuki said as a smile of amazement grew on her face that Ichigo was dating someone so pretty.

"Yup!" Rangiku answered as she took a bite out of bread and this raised so many questions.

"How did he ask you out?" Mahana asked.

"Well, when we became a couple, it was as if we didn't need words to even talk about it. It's like we were that much meant for each other to the point we become a couple. Everything just felt so natural." Rangiku said and that left the other women completely at such a heartfelt statement.

"Wow." An amazed Neliel said.

"Have you gone out on any dates?" Michiru asked.

"Well, we went on a double-date with Neliel and Grimmjow last Saturday." Rangiku said.

"Is that so?" Tatsuki said.

"Yep." Neliel said.

"Ichigo's face is likely going to be red as a beet for the rest of the school year." Rukia thought to herself.

With the guys

"Well, Chad, did you get some rest last night?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, I did." Chad answered.

"Were you having trouble sleeping at night?" Starrk asked.

"Something like that, yes." Chad answered.

"Well, if you weren't so shy, I'd think that with someone like Isane in your house, you were having sex dreams." Renji said and Chad did his absolute best to keep from blushing like a maniac as the red-haired lieutenant would then realize why he had trouble sleeping.

"No, it's okay, I just got to bed earlier, that's all." Chad answered.

"A bigger question is how do the three of you sleep at night?" Keigo asked.

"What do you mean?" Pesche asked.

"All three of you date women that others would kill to be dating. How do you guys sleep at night?" Keigo replied and he got the same answer from both Ichigo and Grimmjow; a death glare that made him silent.

"Never you mind!" Ichigo and Grimmjow growled at Keigo, who cowered and crawled back a bit.

"No comment. I sleep perfectly fine." Pesche said in reply to Keigo's question with a dreamy look on his face; him obviously thinking about Tier.

"If you say so, Pesche." Keigo nervously answered.

Back in class

Ichigo sat at his desk and he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked behind him and saw it was Tatsuki.

"Well, Ichigo, I can see you and Rangiku are quite the couple. Why didn't you tell me you were dating so pretty and nice?" Tatsuki said and Ichigo blushed.

"Well, you would have found out anyway, so…" Ichigo said.

"It's good to know that you finally found someone." Tatsuki said as she nudged Ichigo.

"Well, thanks, I guess." Ichigo said before he felt Rangiku behind him; her bosom pressing against his head.

"Miss me?" Rangiku said and Ichigo reached up to stroke her cheek. Tatsuki only smiled at the scene.

"Oh, you could say that." Ichigo answered; as if almost teasing the blonde and she giggled in response.

It was then the bell rang and everyone started to leave.

"See you around, Rangiku. Take care, Ichigo." Momo said before leaving with Hitsugaya, Orihime, and Ulquiorra.

"See you two later." Orihime said as she turned around to the orange-haired couple. They said farewell before she finally took her leave and Appachi cleared her throat behind him.

"Well, Ichigo, your whole class knows about your relationship. So, now you'll really have to keep your eyes opened." Appachi said.

"Remember, whether it's the Soul Society or this world, guys are gonna look at you and Rangiku with total jealously." Ikkaku answered.

"And if they do, I'll kick their ass." Ichigo said defensively.

"Just what I expected you to say." Appachi chuckled.

"In that case, good response." Ikkaku said.

"Not a very attractive answer but still a beautiful one in its own way." Yumichika said.

"True. Farewell, you two." Sun-sun said before the four of them left with Tatsuki and Keigo. Rangiku turned her attention to Lilinette, Starrk, Tier, and Pesche.

"I've gotta say, Rangiku, you, Tier, and Nel swing a mean bat." Lilinette said.

"Why, thank you." Tier said.

"Yes, thank you. So do you." Rangiku answered.

"Really? All I did was hit the ball over the fence while all three of you sent it into the sky." Lilinette said.

"A good hit is a good hit." Rangiku smiled at the arrancar woman.

"Thank you. Come on, Starrk." Lilinette said as she and Starrk gathered their supplies before heading out the door.

"Later." Starrk said as he vanished from eyesight and Pesche flexed before picking up his bag.

"Pesche, Tier, I just thought of something." Ichigo said.

"Yes?" Pesche and Tier answered.

"If you're here, where's Dondochakka and Mila-Rose?" Ichigo asked.

"Oh, he's back in the Soul Society doing stand-up by himself until I come back." Pesche said.

"That and Mila-Rose lives with Kenpachi and Yachiru now." Tier said.

"Well, that answers that." Ichigo said as Pesche placed his arm around Tier's shoulder and the blonde arrancars left the room.

"Uryu, Nemu, take care, all right?" Rangiku asked.

"Will do, Rangiku." Uryu answered.

"Likewise to you and Rangiku." Nemu answered.

"See you around, Ichigo, Rangiku." Chad said with Isane alongside him.

"So long, Chad, Isane." Ichigo said.

"Sleep tight, you two." Rangiku teased the tall pair once again and both blushed before taking their leave. This left only Ichigo and Rangiku as they were joined by Grimmjow, Neliel, Renji, and Rukia as they exited the school.

"Well, today was interesting." Neliel said.

"Yes, high school has its excitements like any other place." Rukia responded.

"Well, Ichigo, you're pretty much a celebrity now." Renji teased.

"Don't remind me." Ichigo said before Rangiku hugged him and giggled.

"The more people that know about us, the less surprise there is, Y'know." Rangiku said.

"That's true." Rukia chuckled.

"Did this kind of thing ever happen to you two?" Ichigo asked Grimmjow and Neliel.

"Nope." Neliel answered.

"There's not much other arrancars like us. So, dating for us wasn't as big a deal as it'll probably be for you." Grimmjow said.

"Ah, I see." Ichigo said.

"Well, Ichigo, I heard how you and Grimmjow protected Rangiku and Neliel. So, there's not much to worry about." Renji said as they arrived at Urahara's shop.

"Yeah, we'll see you guys around then." Ichigo said as the four of them entered the shop. He and Rangiku left for home while chatting.

"Welcome home, Ichigo and my fourth daughter!" Isshin said after Ichigo opened the door and he came out with a flying karate-chop. Ichigo blocked him by gripping his arm and flipping him onto his side.

"You maniac, why do you keep that up?!" Ichigo asked his father.

"Hiya, Dad, are you okay?" Rangiku said as she helped Isshin up.

"Never better, Rangiku." Isshin answered.

"Welcome home, Rangiku and Ichigo. I just started making dinner so you're just in time." Yuzu said.

"Hello to you, too, Yuzu and that's good to know." Rangiku said as she followed Ichigo upstairs. Once arriving in his room, Ichigo set his things down and sat his bed.

"Today was something, wasn't it, Ichigo?" Rangiku asked as she sat next to him and rested her head against his chest.

"Yes, it was." Ichigo said as he gently framed Rangiku's cheek and stroked it until she pressed her lips against his. She wrapped her arms around him and her breasts smothered his pectoral area.

He did likewise and ran his fingers through her hair. Ichigo fell back with Rangiku on top of him and the two stared into each other's eyes deeply as they did so.

To them, this action helped them relax after a long day and this was something they mutually agreed on. Ichigo stroked Rangiku's cheek and she ran her hands along his chest.

Later on, the doorbell rang and Ichigo went downstairs to answer it. He opened the door to reveal Hanataro and he held a box in his hands.

"Ichigo, what a surprise! I forgot that you lived here." Hanataro said to Ichigo.

"Hello, Hanataro. Are you here on a mission, too?" Ichigo asked.

"Oh, no, Captain Unohana sent me here to deliver a package to Lieutenant Kotetsu and I came here by accident. Do you know where I can find her?" Hanataro said and Ichigo give him directions to Chad's apartment.

"Ichigo, dinner's ready." Yuzu said as she came to the door and saw Hanataro. The two stared at each other and blushed slightly.

"Oh, is this a friend of yours?" Yuzu asked.

"Hanataro, this is my sister Yuzu. Yuzu, this is Hanataro Yamada, a friend of mine from the Soul Society." Ichigo explained.

"Oh, I see. Pleased to me you, Yuzu." Hanataro said.

"Hanataro, huh? The pleasure's mine." Yuzu said and Ichigo noticed the looks on their faces.

"Thank you." Hanataro said.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" Yuzu asked in a dreamy accent and before Hanataro could say anything, he noticed the overprotective death glare Ichigo gave him and Isshin did the same from the living room. Hanataro began trembling and freaked out.

"If I stay, those two are lively to eat me alive." Hanataro said before telling Yuzu he must get going.

"Are you sure?" Yuzu said and Hanataro apologized before quickly walking away. Yuzu let out a low groan of disappointment as Hanataro left and Ichigo closed the door as they went back inside.

"Did I miss anything?" Rangiku asked Karin after she came downstairs.

"Not very much." Karin answered as Yuzu sadly lumbered back to the kitchen.

"Ichigo?" Rangiku asked.

"Oh, nothing happened." He answered and Rangiku just sighed. After Yuzu finished making dinner, Rangiku joined the Kurosaki family for diner.

There's chapter six and again, I'm sorry I took so long writing it. A lot has happened on Bleach since the last chapter, huh? Ichigo being part-Quincy from Masaki, Head-Captain Yamamoto and Unohana are both dead, and Isshin really was Rangiku's former captain after all. On top of that, he's a Shiba clan member.

I figured that for this chapter that I'd show Ichigo and Rangiku in school with the rest of his class finding out about their relationship. Pesche breaks the fourth by implying that I may someday write a PeschexTier story detailing how they became a couple. As for Yuzu, don't feel bad for her as Hanataro will later become Ichiku's uncle and that question of whether or not they get together answers itself.

Well, enjoy and I'll try to be more frequent with updates for this story than I was last year. Ciao.

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"You think you're the Captain's better 3rd seat?" Sentaro said to Kiyone.

"I'm better than you; that much I know." Kiyone answered.

"Well, think again! I am!" Sentaro said to Kiyone.

"Well, I'm dating the Captain." Kiyone said.

"What's that got to do with anything?" Sentaro asked.

"I can do things with Captain Ukitake that you can't." Kiyone smirked.

"Like what?" Sentaro asked before pausing to think about the smirk on Kiyone's face.

"Oh, that is so wrong." Sentaro said out of disgust.

"I rest my case." Kiyone said victoriously.