Title: Konoha's Two Demons

Pairings: Naruto/Sakura, femOC/Ino/(secret character!)

Summary: Upon Team 7's creation, a ninja who was jailed last year is added to their ranks. What is her story? How will she affect Team 7's growth? NaruSaku InoFemOC




"Izzy's (Inner Sakura) two cents"


"Kyūbi, curse sealed ninja and transformed Jinchūriki"

[setting and/or time]

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the OCs and custom arcs.

Chapter 1: Team Selections, Team 7's Sensei appears

Naruto had been through a lot in the last few days. Failing the test for the third time, being tricked by Mizuki into stealing a scroll of forbidden jutsu, learning the shadow clone jutsu, learning that the Kyūbi that tried to destroy Konoha was sealed inside of him, seeing Iruka go so far for him, using shadow clones to beat Mizuki, getting his forehead protector and graduating, and best of all, getting treated to Ichiraku ramen by Iruka. Meeting his Hokage rival, Konohamaru and beating his former sensei, the closet pervert Ebisu with Harem no jutsu was great as well.

Naruto was beaming as he waited for the squad selections. He was hoping to be on the same team as Sakura-chan. He also hoped Sasuke would wind up somewhere else, like the bottom of a hole or something. He had nothing against the guy really, he just knew Sakura-chan liked him and that was enough to piss Naruto off. Also, he had this...air about him, like he was above everyone else. 'Not me!' Naruto beamed, 'I'm going to be the next Hokage!'

Right now, Naruto was in Heaven and Hell. To his direct left was Haruno Sakura-chan, the love of his life. She wore her headband like a girl would normally wear a hairband. She was smiling and her emerald eyes were sparkling, but it wasn't because Naruto was beside her. To Sakura's left was Uchiha Sasuke, the bastard that Sakura liked. He wore his headband like Naruto wore his, the traditional way. He was looking off to the side, quiet as usual. Sakura was staring at him and her face was rivalling her unusual hair color. Naruto didn't really think her hair was weird, if anything, it made it so much easier for him to find her. As one would guess, only three things occupied Naruto's mind on a daily basis: Ramen, Ninja (Hokage specifically, Naruto was an expert on them) and Sakura-chan. He didn't really mind being 'stupid' since it made more room for what he liked.

Naruto was broken out of his thoughts by Iruka-sensei walking in with a scroll. He stood at the front of the class, gave them the boring speech about their duties as genin, then he started reading names off a list. Naruto half listened, mostly for his name and Sakura-chan's. Not hearing them for the first squad, he decided to keep daydreaming. After six squads were formed, Naruto heard his name.

"Squad 7: Uzumaki Naruto...Haruno Sakura..."

Naruto had a huge smile on his face as he stood up with his fists held up in triumph. 'IT PAID OFF! Wishing for this has paid off!' he thought in joy while he mentally skipped around on Cloud 9. Sakura, on the other hand, was depressed. She had her head on the desk and held it as if she had a headache. 'Out of all the people in class, it had to be Naruto. I would have preferred Ino-pig to be on my team if it meant Naruto wasn't here, even if it meant competition for Sasuke-kun. That is if he wound up on my team at all,' she thought.

"And Uchiha Sasuke."

Naruto and Sakura had completely reversed their positions and thoughts. Now Sakura was on Cloud 9 thinking, 'I'm on Sasuke-kun's team! Who cares if Naruto is here.' Izzy was partying and yelled, 'Hell Yeah!'. Naruto was holding his head and thinking, 'why did that teme have to be on my team? Now Sakura-chan will be paying attention to him and not me.'

Naruto was about to protest to Sasuke being on his team when the door slid open. An ANBU wearing an owl mask walked in and bowed apologetically while presenting a scroll to Iruka. "What is this?" he asked as he opened it up and quickly read it. Something he read made him pale slightly, but then he got himself under control. "Due to special order, Team 7's members have...changed slightly," he said while looking at the three. Naruto and Sakura thought that the person they were happy to be teamed up with was going to another squad. Iruka started the team's roll again, "Team 7: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke."

Everyone had the same thoughts: 'What difference is there to the team? It is the same three people.'

A second later, three ANBU escorted/dragged a young girl who was bound in chains, shackles and an iron visor, a scarf with a cracked leaf plate on it in her hands. Iruka coughed slightly, "and Kazeneko Yue."

'Huh?' Naruto and Sakura thought at the same moment.

'A four man team? I alone am enough,' Sasuke grunted and looked away from the new weakling to quake in his shadow.

Several hours later, the four genin were siting in the classroom, waiting for their sensei. Naruto was busy pacing around, Sasuke was sitting at a desk and Sakura was leaning against it. The newbie, Kazeneko, had opened the window and was sitting in a chair, her head resting on her arms on the window sill as she dozed lightly. Naruto decided he had waited long enough and grabbed a blackboard eraser and was busy rigging the door.

"What are you doing Naruto?" Sakura asked. "Our sensei is the only one who is late! This is payback for making us wait!" Naruto said, living up to his title of being Konoha's #1 loudest ninja in addition to being its #1 prankster. Sakura sighed, "our sensei is a jōnin, he isn't going to fall for a simple trap like that." Izzy punched her fist forward and yelled, "Shānnarō! I love these kinds of things!" Sasuke didn't give a damn about Naruto's antics. Never has and never will. He figured Naruto would end up returning to the academy once his uselessness was exposed, same with the two girls. Kazeneko looked back at the commotion, then lay back on her arms with a hummed chuckle.

Plain and simple, everyone, including the stone wall that was Sasuke, were unnerved by this new girl. Her name was weird, she showed up looking like a prisoner, she had loosely tied her headband around her neck after the restraints had been removed and then she just sat at the window and stayed there. She had these weird marks on her left cheek and neck too. Even stranger was the bandages that covered almost her entire neck.

A noise caught the attention of the genin as someone approached the door. Everyone watched a silver haired man open the door. The blackboard eraser fell down and bounced off his head. 'HE FELL FOR IT? IS THIS OUR SENSEI?' Sakura and Naruto thought. Sasuke was stunned, 'he fell for the idiot's trap? Is he really a jōnin?'

The silver haired jōnin picked up the blackboard eraser, the genin noticing that his headband covered his left eye and a face mask covered the lower half of his face. 'Another weirdo?' Naruto and Sakura thought in concert once more. "I'm sorry sensei. I tried to stop him, but Naruto wouldn't listen," Sakura explained. "That was so cool!" Inner Sakura said as she was sure the jōnin and Sasuke-kun didn't see any trace of her enjoying Naruto's prank.

The jōnin looked at the genin in the room, then the eraser. "My first impression of you four is... you are idiots and I don't like you," he said as if it was the common response. Sasuke looked a little angry, Sakura was stunned, Naruto was ticked off, Kazeneko's small back was mostly unreadable but she seemed mildly angry if the sound of her feet kicking the wall was proof. "Anyways," the jōnin said, "we will meet at Team 7's training grounds tomorrow. I'll give all of you a map when you go to leave. Make sure to bring all of your ninja tools and weapons."

Three of the four got up and were about to leave when the jōnin spoke up again, "oh, by the way." The four looked at him again. "Don't eat anything for breakfast," he said, catching the interest of Sakura and Naruto. "Why?" Sakura asked. "Because you'll just throw it up anyways," he said in a grave tone. Three of the four showed shock at this, but left with a map in their hand and the simple warning in their heads. Yue snatched her map and vaulted out the window to the ground three stories down.

The Jōnin paused for a few moments after they left, then took out a small book and wrote the four names of his new 'students.' He scratched at his covered cheek. 'That small girl seemed familiar...'


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